#GlobalWindowsAzureGoiânia, GO - Brasil
#GlobalWindowsAzure• MVP Microsoft• MCP – MCTS – MCPD – MCT• Foco em desenvolvimento WEB• Developer na LG Sistemas• Fundad...
#GlobalWindowsAzuresobre o GWAB• Evento global sobre Windows Azure• Sendo executado em 96 cidades domundo• 7432 participan...
#GlobalWindowsAzureSomos muitos!LocationsPossibly the largest community event everAttendees SessionsSpeakersMVP’s
#GlobalWindowsAzurePatrocinadores globais
#GlobalWindowsAzurepatrocinador local
#GlobalWindowsAzureapoio e realização• DevGoiás.NET• Professor Murilo Borges
#GlobalWindowsAzureBrindesJetBrainsONE winner at each event gets a license of one of their products. (U$ 500 ~U$1999)Plura...
#GlobalWindowsAzureConectividade com InternetAcesso wireless.SID: SALA REUNIAOPassword: ***Nota: feche qualquer software q...
#GlobalWindowsAzureoportunidade de redução decustos em TI para cenárioscorporativos ou poder decomputação e altadisponibil...
#GlobalWindowsAzureCloudComputingPatternstComputeInactivityPeriodtttOn and OffOn & off workloads (e.g. batch job)Over prov...
#GlobalWindowsAzureCloud ComputingSoftware-as-a-ServiceSaaSPlatform-as-a-ServicePaaSInfrastructure-as-a-ServiceIaaS
#GlobalWindowsAzureCloud ComputingPackagedSoftwareStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRunti...
#GlobalWindowsAzureWindows Azure
#GlobalWindowsAzure99.95% monthly SLA
#GlobalWindowsAzurePay only for what you use
#GlobalWindowsAzureCloud services Web sitesVirtualmachines
#GlobalWindowsAzureTodos prontospara a nuvem?
#GlobalWindowsAzureEntão… mão na massa!
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  • Slide Objectives: Explain how Microsoft thinks of the cloud Speaker Notes: There are numerous terms and definitions floating around in the industry for “the cloud”, “cloud computing”, “cloud services”, etc. Microsoft thinks of the cloud as simply an approach to computing that enables applications to be delivered at scale for a variety of workloads and client devices. The cloud can help deliver IT as a standardized service…freeing you up to focus on your business
  • Slide Objectives: Explain the three established terms in the industry for cloud services Speaker Notes: There is a lot of talk in the industry about different terms like Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service. Since PDC08 when we first announced the Windows Azure our focus has been on delivering a platform as a service offering where you can build applications. Where the platform abstracts you from the complexities of building and running applications. We fundamentally believe that the future path forward for development is by providing a platform. In fact, as you’ll see in a few minutes, we believe that there are a number of new capabilities that should be delivered as services to the platform. Notes: There is a lot of confusion in the industry when it comes to the cloud. It’s important that you understand both what is happening in the industry and how we think about the cloud. This is the most commonly used taxonomy for differentiating between types of cloud services. The industry has defined three categories of services: IaaS – a set of infrastructure level capabilities such as an operating system, network connectivity, etc. that are delivered as pay for use services and can be used to host applications. PaaS – higher level sets of functionality that are delivered as consumable services for developers who are building applications. PaaS is about abstracting developers from the underlying infrastructure to enable applications to quickly be composed. SaaS – applications that are delivered using a service delivery model where organizations can simply consume and use the application. Typically an organization would pay for the use of the application or the application could be monetized through ad revenue. It is important to note that these 3 types of services may exist independently of one another or combined with one another. SaaS offerings needn’t be developed upon PaaS offerings although solutions built on PaaS offerings are often delivered as SaaS. PaaS offerings also needn’t expose IaaS and there’s more to PaaS than just running platforms on IaaS.
  • Slide Objectives: Explain the differences and relationship between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in more detail. Speaker Notes: Here’s another way to look at the cloud services taxonomy and how this taxonomy maps to the components in an IT infrastructure. Packaged Software With packaged software a customer would be responsible for managing the entire stack – ranging from the network connectivity to the applications. IaaS With Infrastructure as a Service, the lower levels of the stack are managed by a vendor. Some of these components can be provided by traditional hosters – in fact most of them have moved to having a virtualized offering. Very few actually provide an OS The customer is still responsible for managing the OS through the Applications. For the developer, an obvious benefit with IaaS is that it frees the developer from many concerns when provisioning physical or virtual machines. This was one of the earliest and primary use cases for Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). Developers were able to readily provision virtual machines (AMIs) on EC2, develop and test solutions and, often, run the results ‘in production’. The only requirement was a credit card to pay for the services. PaaS With Platform as a Service, everything from the network connectivity through the runtime is provided and managed by the platform vendor. The Windows Azure best fits in this category today. In fact because we don’t provide access to the underlying virtualization or operating system today, we’re often referred to as not providing IaaS. PaaS offerings further reduce the developer burden by additionally supporting the platform runtime and related application services. With PaaS, the developer can, almost immediately, begin creating the business logic for an application. Potentially, the increases in productivity are considerable and, because the hardware and operational aspects of the cloud platform are also managed by the cloud platform provider, applications can quickly be taken from an idea to reality very quickly. SaaS Finally, with SaaS, a vendor provides the application and abstracts you from all of the underlying components.
