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RÖHM: Imagebrochure


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  • 1. Solutions for discerningcustomers.By the specialist in clamping technology.
  • 3. Management Board 3Christoph Taxis Matthias Cöster Dr. Michael Fried Johannes Taglang Manuel Martinez-Sanz C.O.O. C.F.O. C.E.O. C.T.O. C.S.O. As an international leading supplier of chucking tools, the future will see RÖHM promoting the development of the premium brand around the world. The constant drive to offer our clients tailor-made products and services is a key part of our work. This involves an even more intensive customer orientation as well as innovations which provide our clients with a real competitive edge.
  • 4. 4 HistoryRÖHM - established for over 100 years. YEARS Details →
  • 5. 5We see the past and future as beinginseparable.The company has enjoyed a very lively history. From the very beginning, our self-image has always involved impor-tant values such as quality, customer proximity and innovation as well as an awareness of our responsibility andtradition. As such, the eventful history of RÖHM is particularly one of a courageous and forward-looking foundingfamily of entrepreneurs, which has always been committed to the future.In todayss fast-paced world, those who have a reason to celebrate a 100-year jubilee can be rightly proud. All of thenumerous bygone years have been characterised by ups and downs, economic hardships and periods of prosperity aswell as opportunities and threats. Above all, the years show that a lot of things were done correctly, that company -strategies bore fruit and that the management and staff delivered first class work over the whole period. In thisspirit, we are happy to celebrate the jubilee and we look forward to the next 100 years of RÖHM.
  • 6. 6 History RÖHM over the course of the years. In the 100 years of RÖHMs history, much has happened and changed. The company was established and then developed further – new production areas, modern manufacturing plants, relocation and additional sites as well as a management change with new strategies and visions. One thing however has remained the same: The successes of RÖHM and its customers. Expansion of the production plants Business developed well, both home and abroad. With the construction of the companys own hardening shop, the production facility was expanded further.1909 1912 1914 1916 1918 1920 1922 1926 1924 1926 1928 1930 1932 1934 1912The year of the companys foundation First production ofHeinrich Röhm founded the company in Zella-Mehlis,Thuringia. First of all, two-jaw drill chucks were produced. key-type drill chucksIn the following year, 1910, the first patent was filed; During this year, RÖHM started the production ofimproved drill chucks. key-type drill chucks; the first company in Germany to do so. To satisfy the needs of the market, high performance drill chucks, lathe chucks, quick change chucks and pressure reading patented live centres round off the range.
  • 7. RÖHM grows continuously The branch factory The two operations in Ohrdruf and Warnsdorf were bought in Dillingen/Danube and incorporated into the company. With the founding of the branch factory in Dillingen/ Danube, it was possible to meet the constant increase In addition, a 40 m conveyor belt for the production of in demand for products Made by RÖHM. drill chucks was put into service. With 1,500 employees, this makes RÖHM the most modern and strongest provider in the sector.1936 1939 1942 1944 1946 1948 1950 1953 1956 1958 1960 1962 1964 1946 Relocation to Sontheim/Brenz Without capital and without a plot of land, the company was set up again from scratch. First of all, childrens toys were made from plywood and wood waste in a leased carpentry. With the production of rock drills, a change was quickly made again to the business of metal machining. In autumn, a barrack was constructed on the newly purchased land – the basis for todays RÖHM factories.
  • 8. The new First certification in accordance high-tech forge with DIN EN ISO 9001 in St. Georgen Since 1995, the RÖHM group has been certified in Foundation of RÖHMs accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. The first class site at St. Georgen – our quality standards which had always applied in the experts in the field of company were now officially confirmed. 2001 clamping mandrels.1966 1969–1985 1972 1974 1980 1985 1990 1995 1996 1998 2001 2002 2 Foundation of RÖHMs distribution- and service establishments RÖHM founded foreign distribution- and 1995 service establishments in England, Denmark, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, France and Spain. The company is now present all over the world and as such, is always near to New production hall in customers. Sontheim By constructing a 8,600 m2 production hall at the headquarter in Sontheim, capacity has been expanded for future requirements.
