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Presentation Universidad de Valparaíso in english.

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English presentation Universidad de Valparaíso

  1. 1. Universidad de Valparaíso in a glance Excellence Higher Education in an amazing city www.uv.cl
  2. 2. Our University Universidad de Valparaíso, is a Public University founded in 1981. Before that time it was the most important regional campus of the Universidad de Chile, which was, at the time a National University with campuses along the country. www.uv.cl
  3. 3. Valparaíso,Chile cultural heritage site by UNESCO www.uv.cl
  4. 4. Campuses www.uv.cl
  5. 5. Comprehensive university: From the arts to the sciences. Undergraduate and Graduate teaching, Research and Outreach. www.uv.cl
  6. 6. BIG NUMBERS 10 Faculties 41 Underdegree programs 38 Graduate programs 37 Specialization programs in medicine and dentistry www.uv.cl
  7. 7. BIG NUMBERS 15.00 0 1.500 1.200 www.uv.cl UNDERGRADUATE Students GRADUATE Students ACADEMIC staff
  8. 8. Faculties • • • • • www.uv.cl Arquitecture, Arts and Design Business Law & Social Sciences Engineering Humanities
  9. 9. Faculties • • • • • www.uv.cl Medicine Dentistry Pharmacy Marine Sciences Natural Sciences
  10. 10. Research activities www.uv.cl
  11. 11. • Neuroscience (Millenium center) • • www.uv.cl • Modeling Random Phenomena • Reproductive Biology • Natural Resources Management Biomedical Engineering Knowledge • Research Centers Functional Food Development • 19 Astrophysics Neurobiology and Plasticity of Developmen • Perspective about Thinking: Materials to read our present. 
  12. 12. • Cultural Heritage Management • Center of Sociology Research • Science, Technology & Society 19 Research Centers • Design Management • Center of Rapanui Studies (Eastern Island) • Intercultural Studies • Latin American studies Center • Human Reproduction Center www.uv.cl • Textile and photographic conservation
  13. 13. International  Student  Mobility www.uv.cl
  14. 14. International Students Mobility Exchange programs with foreign Universities 98 • Semester and annual mobility • Double degrees • Internships • Spanish course • Study abroad www.uv.cl
  15. 15. 290 Students participating in international mobility activities (180 reception programs / 110 emission programs) 400 400 short stays 130 International graduate students. www.uv.cl
  16. 16. GRADUATE PROGRAMS www.uv.cl
  17. 17. Currently, Universidad de Valparaíso offers more than 38 different graduate programs in Science, Engineering, Health, Economy, Law, Social  Sciences and Humanities,  as well as 37 medical and dentistry specialties www.uv.cl
  18. 18. Doctoral programs (Ph.D.) • Neuroscience • Chemistry • Aquatic resources • Law • Statistic • Astrophysics www.uv.cl
  19. 19. Graduate Programs Faculty of  Architecture •Master of Regional Development and Environment. •Master in Heritage •Master in Strategic Design Faculty  of Marine Scienses and Natural Resourses •Master of Oceanography www.uv.cl
  20. 20. Graduate Programs Faculty of Engineering •Masters in Administration and Port Management Faculty of Law and Social Sciences •Master in Law (Legum Magister) •Master in Psychosocial Intervention www.uv.cl
  21. 21. Graduate Programs Faculty of Economics and Administration •Master of Quality Management •Master in Management •Master of Government and Public Management www.uv.cl
  22. 22. Graduate Programs Faculty of Sciences •Master in Astrophysics •Masters in Biology, Neuroscience Mention •Masters in Biology, Cellular and Molecular Neurology Mention •Master of Engineering Science, Mention Biomedical Engineering •Masters in Statistics •Master of Environmental Management • Master in Mathematics www.uv.cl
  23. 23. Graduate Programs Faculty of Pharmacy •Master in Clinical Analysis •Master in Management of Food and Nutrition Services •Master of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care Management Faculty of Humanities •Master of Philosophy •Master in History www.uv.cl
