Some key data points that our No.1 iTunes Game App in the world taught us!


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We learnt a lot when our iTunes Game 'Parking Frenzy' hit the #1 position in the USA in the No.1 Free Games and No.1 Top Overall Apps categories.

As a Company, we believe that sharing this data does not take away from our success, but will substantially help other app developers who want to attain glory on the App store!

So, this PPT is dedicated to them!

We hope you enjoy it. Please give us feedback if you can

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Some key data points that our No.1 iTunes Game App in the world taught us!

  1. 1. “Parking Frenzy 2.0” by Games2win: The #1 Game App in the world! 5 Tipping Points & what they taught us.
  2. 2. Data Point:On the 7th of June‟12, our Parking Frenzy 2.0game became the No.1 Game & No.1Overall App in the USA.
  3. 3. Tipping Point 1:We trended towards #1 in the UK, Australia andother countries before the US became No. 1 #1 App on the USA iTunes Store
  4. 4. Tipping Point 2:On the day we achieved Rank No.1 in the USA,our download velocity stabilized at 450k Appinstalls per day. #1 App on the iTunes Store
  5. 5. Tipping Point 3:To achieve Rank No.1 in the USA, the App hadbeen downloaded 1.5 million times (globally)within 8 days of its launch. #1 App position
  6. 6. Tipping Point 4:On the day of reaching the No.1 rank, this is whatthe download data of the top countries looked like.
  7. 7. Tipping Point 5:Daily Active Users (DAUs) climbed to about 600kon the day we reached Rank No.1 and stabilizedfrom that day onwards. #1 App position
  8. 8. 5 pointer Summary1. Build support : Attain download volumes in other relevant geographies.2. Watch your growth rate : we improved by 100K each day before peaking at 450K downloads a day.3. Get 1.5 million downloads globally : The faster it‟s done, the more likely it will reach the No.1 spot.4. Aim to be #1 on the iTunes USA Store : it‟s the Holy Grail of App Ranks, is the toughest to reach and gets you maximum recognition.5. Virality through Daily Active Users : Users drive organic downloads. We needed at least 600k DAUs a day!
  9. 9. Important Notes• Games2win did not invest in any advertising or marketing or promoting „Parking Frenzy 2.0‟. All the metrics are „organic‟ and generated via the iStores directly.• The charts are from our accounts at flurry &• The „intent‟ of sharing this data (which few publishers share) is to help developers gain some insights about what to expect to reach the No.1 position on the iTunes App stores on the basis of our experience. Please note that each app is unique & hence data cannot be generalized.• Also review our important blog that covers subjective discussion on the Parking Frenzy 2.0 success - The 5 lessons we learnt from our No.1 iTunes Game - Parking Frenzy
  10. 10. Visit our Business blog ContactAlok Kejriwal - Tejas Shah - Mahesh Khambadkone -CEO and Co-Founder Business Intelligence COO and Co-FounderE-mail – E-mail – E-mail – mahesh@games2win.comFacebook – LinkedIn – Tejas Shah LinkedIn – Mahesh KhambadkoneLinkedIn – Alok Kejriwal Twitter – @tejas986 Twitter – @khambadkoneTwitter – @rodinhood