Introduction to twitter


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Introduction to twitter

  2. 2. WHAT IS TWITTER? The folks at Twitter define Twitter as: “A real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Simply find theaccounts you find most compelling and follow the conversations.” Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  3. 3. WHAT IS TWITTER? Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  4. 4. WHAT IS A TWEET?A tweet is 140 characters or less of text. Tweets consist of your thoughts, quotes, information, tips, jokes, RTs, links and more. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  5. 5. POPULAR TWITTER TERMINOLOGY TWEET: A 140-character message. RETWEET (RT): Re-sharing someone else’s tweet. FEED: The stream of tweets you see on your homepage. It’s comprised of updates from users you follow. HANDLE: Your username (e.g. @rodeenas). MENTION (@): A way to reference another user by his username in a tweet (e.g. @rodeenas). Use the @mention to initiate discussion. DIRECT MESSAGE (DM): A private, 140-character message between two people. You may only send a DM to a user who follows you. HASHTAG (#): A way to follow a topic of conversation or participate in a larger discussions (e.g. #superbowl, #PresidentialDebate #Scandal). Others can find your tweets based on topics. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  6. 6. GETTING STARTEDWHO TO FOLLOW…• People you know• Friends• Colleagues• Family• Celebrities• Athletes Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  7. 7. WHO TO FOLLOW Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  8. 8. Go to DISCOVER tab and enter a “topic” in the Search box. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  9. 9. JOIN THE CONVERSATION• Introduce yourself to your followers• Answer a question that someone you follow might’ve asked• When someone posts a “good- morning” tweet, reply back• Join the conversation via “hashtag” Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  10. 10. HOW TO FOLLOW #HASHTAG• Entering a hashtag (# - topic) in the search box allows you to see who is commenting on a specific topic.• Entering a # (symbol) in front of a word indicates a specific topic for discussion. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  11. 11. FOLLOW A TOPIC USING #HASHTAG Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  12. 12. PARTICIPATE IN A TWITTER CHAT • What is a Twitter chat • An interactive conversation on Twitter at a specific date and time each week. • People gather to discuss a topic of similar interests • There’s usually a co-host • Opportunity to meet people, share knowledge, ask questions • Allows you to build awareness for your brand (especially as the host) Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  13. 13. TWITTER CHATPresented by Rodeena Stephens
  14. 14. BUILD YOUR BRANDUSE TWITTER TO…• Build Relationships• Fresh Content• Share Your Knowledge• Connect with Clients/Customers• Image is everything… Be Transparent Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  15. 15. LAUNCH A TWITTER CHAT TO INTRODUCEYOUR PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL BRAND Launch a Twitter chat party introducing your brand. Schedule weekly twitter chats and brand yourself as an “expert” in your field. This will give you the opportunity to create a forum where you can share your knowledge all the while bringing awareness to your brand. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  16. 16. KNOW YOUR VOICEASK YOURSELF THE FOLLOWING…• Why are you on Twitter?• What is your goal?• What do you want others to know about you?• How can you keep your followers engaged?• What do you have to offer? Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  17. 17. THINGS TO REMEMBER• Stay Relevant • Check out the “trends” (trending topics) • Share an opinion about the latest trends• Engage others in conversation • Speak to people• Share information • RT other people’s content • Share links to some of your favorite blogs and articles Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  18. 18. USE THE 80/20 RULE• 80% of your Twitter (or any social media activity) should be about helping others – your community, clients, customers, etc.• 20% – promote your company products or services NO MORE than 20% of the time. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  19. 19. REFERENCE ARTICLES ABOUT 80/20 RULE• 11 Things to tweet when you have nothing to say… By INC Magazine • tweet-now.html• Twitter Strategy: The 80/20 rule… • strategy-the-8020-rule/ • “No one cares about you. Instead, they care about how you can help them or add value to their lives. The key to social media marketing success is engagement and interaction. No one will want to interact with you if all you ever do on the social Web (including on your business blog) is talk about yourself.” – Adam Bonnifield, Spinnakr Blog Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  20. 20. HAPPY TWEETING! Presented by Rodeena Stephens