PowerPoint Presentation - New System<br />Team A <br />Hazel McGlown, Catalina Pasillas, Maria Hernandez and Elaina Bradle...
Introduction<br />Proposed Organization<br />Proposal<br />Systems All-In-One<br />Present Organization<br />Departments W...
 The Organization We Propose<br />
Propose Solution<br />
Systems All-In One<br />
Diagram of our Present Organization<br />Adult and Aging Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
Customer Info
 Case notes</li></ul>Employment Services Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
Customer Info
 Case notes</li></ul>Economic and Benefits  Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
Customer Info
 Case notes</li></ul>Children and Family Services Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
Customer Info
 Case notes</li></li></ul><li>Departments Working Together<br />
Software <br /><ul><li>Intuit QuickBase
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  • In this presentation our main objective is that you can see for yourselves that changing software to improve communication amongst departments is vital. We are proposing a software that will link all departments together in order for each one of them to provide service in a timely manner. Currently, departments do not have access to vital information and have to wait for other departments to respond to requests before being able to assist the clients. The population the agency serves are the disabled, senior citizens and low income families. Our main objective is for the agency to serve it’s population in a timely manner and to also save money. The agency spends large amounts of money to run the current database it has in place and it does not serve the needs of the staff and the clients.In the following slides, we will show you a proposed plan that will include how the new system will work, how much it will cost to maintain and to implement, what are main objectives are, what hardware and software will be needed and how it will all work together and a few other details that will answer all the questions or concerns you may currently have.
  • The Organization We Propose The Human Services Department of University County currently has four departments under its Social Service Agency. These departments assist low income families, disabled individuals and seniors. Clients are in need of financial assistance both cash aid and food stamps, medical assistance and homeless assistance. Although all the departments work on individual levels they are required to comply with some of the same rules and regulations. The agency is facing problems after problems due to the shrinking budget, the management team is forced to find ways to narrow down the spending. The largest cost is being spent on the agency’s current database system. The agency needs to come up with a new system to eliminate spending hundreds andthousands of dollars resulting from the four expensive individual technology systems and the scheduled routine maintenance and upgrading.In addition, Macintosh and Windows 7 are two different operating systems that need to be serviced. It is more expensive to service two different operating systems and for that reason we will propose plan that will service all at a reasonable price.
  • Proposed SolutionThe solution to overcome these barriers would be to creating a database system that would be compatible to a database management system such as MS ACCESS and to also be accessible to MS Excel and MS Word. A system that can be utilized by the entire agency. This database system will connect all the different programs, instead of allowing all them to work off individual systems. The software would have a component that would store client files to eliminate the need of renting public storage systems.  The system would be user friendly and only accessible to authorized users. The IT department would create different profiles for each program users to only have access to information that is needed according to the employees status.  An example of how this would work is if an employee worked for the employment services department this employee would only have access to information that is only necessary for their program. If the employees need to indentify required information from other programs, the system would have this information available in a neutral area for inquires. The proposed software would help to narrow down the communication barrier by allowing the worker access to the needed information.  Another area that will be made available for the upper management staff would be to make the software accessible by an Internet web-based link located on agency’s website an area strictly accessible to staff only, in order to allow them to work from home. Another reason for the new system would be due to the agency&apos;s budget cuts the agency have had to lay off hundreds of employees which have caused a breakdown within the agency&apos;s communication system among the programs&apos; staff. Not only have communication improved through technology in the health care services, but also in the social service field Natesan (2005).  
