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Independent Publisher New England Ebook Presentation. April 27m 2012
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Independent Publisher New England Ebook Presentation. April 27m 2012


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Short presentation on ebooks for IPNE 2012

Short presentation on ebooks for IPNE 2012

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  • 1. Used under CC from, last accessed 10/22/10
  • 2. State of the Market• Association of American Publishers – Adult eBooks: $99.5M in Jan 2012; $66.6M in Jan 2011; +49.4% increase – Children’s eBooks: $22.6M in Jan 2012; $3.9M in Jan 2011; +475.1% increase
  • 3. Two Options
  • 4. What is EPUB?• A digital container for text and images that allows the content to reflow based on the size of the screen.• A standard managed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).• A structured document that used XML, XHTML, and CSS.
  • 5. Adobe Reader Mobile SDK• Non-platform specific• Supports both EPUB & PDF• Manages DRM• Robust Language Support• Used with Adobe Digital Editions and most e-readers
  • 6. ADE Devices
  • 7. Apple Products• Read EPUB & PDF• Uses iBook app• Allow video in EPUB format• Full-color• Also allow other readers (Kobo, Nook, Kindle, etc.)
  • 8. Mobi vs. ePubMobi ePub• Used exclusively on • Used by almost every Amazon Products. other e-reader.• Format owned by • Format managed by IDPF Amazon. organization.• Kindle format is .mobi • Text conforms to the set with DRM added. of standards developed• Limited display by group. functionality. • ePub3 current version- no• KF8 launched 2012 for reader fully supports. Fire.
  • 9. What about Kindle?• Uses AZW and KF8, both proprietary formats based on Mobi format.• AZW based on older HTML standards from 90s.• KF8 is modern HTML5-based format for the Fire.
  • 10. Usability and E-readers• Modeled after the print book. – Linear text divided by the physical limitations of screen size. – Searchability: fill-text or index. – Organization is by table of contents. – Footnotes, margin notes: end notes – Images and Tables
  • 11. Options1. Automated Conversion Program – Closed systems – Introduce errors• ePublishers – Handle complete process – Expensive• Do it Yourself
  • 12. Print Workflow
  • 13. Program Workflow
  • 14. Ebooks in Workflow
  • 15. Ebooks in Workflow
  • 16. I hate to see people not having fun… just because they dont have the right tools-- which is not to say they need the prettiest, best, most expensive tools. They just need the tools that are right for them. ~Alton BrownImage from,, last accessed 9/7/10
  • 17. Free Tools• Coding – Notepad++ (PC) – TextWrangler (MAC) – iBooks author (MAC)• Creating/ Zipping – Sigil – Calibre – ePub Zip from MobileRead• Quality Checking – Adobe Digital Editions – EpubCheck – Kindle Direct: Gen & Previewer
  • 18. Distribution• Amazon Direct- 65% or 30% of price• PubIt! (Barnes and Noble) -65% or 40% of price• iBooks- 30% of price• Aggregators – Smashwords, Lulu, Ingram, LibreDigital
  • 19. Used under CC from, last accessed 10/22/10
  • 20. Rental/ DRM/ Cross-Platform• Retail price: purchase or a rental? – Purchase? Can I use it across any device? – No? Then it’s a rental.• All devices promote DRM to manage device libraries.• Richard Stallman- Danger of Ebooks•
  • 21. Poetry
  • 22. From the poem Un coup de dés jamais nábolira le hasard, poème
  • 23. The Other Elephant• “Non-traditional” books (on-demand titles produced by reprint houses specializing in public domain works and by presses catering to self- publishers and ”micro-niche” publications) are estimated at 2,776,260 titles for 2010.• This number is a 169% increase over 2009-- which nearly tripled 2008’s output (Bowker).
  • 24. Resources• Twitter: #eprdctn• Liz Castro – EPUB Straight to the Point – Pigs, Gourds, & Wikis• Mobile Reads Forum• IDPF•
  • 25. Contact••• @rodzvilla•