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Product development and tools

Product development and tools






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    Product development and tools Product development and tools Presentation Transcript

    • Improving your productdevelopment processA view on the tools that help us improve
    • Roelof ReitsmaLead developer Coconut teamFavorite gems:Bundler & CapistranoFavorite tools:Gerrit & JenkinsWhen Im not working: cycling, running andcreating an awesome meal!
    • Goal:Show two challenges we encountereddeveloping our productDemonstrate how two tools help us improve(which might be useful for you)
    • Contents● An introduction to Coconut● First challenge: reliability● Second challenge: changeability● Conclusion
    • Introduction to Coconut● An private social network● Development in Ruby on Rails since 2008● Started as our intranet application● Focus on sharing knowledge● Competing with– Any other intranet solution– Enterprise social networks– Sharepoint
    • Introduction to CoconutStart of the project● The first release syndrome● Novice level developers● The 80% done developerLead to some “pretty horrifying code”
    • Hall of shameExamples?
    • Hall of Shame
    • Hall of Shame
    • Hall of Shame
    • Hall of Shame
    • Hall of Shame
    • Hall of Shame
    • Hall of Shame
    • Hall of shameAnd sometimes some weird structures aswell
    • Challenge 1: reliability● Application would break randomly● No way of telling up front if things are OKor not● Fixing or creating bugs?
    • Challenge 1: reliabilitySolution: do test drivendevelopmentThen you must have CI!● otherwise no-one will run tests● or say: it works on my PC!
    • Challenge 1: reliabilityIntroduce Jenkins (prev. Hudson)● Open source tool for CI● Java webapplication● Highly configurable● Easy to create your own scripts
    • Challenge 1: reliabilityMain advantage of CI:Instant feedback!
    • Challenge 1: reliabilityWhat do we do in a Jenkins build?– Create sandbox– Check basics (bundle, database setupetc)– Run specs– Run integration specs– Run acceptance specs– Create review site– Check if site runs at all
    • Jenkins: each git branch has a build
    • Jenkins: build queue
    • Jenkins: commits per build
    • Jenkins: review builds
    • Jenkins: review login page
    • Jenkins: review site
    • Jenkins: Chuck Norris plugin!Build failed? Chucks not happy
    • Jenkins: Chuck Norris plugin!Build succeeded?
    • Challenge 2: changeabilityYou are going to write all code at leasttwice. And thats not even consideringchange.● How hard is it to refactor?● How fast can you change functionality?
    • Challenge 2: changeability● Less changeable if– Untested code– Hard to read code– Code duplication– Invalid comments– Unused code– Bad naming
    • Challenge 2: changeabilitySolution: do code reviewsBut how?● First: define the process● Second: choose the tool
    • Challenge 2: changeabilityGoal: prevent erroneous or bad code toget into central repository1)Developer submits commit2)CI checks commit for errors3)Other developer reviews code4)When both OK: code submitted to mainrepository
    • Challenge 2: changeabilityIntroduce Gerrit● Open source code review tool● Java webapplication● Highly configurable● Jenkins integration available
    • Challenge 2: changeabilityMain advantage of code reviewsYou learn a lot by reading otherpeoples code!
    • Gerrit: list of reviewable commits
    • Gerrit: list of reviewable commits
    • Gerrit: list of reviewable commits
    • Gerrit: commit view
    • Gerrit: commit view
    • Gerrit: commit view
    • Gerrit: diff patchsets
    • Gerrit: diff patchsets
    • Gerrit: grade commit
    • Gerrit: DONE!
    • Oh no! Weve abandoned HENK?
    • Conclusion● We drastically improved quality by doingTDD and code reviewing● Jenkins and Gerrit are nice tools that arefree, offer lots of features and do the jobwell● However, tools are less important.Choosing the correct process is.