  • The four different departments under the umbrella of the Social Services Agency are as follows: Economic Benefits Department (includes cash aid, food stamps, general assistance and medical) These services are available to families with a child or children under the age of 18 and for a child or children under the age of 18 that is being cared for by a caretaker due to being deprived of parental support as a result of death of a parent, disability or absent parent. Due to the Welfare Reform Bill that was passed in 1996, created to transition cash aid participates into the workforce field while subsidizing the incomes with food stamps and medical for families that are still in need (Klerman, Cox, 2009). The name of this agency’s current system isEconoLab System.Adult &amp; Aging DepartmentThe Adult and Aging Department is set up to establish services for senior citizens and disabled adults. The services include programs such as Medical, In Home Supportive Services, Adult Protective Services and case management conducted by Social Workers. Transportation is included with the services offer. Vouchers for Para-transit and taxi cabs are issued to qualified clients. The name of this agency’s current system is Agnews. Children and Family Services DepartmentThe Children and Family Service Department is set up to provide services to foster care youth and abused children. Some of the services offered are identical to the same services that both Adult and Aging and Economic Benefits offer but are for children ages 0-18 years old. The children are managed by Child Welfare Workers and who are in charge of the children well-being, and are responsible for monitoring the children closely. Each case is set up to have an Eligibility Technician ET in order to manage the children benefits. The name of this agency’s current system is UniLab. Employment Services DepartmentThis program works with individuals and families who are eligible to work or to return to school. The Employment counselors are managing the welfare to work part of the benefits case by assuring the clients are following protocol. The EC is to stay in contact with the clients and to provide them with job search skills, which includes providing transportation funds, tuition fees, books and supplies for training programs. This counselor works along with the ET to assure that the client is sticking to their agreement. The name of this agency’s current system is SmartMx. 
  • Our present situation looks something like this. If you access one department, you are only accessing that department. In order to improve our services and our efficiency we need to create a system that will connect the dots. In other words, when a customer comes to you and you check on the database you will have access to all the information pertaining to your customers. You will be able to see what types of services he or she has already received and what type of services you may be able to offer at this time. There is no delays, all the information is right there at the tip of your fingers. Let us take a look at how our organization should look.
  • Departments Working TogetherWhat the agency needs is for all four departments to work together. The flow of information should be readily available to all departments in order for the agency to run smoother. Currently, the system the company uses is outdated and it does not have the functionalities the employees need. The staff needs to have access to client information at a moment’s notice. For example, staff from employee benefits can easily obtain information from the economic benefits department at a click of a button. At this current time, departments do not have access to each other’s information and this causes a huge delay. It causes employees to lose valuable time and money when one can create software that links all departments together. One of the main things staff needs is to have access to client information at a click of a button. In 2008, the company spent 475K on technical support alone, no a software that does not meet the needs of the agency. In 2009, the company spent well over 500k. How much money is it going to cost to create software to meet the needs of the clients, staff and management? The total cost of creating the software is $500k. This cost will include the entire program being built, installed and training. The three steps are creating, installing and implementing. The programmers need to speak to people from each department to make sure that they will create something that fits their needs. The programmers will take notes and design a visual plan right before their eyes in order for people to understand the creation of the new software. This way people will feel like they are being taken into consideration and are part of the decision making process. Implementation-When the programmers have completed the software, they will install the software onto the all of the computers. They will make sure that the network and computers are in sync. Keep in mind that this may cause some interruption but we will keep this to a minimum. We will be available to all staff to make sure they feel the support that they need through the transition. Installation and implementation will go hand in hand because as our program installers install the new software they will also be teaching the staff how to use it. Since all of the employees were made part of the design process they will be familiar with the visual presentation the programmers gave them as they designed the new software. The key is to have all employees feel and know that we are there to support them through the implementation phase. We will schedule 2 training dates to show employees how to use the software. The first training day is to introduce the software and give them a step by step manual that will include all the step by step instructions needed. The second training day scheduled will be a follow up session where we will ask the employees how the software is working for them. Keep in mind that there may be glitches to the system and that is why we like to follow up with our clients to make sure things are running smoothly. We will continue to follow up with management to make sure things are running smoothly.Organizations like the U. S Navy state “ We will continue evolving Navy and control systems to meet future requirements and rapidly deliver the new capabilities to our new war fighters.” (“NG to Compete for PW150 task orders,” 2010,  ). They have chosen Northrop Grumman to handle their software development and data link systems enhancement. This means that companies around us are always trying to improve their system to be up to date with technology. (“NG to Compete for PW150 task orders,” 2010).
  • Our goal is to create a web-based program that would allow employees from the different department to have access to the information available in order to make decision in a timely manner. QuickBase is a program that will allow our organization to do just that. This program will work with us in designing the database the will meet our needs. We will get to decide what kind of information we need to collect and also will allow us to create any other applications that will allow us to honor our mission and reach our goals. Part of the package that we will receive includes Window 7, Microsoft Office which will allow us to generate documents, reports, and spreadsheets; Adobe Reader to be able to access documents without any hassles; and of course we need to protect our programs from any virus so we are getting Norton installed into our computers.
