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Greeting Card Desiging
Greeting Card Desiging
Greeting Card Desiging
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Greeting Card Desiging


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  • 1. Greeting Card Desiging
    • Job Description
    • 2. *Greeting Card designing you would need to have cool creative art skills to be a Greeting Card Designing. Becoming a greeting Card Designing means that you would have to have good skills on poems, cool word form and you’re your personality with the designing greeting cards.
    • 3. Necessary Skills and Ability
    Becoming a Greeting Card designing means that you get the opportunity to show off you artistic skills. Sometimes taking collage online is a great way to show your skills to break into the booming market.
    • Wage information
    Wage information is $300.00 per poem for all right to publish on a Greeting Card. So it really depends on the type of poem you right good one or bad one so depending on the poem for being $300.00 per poem for a poem would mean a big salary for the person writing the poems. But if you write some bad poems you wouldn’t make that much cash through the year.
    • WORK TASKSWhen being a Greeting Card Designing you would have toBrainstorming and mocking up design ideasPresenting ideas to clientsMeeting with clients and adjusting designs to fit their needs or tasteProjecting budgets and schedulesUsing computer software to execute designsWorking with others, such as printers, programmers, developers or other technicians, to complete the final product
    • 4. Work Tasks
    • 5. When being a Greeting Card Designing you would have to
    • 6. Brainstorming and mocking up design ideas
    Presenting ideas to clients
    Meeting with clients and adjusting designs to fit their needs or taste
    Projecting budgets and schedules

    • Training/Educational Requirements
    Most greeting card designers have a collage degree and had some experience in working on poems like being a journalism or communications.
    • Job OutlookRight know for Greeting Card outlook% has dropped 6-8% because , there are two possibilities reasons one, because of the economy and two people can make Greeting cards at home so that also effects the Greeting Card outlook%.For people that want to work at being a greeting card must have solid putting experience, so just not putting pen on paper would usually cut it.
    • 7. Why this career does/does not appeal to you?
    • 8. Greeting Cards I would like to be able to do because, I like doing crafts and scrapbooking which is almost just like greeting cards. Meaning for would wanting to do greeting cards because, one if you work for a huge company you can make a ton of cash just by thinking of good ideas and I’m good at coming up with good ideas.
    • 9. There is only one reason I wouldn’t want to Greeting Cards because, I’m a sporty girl and I wouldn’t just want to sit in a office all day long. Reasoning because, I like and play soccer so I would maybe consider doing greeting cards, but that would only mean if I stopped doing soccer I would then want to do greeting cards.
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