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Estampas para imprimir em camisetas e torcer pela seleção brasileira

Estampas para imprimir em camisetas e torcer pela seleção brasileira

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  • 1. What to do after your team gets eliminated The World Cup can seem pretty boring once your team gets eliminated. The best solution is to adopt another team as your own. We’ve made it very easy for you to cheer for Brazil this year. Print your own shirt and come cheer with us. After all, we are known for our wild parties in skimpy outfits!
  • 2. What to do after your team gets eliminated Instructions You will need ° Transfer paper (you can purchase it at any major office supply store) ° Inkjet printer ° Hand iron (make sure to not use steam) ° Cotton or cotton-blend T-shirt , sweatshirt, etc. Directions ° Choose one of the three images provided in this PDF. ° Make sure to center and scale to fit on your printer. ° Try a test print on economy paper first. ° If you’re new to iron-on transfers, use a test garment first. ° For best image quality, select “normal” print quality on your printer. ° Let ink dry completely before handling. ° VERY IMPORTANT: Cut out the design leaving a 1/4” border. Do not get lazy on this step, as the white on the transfer paper will transfer to your shirt. Transfer ° Preheat the iron to the hottest setting. Make sure you turn off the steam. ° Iron the shirt first and let it cool completely before applying the transfer. ° Place a sheet or a towel on a hard flat surface. ° Set the shirt on top of the hard surface, and place the transfer image facing down on the garment in the desired position. The side with back printing is the ironing surface. ° Iron the garment using firm pressure. Iron with straight motions, covering the entire sheet. Pay special attention to the edges, and keep moving the entire time. ° The ironing time varies, but if using a regular domestic iron, 3-5 minutes is the recommended time. ° Let the image cool completely before peeling. ° Gently peel away from the edges. ° Get a caipirinha to go with your shirt. concept by marina guerra, art by rodrigo rosa