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Rock thiz magazine_rock_thiz_magazine_issue_3_january


Rock Thiz magazine issue #3 …

Rock Thiz magazine issue #3
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  • 1. Rock Thiz MagazineLisa Snyder (NE)President-Founder Tanya Schleker guest editor 7Donald Snyder (NE)Co-ownerEva Trudeau (MI) 11Journalist/editor Jax Mandrake (MI)Yvonne Laughlin (TX) video game CritiCYvonne’s world Column John Fowler (TN)Scott Koneferenisi (CA) musiC CritiCJournalist Jr. Interns:Sherry Thomas (PA) Zoe Reindl (Canada ) musiCJournalist reviewsScott Ward (MI) Photo Tim Bendlin (CA) 13Journalist JournalistKaty Murphy (FL) Alaina Phipps (CA)Journalist JournalistElizabeth Valla (NE )Journalist/modelSherri Cunningham (KS)Contributing JournalistJanel Eason Briscoe (OK)Contributing Journalist 19Danielle Adams (CA)Journalist/editorJames Bruner (AZ) PhotoJournalistRonald Gelber (AZ)JournalistMichael Spleet (MI)PhotograPherCarley J. DeGenovaContributing JournalistEd YorkContributing JournalistDale Lecuyer Contributing JournalistBarbra Porter (CA)Contributing PhotograPherAllen Mealey (CA)PhotograPhY & video Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 3 Cover design by: Tanya Schleker All Content © Rock Thiz Magazine except Jessica Lown where used by permission.
  • 2. On Our RadarBLACKWATER JAMES During our nice con- KLM. He also spoke versation we covered about how they were ecently I gotJames Bruner many topics including w r it ing some more R to talk to Photo provided by: Blackwater James what bands have influ- songs and they had no Chris James, enced them. Chris told current plans to tourcofounder of a great me bands such as Guns but they had openedup and coming hard some shows for Therock band called Black- and The Black Croweswater James. The band and Roses, Buckcherry have helped form their Their f irst singleis from the capital of Bullet Boys. sound. W hen asked Rock Steady was incountry music, Nash- about who writes the heavy rotation on overville, Tennessee and songs he replied that a dozen radio stationshas been together for all members help write in the United Kingdom but raw, high energy Be sure to check outtwo years. Along with them in a total team and also had airplay in rock and roll. Black- their website at:Chris James on guitar effort. France, Germany, andand lead vocals, the I asked him if the Italy and in select mar- and Come On are someband members include heart, Closer to Free blackwaterjames. band has signed with a kets in the southeast- of the albums stron-Deanna Passarella on com major record label and ern United States. ger tracks and Chris’guitar, Josh Burns on he replied not yet but Their debut album southern accent reallybass and Todd Schloss- blackwaterjames. that they had signed a puts some soul in theirer on drums. distribution deal with ume One is not hing music. Blackwater James Vol-Porter House: Served Raw and forces one’s whole being after-party at Two Frogs Grill. House he stated in all sincer- into rhythm, raising bodies The men of Porter House ity, “I want people to know n evening spentSheri M. Cunningham off seats and setting feet into walked through the crowded that we are fans of our fans A with Porter House fills a room full oflaughter, smiles, good times motion. Jimmy Keen’s bass puts the final touch of togeth- erness into Porter Houses’ room of speaking with fans as though they were life-long friends, building new rela- and fans of music, we love music, and that’s where our heart is. Everything that weand the beginning of ever- love of music. tionships and showing their’s not for the money, notlasting friendships. Will Por- Porter House opened for genuine love for their fans. for the fame, not for the girls...ter’s vocals are the heart and AR ANDA and Saving Abel During the night, Will and it’s not for any of that, it’s justsoul of the music he writes at Her it age Ha ll in A rd- Jimmy took the stage with that we love music so muchand plays. Walton McMur- more, Oklahoma on Decem- Mike Walker of ARANDA and that we are driven to try andry’s percussion sets the beat ber 3, 2010 and attended the again, provided the audience entertain.” with an outpouring of their The raw, insightful lyr- love of music, singing their ics and notes of Porter House way into the hearts of the bring to life the music of their fans, old and new alike. souls. With the personal Will, a cer tif ied Audio touch of heart and their love Engineer records and mixes of music and fans, Porter Porter Houses’ music in his House is a band with soul that home studio, PorterHouse is reaching out and touching Studio, located in the South- many. You can find Porter Photo provided by: Sherri Cunningham ern Oklahoma area. A man of House’ on: multiple talents with a pas- sion for music and people and a drive few possess. When I porterhouseband asked Will what he wanted people to know about Porter4 | Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3