  24. 24. Graduate Programs Faculty of Medicine •Master of Science. Free Radicals in Biomedicine Mention •Master of Medical Sciences, Mention in Cellular and Molecular Biology •Master of Medical Sciences, Mention Nosocomial Infections and Hospital Epidemiology •Masters in Nursing, Mention Care Management and Gerontological Nursing •Master of Public Health, Mention Hospital Management and Management in Primary Health Care www.uv.cl
  25. 25. Graduate Programs Faculty of Medicine •Master of Audiology, Mention Mention Language and Voice •Master in Social Gerontology •Master in Psychology of Work and Organizations •Mention Organizational Development and Human Capital Management, Mention in Occupational Health Psychology •Master in Social Psychology, Mention Psychosocial Interventions and Legal Psychology •Master of Clinical Psychology, Mention Psychotherapy Constructivist and Constructionist www.uv.cl
  26. 26. Graduate Programs Faculty Of Dentistry •Master of Dental Sciences, Mentions in: •Surgery and Traumatology Oral and Maxillofacial, •Pediatric Dentistry, •Endodontics, •Orthodontics Dento in Maxillofacial, •Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, •Periodontics and Implantology, •Oral Rehabilitation and TMD Orofacial Pain www.uv.cl
  27. 27. Medical Specialties Faculty of Medicine • Specialist in Pathology • Specialty in Anesthesiology • Specialty in Cardiology • Specialization in Cardiovascular Surgery • Specialty in General Surgery • Specialty in Pediatric Surgery • Specialty in Pediatric Intensive Care • Specialty in Endocrinology and Diabetes • Specialty in Gastroenterology • Specialty in Hematology and Oncology • Specialty in General Family Medicine • Specialty in critical care (intensive care adult) • Specialty in Internal Medicine • Specialty in Nephrology www.uv.cl
  28. 28. Medical Specialties Faculty of Medicine •Specializing in Neonatology •Specialization in Neurosurgery •Specialty in Neurology •Specialty in Neuropediatría •Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology •Specialty in Ophthalmology •Specializing in Oncology and Radiotherapy •Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology •Specialty in Pediatrics •Specialty in Psychiatry •Specialization in Child Psychiatry and Adolescence •Specialty in Radiology and Imaging •Specialty Orthopedics www.uv.cl •Specialty in Urology
  29. 29. Dental Specialties • Specialty in Surgery and Traumatology Oral and Maxillofacial • Specialty in Endodontics • Specialty Cosmetic Dentistry Rehabilitation • Specialty in Pediatric Dentistry • Specialty in Orthodontics Dento Maxillo Facial • Specialty in Periodontics and Implantology • Specialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology • Specialty in Oral Rehabilitation • Specialty in TMD and Orofacial Pain www.uv.cl
  30. 30. Thank you For your Attention Alejandro Rodríguez Musso General Director Outreach and International Cooperation email: alejandro.rodriguez@uv.cl Cel. number: 56-96425300 www.uv.cl
  31. 31. Faculty of Architecture •Architecture • Cinema • Design • Touristic and Cultural management • Theatre www.uv.cl
  32. 32. Faculty of Sciences Environmental Engineering Statistics Sciences degree with a major in Biology or Chemistry Physics degree with a major in Astronomy Mathematics Meteorology www.uv.cl
  33. 33. Faculty Marine Science and Natural Resources Marine Biology www.uv.cl
  34. 34. Faculty of Economics and Administration Business Administration Auditing International Business Administration Public Administration Hospitality and Gastronomy Management Socioeconomics www.uv.cl
  35. 35. Faculty of Law and Social Sciences Law Social work www.uv.cl
  36. 36. Faculty of Pharmacy Nutrition and dietetics Pharmacy www.uv.cl
  37. 37. Faculty of Humanities Bachelor Degree in Philosophy Bachelor Degree in History and Social Sciences. Sociology Music www.uv.cl
  38. 38. Faculty of Engineering Civil Engineering Engineering in Computer Sciences Civil Industrial Engineering Civil Oceanic Engineering Building Engineering Biomedical Engineering www.uv.cl
  39. 39. Faculty of Medicine Medicine Obstetrics and childcare Nursing Phonoaudiology Kinesiology Medical Technology Psychology Preschool teaching www.uv.cl
  40. 40. Faculty of Dentistry Dentistry www.uv.cl