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The Viral Video Project
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The Viral Video Project



2013 Mr.Cruses class

2013 Mr.Cruses class



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The Viral Video Project The Viral Video Project Presentation Transcript

  •  
  •  A viral video is a video that is created to catchthe eye of audiences of any age and becomespopular through the process of Internet sharing. Videos are usually shared by websites, socialmedia and email. Viral videos often containhumorous content and include televised comedysketches.
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  •  Viral videos are made by anybody, from arandom person on the streets to a big companytrying to promote their product. Did you know one of the most known viral videosof all time was made by Evian which is a watercompany!
  •  In the last decade more and more companieshave been moving towards viral videocampaigns. Some of the most successful wouldbe Old Spice, Go Daddy and even AUDI! Although not a really funny commercial, Audireally tried to connect to a younger audience.
  •  There are a few reasons why a viral video canbecome a hit. The first reason can just be SheerLuck. Videoing something at the right place atthe right time can become an instant hit. Theseconded way is by Making People Laugh. Thefinal reason a viral video is so successful ismaking people Interested In What They See.
  • Right Place At The Right Time
  • Making People Laugh
  • Interested In What They See
  •  Have you ever wondered how much people makeoff viral videos? It all depends on how long the actual video is andthe amount of ads displayed. Did you know you earn $1.50 to $4 per 1000 views!To sum that up if you had a video that was viewed300 million times you would earn from $450,000 to$1.2M. Also $0.05 for ever Subscriber on YouTube.
  • PSY Gangnam Style
  •  You can make alot of money offYouTube if youhave a good beatand a funny video:PPSY Gangnam Style Profit
  • Over all the viral video is an important part ofeveryday living, from promoting a new product orjust giving us a laugh when were bored.
  •  http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/series/viralvideochart http://video.pbs.org/video/2261116168 http://www.tuscaloosanews.com/article/20070706/TUSK04/70706001/-1/NEWS09 http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/58238/viral-video