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Website builder

  1. 1. Website builder : Part IDoes your website facilitate the new breed of laymab users?There is a dramatic surge in the number of layman usersInternet has got virtually deep down penetration across the globe, and the profile of its users has alsogone a sea change. Over the years, the internet has come out from the prerogative of select users ofscientific and defense community to mass accessibility. And probably this is the temperament of this socalled cyber age where people have just started to treat computers as just another thing that isindispensable to modern human existence.Today the use of computers is not necessarily confined to high–tech professionals, but has spanned overall functions and disciplines including common man for his everyday’s purposes. Hence, there is a awfulnumber of users who browse through the Internet on a periodic basis, and their surfing skills are at bestrudimentary. Time is ripe for making your web site superbly user friendly.This new breed of users with minimal exposure to browsing is vulnerable to encounter a little moredifficulty in even a web site that is otherwise user friendly. Here is an important point not to be missedout that this new breed of surfers can be a great prospect for your site when their needs are understoodand correspondingly catered to.The need of the moment is to make your site excessively user friendly so that they are not lost on theweb, and they do not just wind up browsing in sheer hopelessness. They need to be guided throughsimplistic features to help them know what to do next in order to get what they are looking forward to.This sort of users lacks fundamental competence to search the stuff on the Internet effectively, faceshiccups in navigating web site and looks in astonishment while dealing with typical annoyances on theweb. Their utter inability to understand your site often lead them to another site in search of ease, andit does constitute losses for you!Designing your web site in such a manner as will enable them to learn quickly and steer clear the way toenriching experience is what is required in this regard.
  2. 2. But before making your web site layman friendly, it is essential to get the pulse of the browsingtendencies and habits of layman users.An insightful look at the online behavior of layman usersHere are some interesting observations on the typical behavior of relatively new users while they usethe Internet.It is quite amazing to learn that new users have been found to practice a novel method to log on to aparticular web site whose URL is known to them. They have been observed to type in the URL in Googlesearch, and subsequently clicking on same URL in the returned search pages.A report from Metacrawler, an Internet research firm, reveals the fact that search queries like"", "", "Google", "Yahoo” etc. are among the top search engine queries. Itimplicitly proves that people do not seem to know that they can access any site by simply typing its URLin the browser address bar.While going through the returned search pages of Google, new users tend to read the titles of the pages,which they think are closest to their search criteria, and click on such hyperlinks. Hence, the titles of thepages in search results have to be strategically written.Haphazard pieces of information clustered all through the page not only confuse the users but also scarethem. Unsystematic organization of content on the page and a low count on readability make them feelthat desired information is non-existent on the page. The randomness of content simply turns them offbecause they do not bother to look deep; they just scan and skip.It has been found that new users are not comfortable with pop-up advertisement windows. Theymistakenly close other windows, ponder over how to go back, or even close dial-up connection in theirattempt to deal with the pop-ups. It has been seen that layman users are not at ease to manage multiplebrowser windows.
  3. 3. Helping layman users to browse with confidence and convenienceIn the light of the above observations, a couple of simplistic features might be added to your web site inorder to tap the traffic of layman users. Definitely such features will be contributing to the overallusability of your site in a positive way.You can not afford to miss the listing of your web site in prominent search engines. It has nothing to dowith your offline advertising campaign however aggressive it might be. Such advertisement will ofcourse help your URL gain popularity, but chances are not distant that some new users end upcomplaining that your web site could not be accessed. Not to mention here, getting listed in the searchengines has got its own bundle of benefits.If you wish to have your own start page for the users of your site, it pays to place search engine links or asearch box onto that page. This will help layman users to stick to your start page.It is clear now that the titles of the pages in search results are crucial for clickthroughs. Therefore, thetitle of your page should be in accordance with the key words you are optimizing the page for. The titleshould be enticing and relevant enough to be clicked on. Each page of your site has to be individuallyoptimized for a particular key word for a good traffic.There can not be any hard and fast rules in using pop-ups and newsletter subscription windows. Itessentially depends on the proficiency level of users who visit the site. It is always preferable to havetest run of such features before implementing them throughout the site. Once you experience the lossof traffic due to such features, it is a subtle indication that such features are not for your site. The crowdvisiting this site is dominantly layman users, and hence it is to be a lot more user friendly.The learning advantageIn short, capitalizing on the idiosyncrasies and rudimentary skills of this new breed of Internet users canopen the gateway of more traffic and hence more revenues that can eventually translate into your websuccess.
