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Personal and professional thoughts in developing a PR strategy for a B2B business. Includes a section on maximising the effectiveness of social media and building social authority

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Ruth ODonoghue_PR Strategy_060513

  1. 1. Development and Implementation of the Group/ Divisonal PR Strategy
  2. 2. It starts here…… Development: Audit Objectives Goal Setting Market targeting Messaging Implementation Scheduling Tactics Approval Evaluation Outcomes & Metrics Reporting Team Evaluation Sharing success
  3. 3. The Audit • Complete understanding of the business as it currently stands • What does the industry look like - Situational analysis • What divisional direction is the business heading • Know your resources • Language and Culture • Digital Communication analytics – website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ The Miss Marple approach: Investigation, relationship building, present to teams (IIP accreditation), start PR blog intranet, team brief online, 1-2-1 meetings, internal comms channels, staff survey.
  4. 4. O Objectives BUSINESS OBJECTIVES COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES PUBLIC RELATION OBJECTIVES “ We are the UK’s leading workplace service provider and it’s a position I want to uphold” “What we’ve got to do is get the company back to growth again, so everything we do here is about how do we grow the company faster.” “At the heart of this growth strategy is cross selling across the Group’s different businesses, streamlining efficiencies and sharing best practice” My Mission statement To enable the business to achieve its Objectives through delivering excellence and commercially focused, innovative public relations support
  5. 5. Group and Divisional Focus 2014: Growth & Positioning External Engagement Brand Media Management To ensure the Public Relations are engaged at the right time, on all projects, to allow effective resourcing, a timely, and consistent approach to communications and maximum added value. Build effective relationships with journalists both traditional and online To maximise support for projects from effective stakeholder engagement at a divisional level Promote company and projects by proactive media activity To maximise support for divisions from effective stakeholder engagement at a regional /national Cluster level To understand media activity and its impact across the team and use to manage resources, workload and plan future activities To organise highly effective external events with clearly agreed objectives Public Exhibitions Supply Chain visits Sponsored technology events, Conferences To use Research to promote company activities and gain support for development projects To support employees to engage effectively with stakeholders to maximise support for projects To ensure all external material is correctly branded, using the correct company logo and all design work meets brand guidelines
  6. 6. Target Messaging CONTENT IS KING Target Buyer Audience Target Media Audience Target Influential audience One Stop Shop for your business Delivering operational Excellence Sharing best practice Great services delivered by great people Leading provider of Workplace services in the UK Sector thought leader Force for good with an innovative approach to business processes Benefit for the economy and the community Providing evidence and research for the benefit of the sector
  7. 7. Schedule & Tactics ….hand in hand with Marketing Team • Define your implementation phase and create your PR activity plan • The message should find your audience . Your audience shouldn’t have to look for your message • Media database, Gorkana, Durant's, Meltwater, Radar PR 2.0Traditional PR
  8. 8. Let’s get everyone on board. Let’s evaluate and share our success! • Share the PR strategy – involve the whole team • Approval by the Head of Communications / Marketing Manager and Management team • Measurements and benchmarks against our tactics and goals Finally lets shout about our own success!
  9. 9. Maximising the effectivness of Social Media and building Social Authority Let‘s build brand awareness, retain our customer base and generate leads. PR 2.0
  10. 10. PR 2.0 Social Authority Building Brand Authority • Through the process of building brand authority SM becomes effective • You can not control your message – participate in the conversation • Conversations have to be managed correctly • CIM – resistance to direct messaging on SM platforms • Businesses look at industry leaders for information Social media = Interaction amongst people in a digital environment - Virtual community where we create and exchange content. Exchange ideas on brands and products – listen and gauge sentiment analysis –reach a large audience.
  11. 11. Industry leader Content is king Digital content marketing Encourages sharing using across platforms Drives traffic to web landing pages The Blueprint
  12. 12. How do we use technologies to gain maximum return on investment?
  13. 13. Employee Engagement: How Social Media is changing Internal Communications Can we demonstrate how social media can we improve day-2-day business? Can it communicate change? • Innovation and idea exchange • Employee Engagement • Knowledge management and collaboration • Link between effective employee engagement and superior company performance – missing link- how? • Real-time communication an integral part of corporate comms
  14. 14. Recap PR v PR 2.0 Traditional PR (One way) PR 2.0 (Two way) Elements  News release  Media relations  The Wire  Events  Social Media news release  Video media relations  The Web  Live streaming Characteristics  One to many/shotgun  Scheduled  Managed Pace  Structure  Broadcast  Single audience  One way voice  Spin  One-2-one intimacy  Always on  Hyper warp speed  Open  Conversation  Peer recommendation  Multiple voices  Trust through social authority
  15. 15. …and to conclude Why B2B business needs Social Media Branding and SEO Personal Connect with Target audience Employee Collaboration Building Trust Creating Relevance Most importantly - Generating social authority