  • 9. History 7 Commissioning of the Automated Small Parts Warehouse in Sontheim By means of the 55 m long and 12 m high automated warehouse for small parts with its 11,000 bin locations, RÖHM will satisfy the trend towards ever shorter life cycles and tight target deadlines. Using the cross company process, we directly supply our clients around the world from our headquarter in Sontheim. Development of the international presence The new manufacturing bases in the Slovakia and India as well as the joint venture in China are the latest steps that the company has taken in order to be better,1 faster and more efficient. At the same time, the developments represent the clear international orientation of the group.2003 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 Construction of the new production hall in Dillingen In the1,650 m2 production hall, two portal turning and milling machines were commissioned which were specially adapted to RÖHMs require- ments. This allows workpieces to be A global player in the field machined which have diameters of up Change in the management to 4 metres and weights of up to 25 After 99 years at the helm, the management of of clamping technology tons. the RÖHM family business was passed to the Today, across the world, around 1,500 external Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Michael employees produce top quality clamping tools Fried. By doing this, the Röhm family imple- - from the smallest drill chuck to the most mented the decision which was adopted by the high-tech power-assisted clamping device. partners in 2007 in order to withdraw from the This makes RÖHM one of the most important operative side of the business. The family still international providers – a claim that is jointly decide on the fortunes of the estab- supported by many satisfied and successful lished business as shareholders and members customers around the world. of the advisory board.
  • 10. 8 RÖHM worldwideMany differentsites make up a group: RÖHM.We definitely consider the German sites in Sontheim, Dillingen and St. Georgen as the centre of our operations.But it is only when the individual sites around the world are joined together that a strong unified body is formed:The RÖHM group.Sontheim/BrenzOur headquarter in Sontheim/Brenz | Sontheim is where Thanks to the excellent infrastructure and transport routesRÖHMs main factory is located. The highly modern 41,000 available, this location is ideal for a company relying onm2 manufacturing facilities offer optimum conditions. In the perfect product quality as well as maximum flexibility.future, these facilities will enable us to deal with the Furthermore, the region around Sontheim offers anotherenormous range of demanding construction and production key basis for the success of our company: it is rich intasks in a way which is better, faster and more efficient. quality awareness and motivated employees with the result that we are ideally prepared for the challenges of the future.
  • 11. 9Dillingen/Danube St. GeorgenThe Dillingen/Danube site | This branch plant in Dillingen The St. Georgen site | The St. Georgen site is a small, yetwas put into operation by the RÖHM Group as early as 1953. acomplished high-tech forge. In addition to standardThanks to extremely positive development, the plant is clamping mandrels, this is where tailor-made solutions aresubject to constant expansion and modernisation. For this developed for a wide range of different requirements.reason, new modern production facilities were built in RÖHM retains mechanical or power-operated mandrels,1982 and 1991. In 2007 RÖHM built a new production hall sliding jaw mandrels and hydraulic mandrels for itsfor two portal turning and milling machines. This enables customers for clamping workpieces in drill holes or innermachining of workpieces with diametres of up to 4 metres contours.which will secure a leading market position for the RÖHMbrand in the future. Today, more than 300 employees areprimarily involved in engineering and manufacturing lathechucks, machine vices and special clamping equipment forturning and milling machinery as well as for machiningcentres.
