Writing Jquery Plugins
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Writing Jquery Plugins



Jquery has made developing javascript fun and enjoyable. It is a fantastic library that essentially allows the creation of library extensions on top of it via plugins. Jquery plugins are ...

Jquery has made developing javascript fun and enjoyable. It is a fantastic library that essentially allows the creation of library extensions on top of it via plugins. Jquery plugins are surprisingly easy to write and elegant to read and use. Here are a few tips on where to find good plugin candidates and some design principles for plugins. You can find the demo plugin used in conjunction with this presentation at rockycode.com.



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Writing Jquery Plugins Writing Jquery Plugins Presentation Transcript

  • writing Jake Trent
  • $(“div”).debug(); jQuery.fn.debug = function() { /* ... */ alert(„debugging‟); /* ... */ };
  • (function($) { $.fn.feed_the_pig = function() { /* ... */ }; })(jQuery);
  • limit(parameter, parameter, parameter, parameter);
  • $.fn.invest = function(settings) { /* ... */ };
  • $.fn.wield = function(settings) { var opts = { weapon: „nunchuck‟, skill_level: „deft‟ }; var opts = $.extend(opts, settings); }; $(“div”).wield({ skill_level: „weak‟ });
  • $.fn.amuse = function(settings) { /* ... */ this.each(function () { /* todo: impl something gut-wrenching here */ }); };
  • $.fn.wield = function(settings) { /* ... */ return this; };
  • $.fn.wield.defaults = { weapon: „nunchuck‟, skill_level: „deft‟ }; $.fn.wield.level_up_skill = function () { /* ... */ };
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  • rockycode.com/blog/tech/jquery/