  • 3. Keri Kelli Madina Elliott been lucky!” you know? Rock Thiz magazine here How did you end up with Keri Kelli. Thanks for working with Alice this, man. Cooper? How did that With Alice specifically? I evolve? have been involved in Alice’s camp for about ten years, and Who were your influ- whenever they needed a gui- ences for your career Seriously? Well, I guess tar player, they would give choices and why? when I was a kid, I was into me a call and I have been in KISS. I guess all the kids were the band for five years now. probably into KISS at the They needed a guitar played time. But you know KISS a lot and they called me up and and Queen. I went to go see said “Do you want to come Queen with my mom in 1978. down and jam?” I said “Yeah.” That was very cool. And then And then five years later, here my parents were really into we are, still rollin’! It seems music. They were into The strange how this just kind of Rolling Stones and stuff. So fell into my lap. I mean, a lot I guess when I was younger, of things have come together it was probably KISS, Queen like that. It’s weird to hear the and The Stones cause it was, phone to ring and see who’s that was really what I was ex- on the other end of the line!Photo provided by: Keri Kelli posed to, you know, through (Laughs) my parents. What do you do when What type of music do you ’re not being a you listen to? Who are family man or playing I listen to all kinds of mu- I’m always writing music; you digging right now? onstage? sic, you know? I listen to a lot of music and influences. That You kinda go like, “Wow! I I have a studio at my house, of the same people that I just type of music appreciation, can’t believe we just did that! so I am always recording mu- mentioned, you know, like the let’s put it that way! I can’t believe this is happen- sic or playing music, writing Stones and bands like Thin ing!” but while you are in the songs. I’m either out on the Lizzy and that, but I also like a moment, you don’t even think road with Alice, or with oth- lot of newer bands, like Thir- about it. I’m playing with Al- er projects that I do. So, that You share t he stage ty Seconds to Mars, I think is ice on stage, and then after pretty much eats up most of wit h one Alice Coo - great. And there is another we get done, we take a show- my time. I mean, the only oth- per, one of rock’s most great band called Kill Han- er, and then I’m just sitting er thing that I do is, I do own well - k nown sing ers . nah, out of Chicago and they there on the bus with him, a bar out in Las Vegas, called Are there times when are great. HIM, out of Finland talking about what we are Aces and Ales, and we are a it seems unreal and if is really cool. I am actually going to eat for dinner! It’s crafts beer bar. We have twen- so, what is one of those hanging out here with a few I have been very fortu- kinda weird. He is just like ty two craft draft beers, and moments? of the guys from the Scorpi- nate to play with so many dif- one of the guys, to be honest. we have got fifty plus bottles, ons today. We are out here ferent rock legends. I have But I guess if you sit back and you know, pool tables, fifteen in Berlin, Germany currently played with Slash, and now think about it, you may think big plasma TVs, full kitchen, and their new record is great! Alice. I have shared the stage “Wow! I’m hanging out with stuff like that. We are really So, you know I try to be open with The Rolling Stones, play- Keith Richards, or I’m hang- dedicated to American craft to everything. I listen to a lot ing with Alice, and also while ing out with Alice Cooper.” We beer, so I guess that is kind of classical music, too, as well. I was playing with Slash. The just played Madison Square of like a hobby. I go around, Paganisi, Vocatile, and violin- only time I start to think that Garden, and these are things trying to find new beers, and ists and all different things, I it’s kinda weird and surreal I have been fortunate enough meeting brewers, just try to have a broad range is when I step back and ac- to do. That is when you kind tually think about it later on. of step back and go “Wow, I’ve Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 5 Continued on Page 18
  • 4. 6 | Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3