  4. 4. Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!Website builder : End of Part IDo-it-Yourself Online Logo CreationAnyone who owns a business or who is starting a new business can attest to the value of owning apowerful and effective logo. Logos communicate who you are and allow you to connect with yourcustomers with an easily recognizable symbol that is truly yours. But for most people, turning designideas into a reality can be both difficult and expensive.Do-it-yourself logo design customers are looking for a fast and easy way to create a big business logo ona small business budget. Industry leading do-it-yourself applications allow you to design and downloadthe right logo right away.Your logo is only as good as the image or icon you start with. When choosing a logo design service, lookfor a service that provides logos designed specifically with logo creation in mind. Logos designed byprofessional designers will give you multiple choices in style, colors and layouts. High quality logos thathave been designed by professional designers are also more easily recognizable and give you a moreprofessional look to your logo.Do-it-yourself logo creation tools should be easy to use, and thus, save you valuable time when youneed a logo. Look for a service that allows you to create a custom logo in minutes and download yournew logo immediately. Do-it-yourself logo creation is as easy as choosing an icon based on yourindustry, a letter, or an abstract image, adding personalized type and making the logo layout yours.Typical do-it-yourself logo creation tools allow you to search for logos in easy and intuitive ways.Industry leading do-it-yourself applications divide the icons into three categories; symbol based,categorized by industry (such as a tree or a house), alphanumeric (A-Z and 1-9), or shape-
  5. 5. based/abstracts (pyramids, swooshes, globes, etc.). Finding the right image should not be a longlaborious process, if the application you are using is designed properly.Some of the best applications on the web today incorporate an “Ask a Friend” option that allow you toreceive feedback on your logo from your friends. Your friends simply open a URL included with an email,vote on the best logo design, and then you access their responses through the application’s feedbacktool.Once your logo has been created, you will need several different file formats in order to take fulladvantage of your logo. Make sure the do-it-yourself logo service you choose provides you thefollowing file formats of your logo:<ul><li>EPS, or vector image files, are essential for printing quality business cards and stationary. </li><li>JPEG, or compressed image files, are meant to be displayed on the web and are NOT meant forprinting.</li><li>GIF, or Bitmap image files, are images with a transparent background. GIF files are perfect for use onwebsites with background colors other than white.</li></ul>Whatever service you choose, your ultimate goal should be to create a professional looking logo thatcommunicates the right message about your business.Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!Website builder : End of Part II
  6. 6. Don’t settle for ordinary! Choose the best in terms of graphic design!Let’s say you are interested in graphic design. The specialists in graphic design at ArtVersion are ready totake your company image and branding to the next level, and put their own special touch on the Weband print marketing you use. ArtVersion Chicago graphic design firm has a proven record of clientsatisfaction in creating an online presence that truly reflects each company, helping clients and theirgrowing businesses to put their “best face forward” to potential customers. Whether you are anestablished company, or starting from scratch, the experts working at ArtVersion will offer to youassistance with strategic business promotional materials, eye-catching corporate ID design and anythingelse you might need.Graphic design is not a new concept, but there are few companies who truly know how to make it work.Effective graphic design represents a powerful combination between text and image, being generallybased on achieving results from a visual point of view. It is indeed the foundation of successfuladvertising—a sure way to succeed when competition is stringent. Knowing how to reach your targetaudience is essential and effective presentation of your company’s goals can mean the differencebetween a company’s success and failure. At ArtVersion, the specialists in web design analyze thegraphical format with care, as they focus on details such as your targeted segment of the market. In theend, you can understand that the right presentation is everything.If there are several companies out there presenting the same products/services, how do you knowwhich one is the best? Simple. Look for a company with a portfolio and philosophy that matches yourexpectations. In addition to the experience of having worked with thousands of satisfied clients,ArtVersion will provide you and your company with a well-thought-out image, just as they have formany other companies who have benefited from their services. The presentation generated by the webdesign experts at ArtVersion will be effective from a visual point of view, while impressing throughdesign, layout and color at the same time.Building your brand takes a lot of time and effort. Maintaining the interest of prospective customersmight take even longer if you do not choose the right creative agency. With ArtVersion, you will enjoy acreative presentation for your company and superior solutions for your advertising needs. You canrequest their services for corporate identity design, logo development or graphic design. They are thebest at what they do and it will never be hard for them to put you into a good light. Having such aprofessional design firm by your side, you will take your business to any level of success that you canimagine. It’s all about transmitting the right message, the right way!
  7. 7. Hiring a web designer to come up with the custom solution that you need can set you back a fewthousand bucks. But you can do the whole thing yourself and make it drag and drop simple for merepennies with a tool like Breezy Websites. See for details!Website builder : End of Part III