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Demola Summer 2012 project for TAMK Social Robotics

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Demola affective robotics_20120502

  1. 1. Affective robots Physical expression from social robots Affective robots Rod Walsh, Kimmo Vänni TAMKversion date author details0.1 12.03.2012 Rod Created & first draft Demola InnoSummer 2012 Walsh0.2 14.03.2012 Rod Format improvement Walsh0.3 15.03.2012 Rod Draft content completed Walsh0.4 02.05.2012 Rod Smart Cab combination slide added Walsh © TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 1
  2. 2. Affective robots Contents  The demo: your amazing creation  The experiment: using and proving the creation to iterate and collect data  The reason: our motivation  The future: a little beyond this project  The toolbox: technologies, approach, methods  The people: skills & attitudes of the Demola team; and the support folk© TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 2
  3. 3. Affective robots robot face in unity virtual The demo User selected behaviors that affect emotional state for 1to1 dialogue and performance cases. Things like, “be happy”, “welcome”, “reject”, “complain”, “cry”, “superman”, … actual robot virtual robot body in the body in unity real world body face Full Model-specific compute: Output-specific compute: Translate behavior into spatial model “Render” spatial model (behavior)© TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 3
  4. 4. Affective robots Experimental data stored The experiment Video, image, audio response Group response Self-reported (performance) affect (ask, questionnaire) Individual response (dialogue) What setting or stage would unlock, emphasize or inhibit which affects? For different behaviors, that should be interpreted a certain way, and possibly change mood, the “Wizard of Oz” controls how the social robot will behave© TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 4
  5. 5. Affective robots To change a person’s state of mind The reason For fun, safety, fitness, wellbeing Conversationally and …and even the simple and health, social robots promise physically authentic humanoid robotic buddies stimulate to extend our human experience robots are already a reality affection, empathy and and reduce care costs. (currently with a high price)… changed behavior.© TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 5
  6. 6. Affective robots Actual robot face in the real world The future Model the link between affects on human state of mind and change of external expression from the experimental data Design and fabricate our own robot components, kits and personalities Real-time computer recognition of human “state of mind” Much, much more…© TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 6
  7. 7. Affective robots Approach The toolbox Starting:  Get the brief; hit the ground running  Straight into: robot movement, avatar creation, emotion commands from “user” to “robots”, behavior pallet proto, collecting human faces Technology (tentative) and body expressions  3D body & face: live with Unity Full speed: 3D, created with (e.g.) Maya  Plenty of client presence in Demola  Javascript preferred client-side  Regular short design & problem solving sessions  Java preferred server-side  Regular big picture & integration sessions  Python & C++ also acceptable  Mostly getting on with implementing plans  Robot SDK TBD (Kimmo) made as we go and sharing ideas, problems and victories  Robot kit TBD (Kimmo) Gift wrapping:  2or 3 milestones with a self-contained demo Other methodology  Final demo videoed, pitched, ready for reuse  Behavior pallet(s) shown affective thro’ demo  Corridor interviews  Collection of one-to-one and audeience  Publications & concepts check response data from experiments with Demola  “User” trial and measurements folk and others© TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 7
  8. 8. Affective robots The people Demola team skills and interests Demola team approach & attitude  Emotion & body language  Positive, creative, effective team (investigate, experiment, specify, communications, hands-on, try-it- observe, record): HCI / social out, get-it-done and complete- science / theatre performance the job.  Robot (human-like body movement from a set “pallet” Support team with mid-level SDK): code, robo-  Rod Walsh, TAMK, behavior- mech-hobbist pallet, HCI and architecture  Avatars (human face and body  Kimmo Vänni, TAMK, avatar, models in Unity, moving to robot and robot/control software external “command pallet”):  TBD, Demola, admin, ITC and compound 3D models, Unity & scripts presentation skills  Demola will run Unity intro &  Modeling (pallet of theoretical face & body poses and actions advanced workshops to dynamic digital models)  More…?  Multiple & shared roles is good!© TAMK, 2012. All rights reserved. TAMK confidential. 8