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From Ireland with Love - CER history
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From Ireland with Love - CER history


Uncle Cliff's personal family history that was created by cousin Mike Richardson in 2006.

Uncle Cliff's personal family history that was created by cousin Mike Richardson in 2006.

Published in Art & Photos
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  • L to R: Alma, Eugenia, Lois, Irene, Hester & Ethel. From ages 16 thru 26…1939 Known throughout greater Cincinnati For their six part harmony. Sang on WLW radio and Renfro Valley Barn Dance…1936 – 1940.


  • 1. From Ireland,From Ireland,With LoveWith LoveCliff Richardson, a partial family history.Cliff Richardson, a partial family history.
  • 2. Ψ Photos: Clifford E. Richardson ArchivesΨ Design & Production: Michael L. Richardson© 2006 Paracomm Global Inc.
  • 3. Hangin’ with Big Brother
  • 4. Childhood
  • 5. Young RodneyElmore withEthel, Aunt Sis& Alma
  • 6. Brother Bill, Hangin’ with Sisters
  • 7. Childhood: Dreamin’ of Drivin’• Red wagon man 1936
  • 8. Youthful friends
  • 9. Early Studly at 17 in 1943
  • 10. Hanging withPop, Mel &Jouett
  • 11. The Family When … on Sterrett
  • 12. Youngest Male in Family• Last one on the tree
  • 13. Freshman Student Council
  • 14. Those Early YearsA guard onHolmes HS Bulldogs
  • 15. Ky. Championship Football Player
  • 16. Catching Ink 1943
  • 17. Cars Matter• Sinatra LookalikeOut Dating
  • 18. Young Man
  • 19. Once Handsome• He Grew Out Of It
  • 20. This Ol’House,Mom FrancesAt Right onSterrett Avenue
  • 21. Cliff served in WW II withthe Merchant Marine. Heno sooner got home whenthe U.S. Army drafted him.Within 6 months, he waspromoted from buckprivate to Staff Sergeant,serving two years in whatbecame South Korea.Here, in Army at CampStoneman, Calif. hisweapon is a broom.
  • 22. Staff Sgt. Army Days in Korea
  • 23. Young EntrepreneurAfter time withPinkerton DetectiveAgency, here sellingsiding in SouthCarolina
  • 24. Richardson Bros. Landscaping
  • 25. Sons Arising
  • 26. ’70s: Still About Cars
  • 27. Ladies & Little Man, Mike Meloy
  • 28. Pop Then, Mom Later
  • 29. Hangin’ with Bill & Sisters
  • 30. The Elders
  • 31. ThenComethPhyllis
  • 32. Sons Arisen
  • 33. And They Dated …
  • 34. And They Dated …
  • 35. And They Dated …
  • 36. And They Dated …
  • 37. Laughsat Last
  • 38. Fun on Grandpa’s Farm
  • 39. What One Man Can Achieve
  • 40. Mike’s Bunch with notorious uncle
  • 41. One Sang Bass, the Other Sang Tenor
  • 42. Two Sober Executives
  • 43. Flippsey’s Farm FrolicsCliffCarriesEverybody!
  • 44. Early Retirement, Early Dementia
  • 45. The Family Later … circa 1980
  • 46. 2 Brothers & 7 Sisters
  • 47. Nephews & Nieces
  • 48. 2 Brothers & Their Sons 1979
  • 49. UncleWithMike’sBunch
  • 50. Cliff Loved Grass
  • 51. Farming Began and Grass Grew
  • 52. 130 YEARS OF RICHARDSONSJohn Thomas Richardson married EllenLyons of Ireland in 1876; they had 7children including, Eugene Michael(“Mike”) who married Frances Spanton in1905, and they had 11 children includingClifford Eugene who married Jackie Carperin 1950 and they had two sons, Eugene andDouglas, each of whom married, and therest of the story is theirs to tell.
  • 53. Theystarteditallin 1876.Ellen and JohnRichardson
  • 54. Earlier photo,approx. 1883,Ellen LyonsRichardsonwith her 3daughters,includingnewest, littleEllie, destinedto becomenun.Ellen descends from a groupcalled “The Black Irish” whowere part-Spanish and part-Irish. Spain had conqueredIreland circa 1650. Thesubsequent dark skin andblack eyes of the Richardsonsin northern Kentucky weredue NOT to American Indiansbut to their Spanish-Irishforebears.
  • 55. Star of the AmericanRichardsons is EllenLyons, at right. She wasborn Aug. 9, 1855 inWaterford County, Ireland.Martin Lyons adoptedher. Her mother isunknown. She emigratedto the U.S. in theBaltimore area and toCovington, Ky. where at21 she married JohnThomas Richardson (atright). She bore him 7children. Our stars are, atleft, Eugene MichaelRichardson, grandfatherof Gene and DougRichardson, and thenEllen “Ellie” Lyons,shown here, her youngestdaughter, who becameknown as “Aunt Sis –because she dedicatedher life to the service ofChrist as a nun. Thispicture was taken June25, 1906!
  • 56. Years later, EllenLyonsRichardson,seated with herhusband John.Standing left areEllen’s daughtersIrene andCaroline, whonever wed.Standing also isher son EugeneMichael “Mike”Richardson – it ishis wedding day,and his bride atright is FrancesSpanton – it isJune 25, 1905.Little Ellie, whobecame a nun, isseated. Dog’sname unknown.
  • 57. Same day, back row (right) is Cliff Richardson’s Dad, Michael and hisbride Frances. This is her clan – the Spantons, in Taylor Mill, Ky. Cliff’sgrandfather, Daniel Spanton, is seated at left. Goat unknown … Names:See print record.
