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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Concepting
  • 2. Virgin Atlantic
    ...Is an airline company with a wide additional product range, reaching from vodka to computer games...
  • 3.
  • 4. It‘s mission statement could be formulated as:
    “ rebelliousness is healthy for business, playfulness and dreaming is not incompatible with adulthood“
  • 5. ...This attitude is reflected in their ads...
  • 6. ... And actions ...
    Virgin‘s CEO Richard Branson is known for his advantagous activities and was the first to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon
  • 7. Apple users ...
    ... simply love their Macbook, ipad, iphone or any other product Apple launches
  • 8. Apple
    The vision for Apple
    emerged from observing
    how people at work
    wrestled with their
    -> the solution: a fun,
    user frindly, light-weighted
  • 9. United Colors of Benetton embodies a cosmopolitan vision of the world ...
    Young people throughout the world are part of one big, open-minded joyful family
  • 10. ...which is represented in itsadvertisments...
    ... in the color scheme of its clothes, in its own magazine “Colors“ and in their for human rights
  • 11. Nike
    Nike represents a world of
    persistence, self-confidence, aspiration,
    performance, dedication and excellence.
  • 12. What do these brands have in common?
  • 13. ... They are all concept brands
  • 14. Concept brands are based on a concept
    A concept is a rubric under which you can find
  • 15. What is Concepting?
    • Concepting refers to the development of brands that embody concepts
    • 16. The goal of concepting is the creation & management of concepts and the related concept brand
  • What is the idea of Concepting?
    Representing a certain concept, the brand is imbued with personality and actually mean something to the consumers; they evoke their sympathy and inspire them
  • 17. From traditional Marketing to Concepting
    In Marketing, all emphasis was on the
  • 18. Marketing
    When Kotler invented the marketing approach of the 4 P‘s Product, Price, Place and Promotion in 1956, it was the era of booming mass consumption, industrialization and growing population
  • 19. How does the market in the 21st century look like?
    • The market has
    become saturated
    • The expectations of
    given products are
    already met
    • Many products barely
    differ from each other
    and new products
    surface rarely
  • 20. Consumer needs have also changed
    Becoming more and more individualistic, consumers now demand products that
    • enhance their
    • are entertaining
    and inspiring
    • have a meaning
    • 21. create an experience
  • “Concept brands create an experience that
    captures the imagination of the consumer who already has everything“
  • 22. Concept brands
    • By creating feelings among the consumer, their attachment to the brands is unique
    • 23. It creates loyalty and is a
    competitive advantage
    • The attachment of consumers with
    concept brands can hardly be
    copied by competitors
  • 24. Concepting can be considered‘marketing – in –reverse‘
    Concepting focuses on Communication and only as a last step on the product itself
    Products are interchangeable as long as they are in line with the concept
    Consumers of concept brands are considering a “following“ rather than target group“and are no longer defined in terms of socio-demographic factors
  • 25. Concept brands like its following to feel on the same level as the brand...
    ...That is why concept brands have interactive websites to make consumers feel they are part of the club
    “The company, the brand, they are you“
  • 26. Other concept brands are ...
  • 27. Find more information in
    “Concepting“ by Jan Rijkenberg