  • 12. 10 RÖHM worldwideAlways close to ourcustomers.With locations allaround the world.Customer orientation at RÖHM has less to do with marketing than with attitude.We consider customer proximity as an intensive dialogue with our partners as well asdirect presence on key international markets.Together with the German sites - Sontheim, Dillingen and St. Georgen - the interna-tional sites from Brazil to China and from India to the USA make up the global worldthat is the RÖHM group.ROHM do Brasil ROEHM WEIDA RÖHM Værktoj A. S. RÖHM S. A. R. L.Ind. e Com. LTDA. MACHINERY (Shandong) Denmark FranceBrazil Co. Ltd. ChinaRÖHM (Great Britain) Ltd. RÖHM INDIA PVT. Ltd. RÖHM Italia S. R. L. RÖHM Spanntechnik AGGreat Britain India Italy SwitzerlandRÖHM Iberica S. A. RÖHM Products RÖHM Slovakia S. R. O.Spain of America Slovakia USA
  • 13. 11EUROPE Manufacturing bases Distribution- and service establishments Agents
  • 14. 12 Areas of expertiseRÖHMs areas of expertise arethe basis for our customerssuccess.What others use as a slogan, is a integral part of RÖHMs service. This is because we take the wordcompetence to heart. For us, competence means skills and performance optimally working together,wherein we take a leading role in order to give our customers real added value and as well as acompetitive advantage.Special portal turning and milling machine Automated Small Parts WarehouseInnovation and engineering for sustainable Modern production techniques result in top quality. | Atsuccesses. | What ever our customers need, well design our production locations, we only use state of the artand develop it. As a modern, innovative engineering partner machinery and technology. Examples of this include thedevoted to clamping technology we feel that creativity and special portal turning and milling machines for processingflexibility, combined with experience and readiness are the workpieces with diameters of up to 4 metres and a weight ofkey to success. On this basis, we ensure that your interests up to 25 tons. Another example is the worlds only drill chuckare looked after in the best possible way - right across the assembly line for the fully automatic manufacturing ofentire product development process: From the concept keyless, self-tensioning, flat jaw drill chucks. This productionphase and full technical project processing right through to line makes it possibe to assemble approx. 92,000 drill chucksproduction. in 3 shifts on 5 working days. In a fully automated process, the engraving and quality control of the drill chucks isAcross the world, service and distribution which is close integrated as well the assembly of the individual customers. | With a worldwide network of manufactur-ing bases, distribution establishments, agents and optimumdistribution logistics, we guarantee our customers maxi-mum flexibility and service at all times.
  • 15. 13First class products combinedwith optimum service ensurestrouble-free manufacturingprocesses.Our understanding of what perfect service means extends beyond just maintenance – something which we also offeras a matter of course. In fact, with a holistic service, we contribute to our customers flexibility and efficiency as wellas provide a significant boost to their production process security.Optimum processes through Clamping PLUS | Unused RÖHM as a system supplier with a comprehensive productcapacities increase the share of fixed costs in products. For range | As a system supplier with wide-ranging engineer-this reason, using available potentials in an optimum way is ing skills, consistent project management and naturally,as applicable today as it ever was. With these challenges, a comprehensive range of clamping technology products,we dont leave you standing alone, but back you all the way RÖHM is the partner of first choice. Regardless of theas a competent business associate. Our Clamping Plus requirements that our customers have, RÖHM offers a hugeservice package combines processing expertise with a selection of products for the complete assembly of almostmodern fleet of machinery and helps you put your output on all machines.a secure footing for the future. ‘Clamping Plus means’ foryou:→ On-site analysis by our specialists→ Application and process optimization→ Checking and retrofitting of machinery→ Preventive maintenance
  • 16. 14 Sectors The clamping tools which we manufacture are as varied as the sectors for which we work. We dont just serve one sector. We are open to all the requests and needs of different fields. Regardless of the require- ments which different industries and sectors present, they all have one thing in common: They place a great value on RÖHMs top quality clamping technology. The following sectors represent a small selection of the RÖHM groups areas of expertise: → Aviation and aerospace→ Trade and hardware stores → Engineering → Automobile industry
  • 17. 15→ Energy sector → Automation technology → Medical technology Have we aroused your interest in clamping technology made by RÖHM? Thats great...because we want you to receive exactly the right solution enabling you to achieve your goals in a reliable and economical manner.→ Rail vehicles And if there is no solution available yet, we will develop one – for you.