  • We are suggesting the use of Dell PC. Dell has proved to be a reliable provider who is willing to work with us to design the kind of PC we are in need of. Through the relationship that we have formed with Dell, we have been able to see that they will be there to support us through the transition and also assisting us with some of the trainings that will be taking place. Although at this time it may sound like we are investing instead of saving, in the long run it will pay. We are looking into acquiring the best to enabled us to do our work without spending more money on repairs, maintenance, and headaches.
  • Norjihan Abdul Ghani and ZailaniMohdSidek, 2008, stated that Web-based applications has allow organizations to improved the quality of their services. QuickBase offers other important benefits for our agency. These benefits include saving time, and money. We will be able to save time to the users and to the customers. As customers come to access our services, the case manager will be able to access accurate information from the database and be able to determine the kind of service the customer will be able to quality for. We will be saving the customer time not only because their needs will be address right on the spot but also because they will be sure that the information that is being given to them is the correct one. Customers will also be able to call log in to our “Check the Status” web site and be able to access information on regarding the status of their application at any time without having to wait for the next available staff member. QuickBase will be able to save the organization money for it will allow case managers to be more effective and productive and by not having staff to be providing customers information on their applications. Another way we will be able to save money is by cutting down on IT since QuickBase is responsible for handling anything that has to do with Information Technology such as backups, or upgrades as we see it fitted.  
  • As we all know, our organization primary goal is to provide services to those that are in great need and that sometimes involves the different departments. To be able to offer these services we must have access to any information pertaining to the customers and their needs. Information and communication are the key to be able to assist our customers. Our new system will improve service coordination, communication with all the stakeholders, minimize duplicated services and frustrations for not having access to the same data. Another great benefit that QuickBase offers to employees and the organization is the flexibility to be able to work anytime and anywhere. With this I am referring to the flexibility of having access to the database whenever youare out in the field. You will also be able to update the data from wherever you are. This flexibly does not stop here. This program offers the option of being able to work from homes. With this system, employees and the organization will be able to reap some benefits. The benefits to employees who are working remote include is flexibility, saving gasoline, less stressful atmosphere, and avoiding traffic (Mark Clark, 2007). This way of doing business also benefits the organization in different ways. One way that the organization benefits include the access to the vast talent pool, employee productivity, lower overhead for things like workstation space, office space, insurance, utility, maintenance and parking among others (Clark, 2007).
  • Legal and Ethical IssuesIt is very important that human service providers properly manage technical resources to ensure that client’s rights are protected. The National Association of Social Workers requires one to ensure confidentiality of information by computers, electronic mail, fax machines, and telecommunication. “Section 1.07 privacy and confidentiality requires social workers to secure information in a secure location”. (,2007). “The code of ethics also requires human service providers to follow standard 12 that states one shall have access to via email, seek information for purposes of education, networking, and resources”.(“NASW Code of Ethics,” 2007).One must use a method such as a password that can be used to ensure that only a selected number of operators can use a computer system. One may want to use this to access control to prevent a hacker from accessing a clients personal information on the internet. Access control is used to prevent these types of situations and it shows one is implementing strategies to prevent information and or data being disclosed or shared with unauthorized individuals. One may also want to encourage individuals when working with confidential information to take cautionary steps such as log off and turn off computers when finished using. Do not use initials or street names for passwords. Change passwords and create passwords that one can remember. Passwords should not be left where people can have access them. In our current economy it is very important for us to slow down and take these measurements seriously. As human service workers we are commented to assist our clients and protecting their rights fits this category. In order to do so one must take the necessary steps to ensure that all client information is protected at all times.
  • We have presented a proposal that your agency cannot refuse. We covered the proposed plan, how the current organization works, how it will work when the proposed plan is accepted and any legal or ethical issues that may arise. It gives you an opportunity to service your clients, save money and will also help you staff do their job more efficiently. If the needs of the staff are met then that means that they will do their job more efficiently and accurately. The questions you have to ask yourself are “What are our priorities?” If your answers is the population you serve then you will implement the proposed plan and save money and time. The proposed plan offers an implementation plan that includes trainings and support. With this you cannot go wrong.
