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Say No to the Milwaukee Streetcar
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Say No to the Milwaukee Streetcar


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This presentation outlines why Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's proposed streetcar line is a fundamentally bad idea for a plethora of reasons - 2011

This presentation outlines why Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's proposed streetcar line is a fundamentally bad idea for a plethora of reasons - 2011

Published in: News & Politics, Business
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  • The streetcar is a great form of transit, and you shouldn't be against it. It may cost money at first, but in the long run you could see lots of economic development along the streetcar line.
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  • 1. Say NO to the Milwaukee Streetcar A Presentation by Bobby R.
  • 2. What is it?
    • Mayor Barrett proposed a streetcar project for downtown Milwaukee
    • 2.1 mile loop
  • 3. Cost
    • $64.6 million
      • $56.9 million = Federally Subsidized
      • Leaves $9.7 million on Milwaukee taxpayers
    • Utility Relocation  $70 million!
      • Conservative Estimate of cost
      • Full burden of cost, one way or another, would be saddled by Wisconsin Residents
  • 4. Operation Cost
    • Estimated at $2.65 million each year
      • In other streetcars, around 10% of operation costs are covered by fares, sponsors, etc.
      • Leaves a generous estimate of $2.4 million for Milwaukee taxpayers.
    • Grand Total of over $90 million!
      • Represents approx. 6% of 2012 Milwaukee County Budget.
  • 5. Logistics
    • Relocating downtown utilities would leave Milwaukee streets in shambles for months.
    • Snow removal
      • How would the streets be plowed with a streetcar running nearly at the curbside?
    • Hundreds of street side parking spaces would be unusable
      • This would actually detract from local business rather than encourage it (intent of the project!).
  • 6. Ridership
    • Is this project even worth it?
      • The comparable streetcar built in Portland, Oregon has received approx. 4 million annual ridership.
      • The Milwaukee system could expect just 665,000 annual ridership.
        • This means the streetcar can expect just 1800 riders each day
          • Individual MCTS bus routes serve an average of 3,000 people daily
  • 7. Alternative
    • A couple of trolley style city buses could be fully funded and paid off for many years before the cost even approaches that of the streetcar.
    • A bus is not anchored to the ground in one spot, it can travel anywhere.
    • A bus still works in the event of a power outage.
  • 8. Summation
    • Who would benefit?
      • A small % of those who would pay for it.
    • Bang for your Buck?
      • Too much money for a project that would struggle to break even, much less make a profit
    • Logistics?
      • Logistical nightmare, many issues
    • Overall, this project would defeat its own mission, to attract potential consumers to businesses on the perspective route.