  • 18. 16 Strengths We work for customers which have a weakness for our strengths. Companies intent on making a difference are obliged to develop constantly as well as deploy their strengths to the benefit of customers. At RÖHM, we have set ourselves high targets and are doing our very best to achieve them. This is why we support our customers all over the world by means of the performance indicators so typical of RÖHM:→ Dynamism → Security → Variety Dynamism | We are continually improving our products Variety | Whether drill chucks, live centres, vices, gripping and services, actively expanding into new markets and technology, power chucks, cylinders, tool clamping systems utilising innovative production methods and technologies. or special designs: This way customers benefit from our dynamism and a With high-quality, precise and economic solutions, our range of products and services which meets all require- range of products covers an infinite number of applications. ments. Security | With clamping technology from RÖHM, you are always secure. This is because youll be working with sophisticated and durable products enabling you to easily master any task. So, why not play it safe! Save yourself lots of unnecessary irritation. And the bottom line is that you also save money – with brand-name quality from RÖHM.
  • 19. 17 Partnership | The name RÖHM stands for maximum openness, honesty, reliability and fairness. For us, this also includes co-operation with trading houses as well as consistent customer orientation. Globality | RÖHM competence and quality are in demand Innovation | We see it as our task to create real added – and available – all over the world. With more than 50 value for our customers – by means of practical, innovative subsidiaries and agencies – from Australia to Venezuela – and forward-looking technologies. As such, we react the international company RÖHM is present on every swiftly to the new requirements of international markets continent. And always in the vicinity of the customers. and are regarded as a driving force which has a decisive influence on how progress develops in the world of clamping technology.→ Partnership → Globality → Innovation
  • 20. 18 QualityOur work is commended inmany respects.It is a fact that satisfied and successful customers are the best evidence that points to the quality of thework. As such, the fact that RÖHM customers impressively honour our outstanding performance againand again through awards is something that pleases us all the more.At RÖHM, we are proud that our work is recognised and commended by costumers. For us however, its not a reason torest on our laurels – but much more an incentive to increase our performance further, in order to offer better productsand services to all customers.Supplier Of Excellence 07/08 | Awarded by Prodex Award 2008 | This exclusive industry prizeBlack & Decker, the worlds largest manufacturer of is awarded by the specialist Swiss trade magazinepower tools and accessories. Maschinenmarkt. We are grateful to our SUPER- LOCK clamping system for this award.Supplier recognition | Now, for the third time in succession RÖHM GmbH stands out from its competitorsand as a sole supplier in the field of drill chucks receives the coveted title.
  • 21. 19Partnership with RÖHM– real added value!Those who have come to trust clamping technology from RÖHMhave all the advantages. Not only do customers benefit from theunique combination of engineering expertise and insiderknow-how, but also outstanding products.→ Perfect serial manufacturing→ Small scale serial production and customised manufacturing→ An exceptional range of products→ 100 years of experience in the marketplace→ A presence on all continents→ Comprehensive services→ Quality Made in GermanyWith these advantages, RÖHM provides its international custom-ers with real added value and a decisive advantage in the globalmarketplaces.