  • 5. Exclusive: Big John and Leilani so amazed that someone with what was said, but I do know We have all seen Big John so much discipline and such a my dad loved and respect- Tanya Schleker & April Smith on VH1’s Rock of Love with great stature and demeanor ed Bret and thanked him for Bret Michaels, we have seen would take time to stop and what he had done with me him standing beside Bret and talk to me. and keeping me around. I lat-Photo provided by: John Murray taking care of all the girls. If Unknowingly that day I er found out Bret had made a you have ever been to a Bret became a die hard advocate of deal with my dad to get bet- Michaels Band or Poison the Marine Corps. I had post- ter and his dream of going to concert you have seen him ers, stickers, shirts, you name Rome and seeing the Vatican onstage. it, I had it. When I made the would be a reality. Bret told Big John Murray was kind decision to not pursue college my dad that if he got better, enough to give Rock Thiz an football the choice was easy, Bret would make it happen exclusive interview in which Marine Corps. It had noth- and send him with me and he shares with us his love, his ing to do with college fund- my mom at his expense. That goals, and his dreams. ing. People join the Army, changed my life a lot. Know- Navy, and Air Force to get col- ing not only was I important and mentally and with the lege paid for and become stu- to him (Bret Michaels) but so help of and dents. Marines are Marines was family and he appreciat- What is life like now Gespari Nutrition we have by dedication, blood, sweat, ed me that much to make my t hat you a re of f t he entered into an agreement and tears and no diploma or fathers dreams come true as road and living life in It’s simply that for the that helps me financially, as degree can give me what the well. Unfortunately my dad Utah? past several years my job to well as physically, and we Marine Corps has. never got better but the offer make sure everyone was OK ‘both win’ but without the made him comfortable know- and taken care of as well as above mentioned organiza- ing that there was a guy out be there for the fans of who I tions it would not have been there that I called a friend How has life with Bret worked for. Last year I decid- possible. who would do that for some- made you the man you ed it was time for me to take The way it has changed Life with not only Bret, but one. He said it showed him are today? care of John for awhile so I up the way I think is I have quit Kid Rock, Brian Setzer, Sali- the kind of man Bret was and and moved one day with no drinking alcohol, as well as va, RATT, and all the artists he loved him for that. rhyme or reason other than I am eating healthy for the I have been blessed to know to change scenery and ‘find first time in many years and and work for as well as those I myself’. I left all my posses- the results are amazing. I not have just befriended has ulti- How did you and sions in Nashville, f lew to only feel amazing but I think mately changed my life and Leilani meet, and how Northern Cali for Bret’s last better and I have become made me who I am in many We had seen each other a she has changed you? show and got a flight to Utah more ‘self-aware’ than I have ways, but the most important few times since I moved here where I was met by a friend ever been. way is simply this: No mat- in Dec. but never really spoke and started over. ter where you go, what you other than a ‘Hello’ or ‘How As far as life on the road do, or how high up on the lad- are you?’ goes, it is amazing and I der you get always remember Truth be told, April and We all know you were wouldn’t t rade it for t he it’s a fast, hard fall. When you May were very hard months a Marine, what was it world. I needed to reclaim my hit bottom the true friends for me both emotionally and that made you go into identity as John and be the and loved ones will be stand- physically. A lot of the demons the military and what man I once was and I seem to ing there to help you up. The from the past were slowly, made you chose the have found it here in Utah. I have only told this to others…well they are at the but surely, poking their evil Marines specifically? a few people so here it is... next bands show that came heads out of the box I had put When I was a child and liv- to town. Always expect those them in. I was still struggling ing in Cincinnati I used to sit who seem closest to you to be with my father’s death, as I hear that you have in the car when my mother the most demanding and have well as my daughter’s seem- been doing a lot of would be grocery shopping the highest expectations of ingly good life without her bodybuilding, how has and listen to the radio. So all. daddy, and the separation this changed the way one day I looked up and this One of the greatest things between us. yo u t h i n k a n d w h a t guy in the most amazing uni- Bret has done for me was I sat in my room one night made you decide to First, let me start by say- form was standing next to the when my dad was sick and and for the first time in many get into it? ing I am not a competitive car and began talking to me in his worst state Bret called years, and even though bodybuilder. I have decided and gave me a Marine Corps and spoke with my dad for a to better myself physically sticker that was huge. I was while. To this day I don’t know Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 7 Continued on Page 9
  • 6. 8 | Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3