  • Week+5+Technology

    1. 1. PowerPoint Presentation - New System<br />Team A <br />Hazel McGlown, Catalina Pasillas, Maria Hernandez and Elaina Bradley<br />University of Phoenix<br />Instructor: Miranda Palmer<br />March 8, 2010<br />
    2. 2. Introduction<br />Proposed Organization<br />Proposal<br />Systems All-In-One<br />Present Organization<br />Departments Working Together<br />Software<br />Hardware<br />Legal and Ethical Issues<br />Conclusion<br />
    3. 3. The Organization We Propose<br />
    4. 4. Propose Solution<br />
    5. 5. Systems All-In One<br />
    6. 6. Diagram of our Present Organization<br />Adult and Aging Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
    7. 7. Customer Info
    8. 8. Case notes</li></ul>Employment Services Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
    9. 9. Customer Info
    10. 10. Case notes</li></ul>Economic and Benefits Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
    11. 11. Customer Info
    12. 12. Case notes</li></ul>Children and Family Services Department:<br /><ul><li>Available services
    13. 13. Customer Info
    14. 14. Case notes</li></li></ul><li>Departments Working Together<br />
    15. 15. Software <br /><ul><li>Intuit QuickBase
    16. 16. Operating Systems (Windows 7)
    17. 17. Microsoft Office (to generate documents/reports and spreadsheets)
    18. 18. Adobe Reader for documents to be read
    19. 19. Anti Virus System: Norton </li></ul>Pop ups - to remind us of information need or it will not allow you to continue to move forward. <br />
    20. 20. Hardware <br /><ul><li>PC /DELL
    21. 21. What does the computer offer:
    22. 22. Hard drive (750 GB)
    23. 23. Read or Write CD/DVDs
    24. 24. Digital Media Reader
    25. 25. Pentium III chip (CPU)
    26. 26. 8 GB
    27. 27. Mbps Ethernet Lan</li></li></ul><li>Benefits of the Hardware and Software<br /><ul><li>Improve Service Quality
    28. 28. Saves
    29. 29. Time
    30. 30. Employees
    31. 31. Customers
    32. 32. “Check the Status” Web site
    33. 33. Money
    34. 34. Salaries
    35. 35. Computer Maintenance</li></li></ul><li>Benefits of the Hardware and Software<br /><ul><li>Improves
    36. 36. Coordination
    37. 37. Communication with clients, peers and constituents
    38. 38. Customer Satisfaction
    39. 39. Tracking customer Services
    40. 40. Minimize Duplicated Services
    41. 41. Freedom to do work anytime and anywhere</li></li></ul><li>Legal and Ethical Issues<br />Nasw Code of Ethics<br />Access Control<br />Security<br />Client Confidentiality<br />Human Service Responsibilities<br />
    42. 42. Conclusion<br />Proposed Organization<br />Proposal<br />Systems All-In-One<br />Present Organization<br />Departments Working Together<br />Software<br />Hardware<br />Legal and Ethical Issues<br />Conclusion<br />
    43. 43. References<br />Braender, L., Craig M., K., & Jeddel, Y. (2009). Using Web Technology to Teach Students <br /> about Their Digital World. Journal of Information Systems Education, 20(2), 145-153. Retrieved from <br /> Business Source Complete database.<br />Klerman, Jacob Alex and Cox, Amy G., Informing, Enrolling, and Reenrolling CalWORKs Leavers in Food <br /> Stamps and Medi-Cal (December 31, 2009). RAND Working Paper Series WR- 732. Available at SSRN: <br />http://ssrn.com/abstract=1539222<br />http://search.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=tsh&AN=4UNE2993706914&site=ehost-live<br />Michael Clark. “By Cutting Office Cost, Teleworking Arrangements Can Work for Businesses.” <br />Las Vegas Business Press (2009):40. <br />NASW Code of Ethics. (2007). Clients affected by new technologies, 52(10), 1. Retrieved from http://www.socialworksearch.com<br />  (2007). NASW Code of Ethics. Retrieved from http://www.socialworkers.org<br />Norjihan Abdul Ghani, ZailaniMohdSidek. "Hippocratic Database : A Privacy-Aware Database." Proceeding of World Academy of <br /> Science: Engineering and Technology (2008): 579-583.<br />
    44. 44. References <br />Chinna N Natesan.  (2005). The Impact of the Internet on Health Care Services. Journal of American Academy of Business, <br /> Cambridge, 7(2), 247-251.  Retrieved March 2, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 850335891).<br />
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