WWII: Causes and Impacts

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WWII: Causes and Impacts

WWII: Causes and Impacts

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  • 1. By: Molly Roesler
    World War II:Causes and Impacts
  • 2. Failure of the Treaty of Versailles
    Failure of the Munich Agreement
    Failure of the League of Nations
    Main Causes of WWII
  • 3.
    • Forced Germany to accept all responsibilities for WWI.
    • 4. Limited Germany’s military size and power.
    • 5. Re-established all independent nations. Example: Poland
    • 6. Hitler gained power and invaded Rhineland.
    The Treaty of Versailles
  • 7. Agreement between Britain, France, and Germany.
    Signed in 1938.
    Germany could have Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia.
    Hitler could not invade more of Europe.
    • Hitler invaded rest of Czechoslovakia later.
    Munich Agreement
  • 8.
    • Established in 1919 after WWI.
    • 9. Disbanded in 1945 after WWII.
    Failure began with depression after WWI.
    Not all nations belonged to the League.
    League had no power or army.
    Punishment was cutting off trade.
    Unable to act quickly.
    Failure of The League of Nations
  • 10. Axis Powers:
    Bulgaria and Romania
    Allied Powers:
    United States
    Soviet Union
    Many more countries
    Axis vs. Allies
  • 11. Gain World Power.
    Destroy Communism, Spread Fascism.
    Gain Land.
    Eliminate non Arians in German territory.
    Axis Goals
  • 12. December 7th, 1941
    U.S Pacific Fleet was bombed.
    December 8th: Congress declared war on Japan.
    December 11th: Axis declared war on U.S.A.
    America officially entered WWII.
    Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  • 13. American Life During WWII
  • 14. 1st ever national income tax.
    Only Government was taxed before.
    Help stop inflation caused by War.
    Victory Tax
  • 15. Allowed to officially serve in Military.
    Doing jobs men used to do.
    Raising families on their own.
    Volunteering time for organizations (Red Cross).
    Role of Women
  • 16. Rationing for things in short supply
    Meat, Butter, Sugar
    Metal Drives, War Bonds.
    Civilians started providing defenses
    Escorted Convoys
    Defended Ports
    Efforts at Home
  • 17. African Americans allowed to join Military.
    Military was segregated at this time.
    African American Women allowed in Nursing Corps.
    Role of Minorities
  • 18. Fear of Japanese people after Pearl Harbor.
    Government afraid of Spies.
    Roosevelt legalized interment.
    Moved 120,000 Japanese into Internment Camps.
    2/3 were American Citizens, ½ were children.
    Japanese Internment
  • 19. Only allowed few belongings.
    Placed in barracks, three families to one.
    Did hard labor while interned.
    Allowed to return home in 1944.
  • 20. Three main causes of WWII.
    Axis powers wanted world domination.
    America entered WWII after Pearl Harbor.
    Life in America changed drastically during WWII.
    Japanese Americans were treated poorly.
  • 21. Role of Women graphic on slide 11:
    Library of Congress, Oyida Peaks riveting as part of her NYA training to become a mechanic in the Assembly and Repair Department at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1940, Public Domain
    Japanese Internment graphic of Slide 15:
    Library of Congress, Japanese-American camp, war emergency relocation, [Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, Calif.] (LOC), 1940, Public Domain
    Resources for Graphics