  • Speaker Notes: Windows Azure runs on datacenters around the world Enabling you to deploy and run applications and infrastructure close to your customers. Notes: Windows Azure services such as compute and storage are now available in 8 worldwide datacenters with an additional 24 Content Delivery Network endpoints. You can’t have a real cloud without a data center.
  • Speaker Notes: Windows Azure services are backed by a monthly SLA Giving you the confidence to deliver applications and solutions to your customers
  • Speaker Notes: With Windows Azure you pay only for what you use Enabling you to avoid up front cost and scale as your business grows.
  • Speaker Notes: Browse to the Windows Azure web site For developers, we have a rich set of developer centers We offer dev centers in multiple languages. If you’re a .NET developer… If you’re a Node developer, you can do the same thing All of the SDKs are released as open source under an Apache 2 license. Sign-up for a free trial Navigate to different portal areas focusing on dashbaord
  • Gwab welcome

    1. 1. #GlobalWindowsAzureGoiânia, GO - Brasil
    2. 2. #GlobalWindowsAzure• MVP Microsoft• MCP – MCTS – MCPD – MCT• Foco em desenvolvimento WEB• Developer na LG Sistemas• Fundador do DevGoiás.NET• Dez anos de comunidade .NET• Palestrou em mais de 12 capitais• Mais de 14.500 pessoas nesse tempo• Finalista Imagine Cup 2005 – Brasil/Japão• www.rodrigokono.net | @rodrigokonoRodrigo Kono
    3. 3. #GlobalWindowsAzuresobre o GWAB• Evento global sobre Windows Azure• Sendo executado em 96 cidades domundo• 7432 participantes• Evento no formato Workshop
    4. 4. #GlobalWindowsAzureSomos muitos!LocationsPossibly the largest community event everAttendees SessionsSpeakersMVP’s
    5. 5. #GlobalWindowsAzureagenda
    6. 6. #GlobalWindowsAzurePatrocinadores globais
    7. 7. #GlobalWindowsAzurepatrocinador local
    8. 8. #GlobalWindowsAzureapoio e realização• DevGoiás.NET• Professor Murilo Borges
    9. 9. #GlobalWindowsAzureBrindesJetBrainsONE winner at each event gets a license of one of their products. (U$ 500 ~U$1999)PluralSightONE winner get a 1 Year Annual Subscription. (U$299)7 Day training pass for ALL AttendeesTelerik ONE winner get a DevCraft Complete (all their products). (U$1499)Cerebrata ALL Attendees get a license Azure Management Studio product. (U$ 300)Blue Syntax ONE winner Cloud Backup Advanced Edition license. (U$2999)MyGetONE winner 1 year Starter SubscriptionALL Attendees get 1 month starter subscriptionCloud BerryFIVE winners get Cloud Berry Explorer LicenseFIVE winners get Cloud Berry Drive LicenseAzureWatch ALL Attendees get free 30 day unlimited licenseInner Workings ALL Attendees will get 90 days Free Training, redeemable online.Zudio ALL Attendees will get a 3 month free trial redeemable
    10. 10. #GlobalWindowsAzureConectividade com InternetAcesso wireless.SID: SALA REUNIAOPassword: ***Nota: feche qualquer software que esteja fazendo update, download,etc.
    11. 11. #GlobalWindowsAzurewww.facebook.com/devgoias
    12. 12. #GlobalWindowsAzureoportunidade de redução decustos em TI para cenárioscorporativos ou poder decomputação e altadisponibilidade via internet
    13. 13. #GlobalWindowsAzureCloudComputingPatternstComputeInactivityPeriodtttOn and OffOn & off workloads (e.g. batch job)Over provisioned capacity is wastedTime to market can be cumbersomeUnpredictable BurstingUnexpected/unplanned peak in demandSudden spike impacts performanceCan’t over provision for extreme casesComputeGrowing FastSuccessful services needs to grow/scaleKeeping up w/ growth is big IT challengeCannot provision hardware fast enoughComputePredictable BurstingServices with micro seasonality trendsPeaks due to periodic increased demandIT complexity and wasted capacityCompute
    14. 14. #GlobalWindowsAzureCloud ComputingSoftware-as-a-ServiceSaaSPlatform-as-a-ServicePaaSInfrastructure-as-a-ServiceIaaS
    15. 15. #GlobalWindowsAzureCloud ComputingPackagedSoftwareStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeInfrastructure(as a Service)StorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationDataApplicationsRuntimeManagedbyvendorPlatform(as a Service)ManagedbyvendorStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeDataSoftware(as a Service)ManagedbyvendorStorageServersNetworkingO/SMiddlewareVirtualizationApplicationsRuntimeData
    16. 16. #GlobalWindowsAzureWindows Azure
    17. 17. #GlobalWindowsAzureGlobalFootprint
    18. 18. #GlobalWindowsAzure99.95% monthly SLA
    19. 19. #GlobalWindowsAzurePay only for what you use
    20. 20. #GlobalWindowsAzureCloud services Web sitesVirtualmachines
    21. 21. #GlobalWindowsAzureTodos prontospara a nuvem?
    22. 22. #GlobalWindowsAzureWindowsAzure.com
    23. 23. #GlobalWindowsAzureEntão… mão na massa!
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    25. 25. #GlobalWindowsAzure