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IM TARGET REVIEW - If you are thinking about buying Aniks IM target, here's what you ned to know before you purchase

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  1. 1. IM Target Review – So What IsIt?Visit the IM Target Site HereThis is our personal IM Target Review. If you’d like to go to the official IMTarget site, visit the link below:IM Target – Here’s The Official SiteIM Target has been created by Anik Singal and his team, and is a trainingprogram designed to help people new to IM to get started quickly andprofitably. It shows beginners how to put sites together with no onlinemarketing experience, and build a business without wasting a bunch of timeand money.If you are already making decent money online (say $2,500+ per month),then IM Target is not for you because it’s designed as an entry level course.But if you aren’t getting regular affiliate commissions yet, then this is going tobe a very good program for you.IM Target Review – Here’s What It’s AboutIM Target is a combination of downloadable and physical components in atraining program designed for beginners. You get different componentsdepending on which membership level you choose as you go through thecheckout. It’s for you if you are new to selling products and services, and youare still getting started or trying to make your first money online.IM Target Review – What We LikeIM Target is a program that has been designed by Anik Singal and his teambecause he was sick of still seeing so many people struggling to make moneyonline despite all of the information available on how to do it.The main parts of the Program include:
  2. 2. The IMBasics Video Library, which includes: • More of the best strategies for getting free website visitors • The correct way to do your Keyword Research so you get the best results as quickly as possible • Using Email Marketing the right way to grow your sales and profits without spamming people or getting yourself into trouble • How any business can use Blog Marketing to build relationships and boost sales • How to Use Wordpress to create a simple blog or website that gets found in the search engines • Using Facebook to attract people to your business who are your ideal customersThe 6 Module IM Target Course On Search Engine Optimization AndFree Traffic Strategies For 2013Just a few of the topics covered include: • An introduction to Affiliate marketing which teaches you how to monetize any website by selling products and services created by other people • Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic: which is better, and why • How to make money with Googleʼs free traffic • Setting up a website for success, which goes through the top Doʼs and Donʼts that trap many people when they first start trying to build an online business • The Importance of Social Media to every business now that Google is using it as an indicator to rank websites in itʼs search results • Other free traffic sources you may not have considered (Google is not the only game in town)IMTarget Automation SoftwareThis web based software application lets you create up to 50 websites forFREE as part of your membership. They include stuff like: • They are Search engine optimized so you can start getting free traffic and sales from Google, Bing, and Yahoo among others • The platform is based on Wordpress, so itʼs simple to use and very intuitive
  3. 3. • There are hundreds of design templates to choose from, and they are all Free with the platform, so you donʼt have to waste time or money getting stuff designed • All your sites are backed up and protected so you wonʼt have to worry about them going down or crashing • The sites come with all of the Graphics you need so you donʼt have to buy anything else to get started • All of the website content is done for you too, so that is another thing you donʼt have to worry about • You can have additional sources of monetization added to your site automatically if you want to (but these are purely optional)You also get a series of Mini Course Reports that cover specific topics suchas selling products through Amazon, using Twitter and Facebook forbusiness, creating content that people find really helpful so they share it withtheir friend, buying and selling websites, and moreIM Target Review – What We Didn’t LikeThe main thing I didn’t like about IM Target was that while the program isquite easy to follow, there’s a lot of information inside, which might causesome people to feel a little overwhelmed. Having said that, the program isdripped out to you over several weeks, so all you have to do is work on thecurrent module and you’re good to go.IM Target Review – Overall ThoughtsWith IM Target Anik has created a package that should help a lot of peoplemake their first money online. There are a number of up-sell offers you mayor may not want to grab these depending on whether you feel they’renecessary. They include:1. Instant Affiliate Packs, which are affiliate review sites complete with SEO optimized articles, autoresponder messages, and other stuff to help you get started quickly.2. Anik’s Profit Instrument Creator Tool which creates simple websites for you with just a few clicks
  4. 4. 3. Ready Made Websites that come with all of the content you need to get started right away without the need for hours of training to get you goingIM Target offers a lot of helpful advice and tools for people who are beginnersor intermediate users. If you want to build a profitable, long term business onsolid foundations then the IM Target Program is a good place to start.You can visit the IM Target Site Here