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When Ruby Meets Java - The Power of Torquebox
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When Ruby Meets Java - The Power of Torquebox


Published on

Slides from @arunagw and 's talk from Ruby Conf India 2012.

Slides from @arunagw and 's talk from Ruby Conf India 2012.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. When Ruby Meets Java T h e Powe r o f To r q u e b o xMonday 26 March 12
  • 2. About Us A r u n A g r aw a l - 2 8 0 + c o m m i t s i n R a i l s c o re - M o n g o i d c o re t e a m m e m b e r - C re a t o r o f o m n i a u t h - t w i t t e r - C o d i n g o n R a i l s s i n c e 2 0 0 7 - a g r aw a l a r u n . c o m / @ a r u n a g w R o c k y J a i s w a l - C o d i n g s i n c e 1 9 9 5 - K n o w b i t s o f J av a & R u b y - E n j oy u s i n g J R u b y - ro c k y j . i n / @ w h a t s u p ro c k yMonday 26 March 12
  • 3. ToDo - T h e E n t e r p r i s e - W h a t i s To r q u e b o x - D e m o - S c h e d u l i n g - S e r v i c e s - M e s s a g i n g - B a c k g ro u n d a b l e - C l u s t e r i n g & C a c h i n g - Pe r f o r m a n c e & S u m m a r y - S u r p r i s e ! !Monday 26 March 12
  • 4. Pop Quiz Coolest Thing About JRuby(1.6) ?Monday 26 March 12
  • 5. The EnterpriseMonday 26 March 12
  • 6. What If... Wouldn’t it be great if - I could use the power of Java libraries with the ease of Ruby - I could use the power of a proven Java Server without writing any XML - I could deploy my JRuby app and test it without rebuilding it and restarting the serverMonday 26 March 12
  • 7. TORQUEBOX Built upon JBoss 7 Built using JRuby (1.6.7) Supports Rack, Rails, Sinatra Everything in one boxMonday 26 March 12
  • 8. TORQUEBOXMonday 26 March 12
  • 9. Installation - Download the distribution from OR - rvm jruby (1.6.7) jruby -J-Xmx1024m -S gem install torquebox-server --preMonday 26 March 12
  • 10. Our Sh***y AppMonday 26 March 12
  • 11. Scheduling Uses the battle-tested Quartz Java library Zero XML Minimal configuration No manual thread / process management No messing with cronMonday 26 March 12
  • 12. Scheduling config/torquebox.yml jobs: mail_notifier: job: MailNotifier cron: */5 * * * * ? description: Deliver reminder email class MailNotifier def run send_reminder_notification end def send_reminder_notification puts "Sending mail ..." #UserMailer.reminder_email(User.find(1)).deliver end endMonday 26 March 12
  • 13. Services Long running services with 3 line configuration Full access to the Rails environment JVM threads!Monday 26 March 12
  • 14. Services config/torquebox.yml services: MessageNotifier: config: name: hello class MessageNotifier def initialize(opts={}) @name = opts[name] end def start { run } end def stop @done = true end def run until @done do_something #todo sleep(5) end end endMonday 26 March 12
  • 15. Messaging JMS supported out-of-the-box (HornetQ) Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol (AMQP) - RabbitMQ Supports STOMP out of the boxMonday 26 March 12
  • 16. AMQPMonday 26 March 12
  • 17. Messaging In a long running service - ... def do_something puts "Checking the queue for messages ..." bunny = => false) # start a communication session with the amqp server bunny.start # declare a queue q = bunny.queue(@name) # get message from the queue msg = q.pop[:payload] puts "This is the message: " + msg.to_s # close the connection bunny.stop endMonday 26 March 12
  • 18. Backgroundable As easy as A, B, C ... class User < ActiveRecord::Base include TorqueBox::Messaging::Backgroundable always_background :send_signup_notification validates_confirmation_of : ... def send_signup_notification(user) UserMailer.welcome_email(user).deliver end endMonday 26 March 12
  • 19. Clustering torquebox run --clustered Does everything Servers in a LAN are automatically clustered Top it up with mod_cluster from JBossMonday 26 March 12
  • 20. Caching TorqueBox provides an implementation of the Rails 3.x ActiveSupport::Cache::Store that exposes your application to the Infinispan data grid. Uses Infinispan by default Can utilize the cluster with minimal config Share the cache across the cluster - FTW!Monday 26 March 12
  • 21. PerformanceMonday 26 March 12
  • 22. PerformanceMonday 26 March 12
  • 23. Risks - Version 2 is quite stable but still at RC1 - Upgrading JRuby will not help sometimes - You will be on a cutting edge open-source technology but documentation is great, help is available online and on IRCMonday 26 March 12
  • 24. Surprise!!!Monday 26 March 12
  • 25. Questions?Monday 26 March 12
  • 26. Thank YouMonday 26 March 12