  • 58. Spanish-Irish Richardson Treeof Ellen Lyons Richardson
  • 59. Cliff: From Ireland to Kentucky
  • 60. On This day,about 1923, EllenLyonsRichardson, atleft, presents agift to herdaughter Ellen –a.k.a. “Ellie” – asthe daughterdeparts for theconvent and herlifelong serviceto Christ.So begins thecareer as AuntSister MaryHerbert, oftencalled “AuntSis.”
  • 61. 2005: 100thWedding Anniversary of FrancesSpanton and E. Michael Richardson – June 26They had 11 children – the first of whom, Hazel, died atinfancy. There followed two sons: the first was William R. andthe last was Clifford E. In between were 9 girls. After 43 yearsof marriage, he died in 1949 in Cincinnati at 65.
  • 62. Father E. Mike Richardson featured “Six Singing Sisters” often in Covington, Immanuel Baptist Church. They are aunts to Michael Lewis, Gene and Doug;from left:Alma, Eugenia, Lois, Irene, Hester, Ethel.
  • 63. To Cliff’sgrandchildrenthese areGREAT-GREATAUNTS !… and soforth! Theysang for ourLord Jesusand builtstrong,God-servinghomes.
  • 64. Cliff’s only Brother, William Robert “Rich” Richardson, in1937 at age 28. A reported “ladies man,” here with two henever married. He chose Ruth when he was 30.
  • 65. PatriarchMichael “Mike”Richardson :Cliff’s father, sonof Spanish-IrishImmigrant EllenLyonsRichardson,shortly before hedied in 1949 at65.
  • 66. Name 12, get baptized, win trip toheaven with Baptist discount!
  • 67. Bill, 85, after being tossed from a hay wagon inSomerset, with his favorite, Michele.
  • 68. Irene’s chalk art at Bronston… by fingernail!
  • 69. EugeneMichaelRichardson,good andgodly father.
  • 70. The Matriarch:Cliff’s Mother, Frances Richardson.Left: circa 1965, right: circa 1974.She died at 90 on Jan.5, 1976.
  • 71. By 1985,” Brothers Cliff & Bill, left, and Ethel, far right, whose Armycareer (Captain, Women’s Army Corps WW II) kept her away for decades.
  • 72. PIVOTAL POINT: The modernRichardson men at 68thAvenueSouth in St. Pete,circa 1974.
  • 73. Cliff withnieceMichele(Bill’sgrand-daughter)on her 17thbirthday,January1983
  • 74. Circa 1985,Eugenia,Ruth, Irene,Ethelsquired byBill, atWoodsonBend, Ky.Where Cliffhad set up acolony of theRichardsons
  • 75. Left, Cliff’s sister-in-law Ruth visitingwith Irene, Alma, Ethel, circa ’85.
  • 76. Cliff’s Brother Bill, eldest sister Ethel when theyvisited him. Cliff says he and Bill never argued.
  • 77. Circa 1951, Indianapolis, 20-acre farm owned bywn here with his son Mike,7, with a tractor-graderand Cliff bought to form Richardson Bros. firm.
  • 78. Cliff’s Brother Bill in 1956 upon beinginducted to the Greenwood MasonicLodge. He valued Masons because theyrescued his family when at age 7 hisparents were evicted from their home.Eugene Michael’s mother despised hisBaptist marriage and his joiningFreemasonry. She had promised theShe had promised theland to him on a handshake, but whenland to him on a handshake, but whenhe refused to make his children accepthe refused to make his children acceptCatholicism, his mother had the SheriffCatholicism, his mother had the Sheriffserve notice of eviction. Then aserve notice of eviction. Then aCatholic bishop came to try to convinceCatholic bishop came to try to convinceFrances to send her children toFrances to send her children toCatholic schools and worshipCatholic schools and worship. Francesrefused and threw a tub of hot water onthe priest. The next day the Sheriff,acting on Michael’s mother’s request,served notice of eviction. Ellen brokeher handshake agreement to sell herhomestead to her son, Mike.
  • 79. Cliff’s terrific Aunt !‘Aunt Sis’ was a faithful andloving nun whose familysupported her.Circa 1976. She was knownas Ellen “Ellie” Richardson,and was the daughter of theEllen Lyons Richardsonwho came from Ireland toAmerica as an adoptee,fleeing the Irish “potatofamine.”
  • 80. The Brothers Two: circa 1976 inBill’s Greenwood home afterthey finished building thefireplace on ‘Daddio’s Patio.’
  • 81. Bill finallyprevailed on wifeRuth to move toFlorida in 1977. Ittook Bill 8 years toconvince her tomove from theirIndiana home.
  • 82. ___________May 2001:Bill and Ruthwent toheaven twoweeks apartin Corbin,Ky., site oftheirhoneymoon.Ruth wasfrom London,Ky._________
  • 83. Greetings to Cliff’s Family from great-nephew Mark, a Tulsa Baptist pastor, and nephew Mike,journalist and Baptist deacon, December ‘05,working in Mark’s office on theSunday School curriculum he created as he finished his Seminary doctoral studies.
  • 84. Cliff,A Great Brother to nine!Father of two. Grandfatherof four. Great-grandfatherof three. A great Uncle toa dozen or so! And a trulyGreat Man, Uncle andBrother in Christ to me.Keep the LoveGoing,Mike
  • 85. Ψ Photos: Clifford E. Richardson ArchivesΨ Design & Production: Michael L. Richardson© 2006 Paracomm Global Inc.