Digital Resume Building Workshop
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Digital Resume Building Workshop



Go beyond the traditional resume and use social tools to get noticed by potential employers

Go beyond the traditional resume and use social tools to get noticed by potential employers



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Digital Resume Building Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • 1. DIGITAL RESUME FOR CAREER BUILDING Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 2. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE TRADITIONAL RESUME?• Recruiters are inundated with thousands of resumes every week• Resumes sit in a pile with the hopes of being reviewed by a hiring manager.• On paper you look just like everybody else. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 3. SKILL ASSESSMENT EXERCISE • If your resume is reviewed, what sets you apart from all of the rest? • Does your resume show a true reflection of your skills and past achievements? • What skills do you offer that aren’t being offered by other candidates? • How can you articulate your skills digitally? Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 4. WHY DIGITAL?• It is an effective method for sharing information with potential employers and allows you to market yourself effectively in this age of social media. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 5. ALTERNATIVES TO TRADITIONAL RESUME • Video Resume • Enhance online presence• VisualCV • Curation tool – All of your digital work displayed in one easy to find location• Social Resume • Convey how you think & communicate• LinkedIn Profiles • Showcase professional network & involvement Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 6. WHY DIGITAL?• Multi-dimensional.• Visually pleasing.• Share a view of your skills that is beyond the traditional resume.• Can prove creativity.• Can add value to your personal brand. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 7. WHY DIGITAL?• Readily available to the public. allowing hiring managers will be able to locate you easily.• Can incorporate links to published work (articles, portfolios, websites). Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 8. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES••• Do You• Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 9. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• • More socially-shaped, interactive and engaging. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 10. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• • Includes job search and notification ability. Allows for social sharing Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 11. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• • Comes with a complete build and track solution. Includes real-time tracking capability; which can give you a sense of how popular your resume is. • Allows you to see who opened your resume. This gives you an excellent opportunity to reach out to them while your name/resume is still fresh in their mind. • Also available for iPhone Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 12. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• • A service that builds your visual CV. • Creates eye-catching infographics by pulling information from your social networks such as LinkedIn and/or Facebook profiles. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 13. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• • An iPhone app that allows you to build your resume right from the palm of your hand Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 14. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• LinkedIn Resume Builder • Transform your LinkedIn profile into a resume in seconds. • Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 15. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• The Facebook Timeline Review • Illustrate your career history. • The chronological timeline display and ability to back- date milestones is a great feature and effective use of Facebook. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 16. PERSONAL PAGES & WEBSITES THAT ARE ALL ABOUT YOU!!• • One page website that may be used to direct people to your content around the web.• • Can incorporate social media updates, photos, videos into a single web presence. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 17. RESUME BUILDING EXERCISE Resume Building Exercise Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 18. CREATIVE DIGITAL RESUMES resume-with-qr-code Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 19. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• An importance of having a dynamic digital resume is your online presence. Take advantage of your social networks, websites and more to promote your creativity and strategic innovation. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 20. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• Use of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ may be used to show the world you’re the perfect candidate for any job. Tweet tips, post useful content, produce video blogs, share interactive content as a way to brand yourself as an industry expert Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 21. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• Websites such as Storify ( allows its users to share stories by curating social media. It’s a great platform that allows you to curate your favorite tweets, posts, videos and more from across the web and put them in a easy to read social story. Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  • 22. DIGITAL RESUME BUILDING WEBSITES• If you have an online presence, why not use it to your advantage.• Be creative and strategic.• Realize that every single post, tweet and online update can be strategically used to help you land that dream job. Presented by Rodeena Stephens