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College and University Social Media Strategy
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College and University Social Media Strategy


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Social media best practices and tips for colleges using social media.

Social media best practices and tips for colleges using social media.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. + Social Media For Colleges Rebecca Roebuck
  • 2. + Including…  What is social media  Social media best practices  Social media strategy ideas  What are other colleges doing
  • 3. + What is social media?  People having conversations online  Use online tools to share information  News, pictures, videos, music, user generated content  Tools consist of web-based and mobile networks and communities  People with similar interests share, create, network and interact
  • 4. + Why does social media matter?  Social media is changing the ways we discover and share information.  Social and interactive  Not passive, waiting for information to come to us  Everyone is involved in searching for, creating and sharing information.  We are all experts in something and it is our responsibility to share that knowledge with the world - social media makes that possible
  • 5. + Social media best practices  Plan  Content calendar  Crisis communication plan  Listen!  Monitor comments, mentions, discussions  Communicate and interact  Regular updates  Students can speak directly to the school  Connect  Follow, Like  One-to-one connection with students  Build a presence  Provide interesting information
  • 6. + Social media strategy  Increase Donations  Donation tab on Facebook page  Text donating  Promote text donating at all events  Campus events  Alumni events  Community events
  • 7. + Social media strategy  College Sports  Live tweet from sports events  Find and follow student athletes and coaches  Help coaches use social media to connect with prospective athletes  Focus on the positive  Use social media monitoring to monitor for negative conversations
  • 8. + Social media strategy  Use photos to showcase college  Instagram  Photo sharing mobile app  Pinterest  Virtual pinboard to share and discover new things  Create boards to feature segments of university and events
  • 9. + Social media strategy  Showcase campis buildings, landscape, seasons  Facebook cover photos
  • 10. + Social media strategy  Blog  Create a blog to share and illustrate the college experience  Posts can come from students, staff, faculty  Big name guest blog posts from notable alumni
  • 11. + What are other colleges doing?  Organize and promote all social network pages
  • 12. + What are other colleges doing?  Custom Facebook welcome tabs including virtual tour
  • 13. + What are other colleges doing?  Use Foursquare to highlight campus community and provide virtual tour and tips
  • 14. + Connect  Rebecca Roebuck  @roebuckr 