  • 22. 20 Product rangeFirst-class product featuresare the order of the day.Clamping technology from RÖHM. We offer sophisticated and innovative solutions for a wide variety ofapplications. Our specialists also develop special designs for customised requirements. Details →
  • 24. 22 Product range Clamping technology – manual – 1 2 3 enduring. though. strong. Drill chucks Live centres Lathe chucksPerfectly adapted in an intelligent Powerful, extremely capable and Particularly successful and effectivedesign – the persevering specialists exceptionally durable. Plus top marks when power is attributed maximumfor even the toughest jobs. Accuracy for processing precision. Simply priority. With a firm grip on largerwith every individual impact – and great – through and through. sizes and heavy weights – to be sure!not only when impact-drilling.Keyless Drill Chucks | Key type Drill Live Centers | Keybar Chucks | Plane Spiral Chucks |Chucks | Short Drill Chucks | Heavy load Live Centers | Lathe and Grinding Chucks | LeverQuick Change Tapping Chucks | Dead Centers | Face Drivers Scroll Chucks | Independent ChucksFloating Chucks | Tool Holders
  • 25. Gripping Clamping technology technology – power operated –4 5 6powerful. grabbing. biting.Vices Gripping technology Power chuck technologyThere’s no escaping here. Even heavy The impressively flexible solutions Fast movements exerting lots ofparts are packed precisely and for swift and dynamic gripping. pressure. And with tremendoussecured safely. With retention forces Powerful, high-precision and the tension for an absolutely secure hold.of up to 12 tonnes! refore absolutely spot on target! Extremely snappy solutions – yet entirely harmless!NC Compact Vices | NC Machine Parallel Grippers | Centric Grippers | Power Chucks | Ball Lock Chucks |Vices | Machine Vices | Drilling Angular Grippers | Indexing Units | Pulling Collet Chucks | Front endMachine Vices | Precision Vices | Linear Modules Chucks | Indexing Chucks | Cylinders |Multiple Clamping Systems | Steady Rests | Driven ToolsPalett Systems | Clamping Towers
  • 26. 7 8expandable. efficient.Mandrels Tool clamping systemsMore than meets the eye. With Outstanding performance thanks to perfectenormous strength from within. Also adaptation. Perfect in form and function.eminently suitable for sensitive and For the best-possible transfer of highparticularly thin-walled workpieces! retention forces – even overhead!Cartridge Mandrels | Power Rotary Distributors | Release Units |Mandrels | Segment Mandrels | Clamping Sets | Machine Tool Tapers |Hydraulic Mandrels Springless Clamping System
  • 27. 23Special Designsintelligent.Special DesignsOur understanding of consistent customer orientationprimarily involves the development of individual solutionsin the entire range of clamping technology. We accept andmaster even the most difficult challenges.Our motto is: Anything is possible, anything can be done!Whatever our discerning customers need, RÖHM will alwaysfind the optimum solution for the respective problem byapplying intelligence, know-how and tried-and-testedteamwork. Guaranteed!Special Design Chucks for Symmetrical Components |Non-rotating Clamping Devices
  • 28. 24 Training at RÖHMWelcome to an exciting future.With qualifications earnedat RÖHM.Good training is still the basis for a successful future. For those who already think abouttomorrow, are motivated and interested in exciting tasks, RÖHM is the top address.
  • 29. 25Competent and committed employees are the most important capital of any company.That’s why investments are consistently made in first-class training at RÖHM.Training young people is attributed great importance at specialist knowledge in the vacational school and Coopera-RÖHM. This is also reflected in our modern learning and tive State University and practical applications in thetraining centre where not only transparent and compre- company, and also offers trainees all of the possibilitieshensive training areas are convincing but also a new facility associated with personal and professional development.and new machines which increase training efficiency. We appreciate committed employees displaying aVaried and interesting tasks | Every year, around high degree of independence and motivation. Thanks25 training positions are made available in the Sontheim to the international alignment of our expandingand Dillingen/Danube plants. Apart from classic trade company, enthusiastic candidates are able to availand technical professions, commercial training is also of interesting job and career options in a wide varietyoffered. What’s more, it is also possible to achieve a high of positions.qualification by studying at the Baden-Wuerttemberg RÖHM – the very best perspectives for the future.Cooperative State University. The tried-and-tested dual-training model represents ideal interlinking of theoretical
  • 30. 26 Our futureThe future is not waiting for us.It is already here.Because we are already thinking about tomorrow, wewill continue to be successful. RÖHM does everything inits power to remain a desired partner for customersall over the world.Thanks to innovation and competence, we have alreadyachieved a lot with our customers. And we will continue todo everything we can in future to retain a leading positionin the market with our clamping technology. Together withour customers, i.e. with you.Are you interested in us and our work? Then please getin touch with us. Our specialists would be delighted tobe of assistance.
