The serenity house costa rica


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The serenity house costa rica

  1. 1. The Serenity House: A World-Class Residential Treatment Center Alcoholism and drug addiction are the most common addictions and these are considered as illnesses which needed serious treatment. Alcoholism is an uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic drinks which affect the brain but with proper treatment, the damaging effect to the brain could be stopped. Drug addiction on the other hand is a complex disease which also affects the brain, it is a drug seeking behavior regardless of the obvious fact that it has negative consequences. But with the help of expert psychiatrists and psychologists as well as with a tranquil and beautiful residential treatment center , it will be successfully treated. Residential treatment centers are often called rehabilitation centers where patients will be staying in for the treatment process. These residential treatment centers have different structured programs designed for the patient’s needs which will help them in gaining back their balanced control of their lives. Treatments inside the residential treatment centers are very effective because they will be guided and will be given special attention by the professionals. One of the most reputable residential treatment centers is the Serenity House in Costa Rica, it started in 2007 as Casa Serenidad and have branched out as Serenity House in 2012. The Serenity House was founded by Dr. Francisco Jimenez, M.D, he was appointed as the Chief of the Department of Rehabilitation with the Costa Rican Institute of Alcoholism and Drug dependence. Dr. Jimenez is also a Medical school professor, a published author, and a prolific researcher. The Serenity House has a twelve step program with Cognitive Behavioral therapy and they believe in a holistic and integrated approach to wellness which includes traditional medicine and alternative therapies. The Cognitive Behavioral therapy used by the Serenity House can be a very effective tool which helps their patients learn how to successfully manage a stressful life situation. The Serenity House’s Very Effective Therapies The Serenity House has various types of therapies, it includes the Art therapy, the 12 Step Groups, Structured Groups, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, AcoPhysical Activity and Physiotherapy. The Art therapy uses art as a primary method of communication, and many people find it very enjoyable. The 12 Step Groups are primarily based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The Structured Groups refer to a group therapy with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches which are employed by
  2. 2. highly trained specialists. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual disciplines which will produce an internal heat, sweating and relaxation. The Tai Chi Chuan is meditation in motion which practices the mind and body and has a great value in treating or preventing various health problems. The AcoPhysical Activity is a widely adoptive and a planned repetitive movements which will help improve and maintain the body in a good condition. And the Physiotherapy is a service oriented relaxation therapy which includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Relaxing Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. The programs of the Serenity House run from a 90 day program to the 30 day Awareness and Stabilization program. www dot serenityhousecr dot com