  • 31. Addresses 27Your contact to theRÖHM group.Manufacturing bases Distribution establishmentsGermany: Brazil: Italy:RÖHM GmbH RÖHM IND. E COM. DE RÖHM Italia S. R. L.Heinrich-Röhm-Straße 50 FERRAMENTAS DE FIXAÇÃO LTDA. Via Brescia 24/C89567 Sontheim/Brenz Rod. Raposo Tavares, Km 14 – Bloco A 20063 Cernusco S. NaviglioTel. 0049 73 25 – 16-0 2° andar – sala 2 – CEP 05576 - 100 Tel. 0039 – 02 – 92 10 35 31Fax 0049 73 25 – 6-492 São Paulo Fax 0039 – 02 – 92 10 17 Tel. 0055 – 11 – 37 32 22 22 Fax 0055 – 11 – 37 32 22 08ÖHM GmbH SwitzerlandThe site at Dillingen Denmark: RÖHM Spanntechnik AGRöhmstraße 6 RÖHM Værktoj A. S. Feldstraße 39,89407 Dillingen Gunnekær 2, 3360 HerzogenbuchseeTel. 0049 90 71 – 5 08-0 2610 Rødovre Tel. 0041 – 629 56 30 20Fax 0049 90 71 – 5 08-174 Tel. 0045 – 36 – 41 22 66 Fax 0041 – 629 56 30 Fax 0045 – 36 – 41 44 72 www.roehm-spanntechnik.chRÖHM GmbHThe site at St. Georgen France: Spain:Feldbergstraße 5 RÖHM S. A. R. L. RÖHM Iberica S. A.78112 St. Georgen 325, rue Paul Langevin C/Rejas, No. 9 Nave 11 DTel. 0049 – 77 24 – 94 68 12 60740 St. Maximin 28022 MadridFax 0049 – 77 24 – 51 89 Tel. 0033 – 344 64 10 00 Tel. 0034 – 91 – 3 13 57 90Mobile phone 0152 – 22 88 70 50 Fax 0033 – 344 64 00 68 Fax 0034 – 91 – 3 13 57 www.roehm-ibericas.esChina:ROEHM WEIDA MACHINERY Great Britain USA:(Shandong) Co. Ltd. RÖHM (Great Britain) Ltd. RÖHM Products of America2 Zhonghan Road Unit 12, The Ashway Centre 5155 Sugarloaf Parkway, Suite KManshan Town Wendeng Shandong Elm crescent, Kingston-upon-Thames GA 30043 LawrencevilleChina 264414 Surrey KT 2 6 HH Tel. 001 – 770 – 9 63 84 40Tel. 0086 – 631 – 8 54 99 86 Tel. 0044 – 20 85 49 66 47 Fax 001 – 770 – 9 63 84 07Fax 0086 – 631 – 8 54 50 18 Fax 0044 – 20 85 41 17 83ÖHM INDIA PVT. LTD.Plot No. A-53(B), NallekandernahallPeenya 2nd Stage Industrial Area2nd Main Road Presence on all continents from560058 Bangalore, India A for Australia to V for Venezuela.Tel. 0091 – 80 – 41 49 29 07 You can receive the contact informationsFax 0091 – 80 – 28 36 76 56 of our worldwide representations through www.roehm.bizSlovakia:RÖHM SLOVAKIA S. R. OPartizanska 7395701 Banovce nad BebravouSlovakiaTel. 00421 – 3 87 60 02 22Fax 00421 – 3 87 60 02
  • 32. RÖHM GmbHHeinrich-Röhm-Straße 50 | 89567 Sontheim/Brenz | Germany Tel. 0049 73 25 – 16-0 | Fax 0049 73 25 – 16-492 | Id.-Nr. 1091457 / 0810 M