  • 7. he was gone from more time to talk to a conversat ion now enlist, that comes first.this Earth, I asked my her. I see her less than without saying, ‘Love I will always be willing there or are youdad for an angel. The I ever have because her Ya’ because that chance to practice the art of considering mov-next day I was watch- mom is stubborn and isn’t guaranteed later. conception. ing to be closer toing UFC with friends won’t let her visit me. I will go wherever your daughter?and I hear this voice Her mom wants every- this crazy world takesf rom behind say ing thing her way and only me, as long as Lani is If you could How has Leilanisomething to me and her way so needless to with me; if I have that change anything ins pired you toboom, there she was. say, we will see a court- and the love of my lit- what would you become a betterI almost fell over right room someday soon I would like to be tle girl I am the richest change? person than youthere and a few min- because my daughter a better father. A lit- Every day I strive man in the world. already are?utes later I stated, ‘You is the most important tle girl needs her dad- to be better becausehave got to be married person in my life. dy and I have a bad of her. She is that pieceright?’ She said she relationship with her of the puzzle I have How do you planwasn’t. I asked her out mother. It isn’t very always been looking to handle theand a week later we eas y to be around, for. Becoming a bet- How has your dad boys when yourwent out for sushi and especially w it h her ter man because of influenced deci- daughter is oldI knew that night I was several thousand miles her is easy. I now look I just hope that I can s i o n s yo u h ave enough to date?going to marry her and You know after 30 away, but as she gets forward to every day be a part of those days. made?fall in love with her. So years of bickering with older I hope she knows and finding out what So far her mother hashere we are and we are him and us not get- why I wasn’t around, she will say, or do, to monopolized her rolestill together and I con- ting along, we final- and we can enjoy the make me love her even as parent and forcedtinue to have my very ly became friends 10 times we are together more. It has become me to sit back andown angel that came years before a daily search wait. I have done thatwhen I needed one the his death. My for what she so far but those daysmost. fat her died will do to make are soon to be fought in my arms those feelings for because I will be a on Ja nua r y grow. father to my daughter, 25, 2009 and whether Sara wants I understand that was kar- me too or not. you are writing a ma k ick ing book, can you tell How do you me in the ass. us a little about feel about I am starting work For years it? Leilani go - What were youron a tell all book of I wished him ing to boot thoughts andwhat it’s like to be me dead and camp and fea rs wh en youand what I have both when we the long heard t he newsaccomplished and became clos- distance re- about Bret’sexperienced. Some of est he died in my arms then. I will support her lationship? health issuesthe stories will men- and had the last laugh. decision, ‘Till death and what wouldtion some the memora- As far as his teachings… do us part.’ She has you have said toble parts of my youth, too many to count or entrusted her love in Now that you his girls to keepbeing in the marines, list but I will tell you me as I have her and After losing my Dad have found your them at ease?a nd of cou r se, t he one thing he told me we will continue to just over a year ear- soul mate, canmusic biz. It will be a when he was dying. grow no matter what lier I wasn’t ready to we expect tofirst person account He always was proud, we face. All I can do lose my best friend. hear about a Lit-of what I have been but never showed it is hope and pray she Like a lot of family and tle John runningthrough... not a ‘tell all’ and he regretted that. is safe in all of her friends I was in total around somedayof those I have had the I w ill never be too Let me just say this; endeavors and there shock and at a loss for soon?pleasure of working proud to show emotion I am already a father will be no long dis- words. I have shared sofor. There is enough of with anyone that I care and made a lot of mis- tance after boot camp, much with Bret and thethat out there on TMZ. about because tomor- takes being one. Nei- I will be joining her Poison guys I had to sit row may not come, ther of us is in a rush to wherever she gets sta- back and wonder how a nd I w a nt e ver y- be parents and I would tioned only then as her lif e would be with any one to know I loved venture to say no. I am husband. one of them gone and I How has be- them all and enjoyed just getting this love was floored. As we get ing home more every minute we had thing down with Lani. older it is a fear we all changed your re- together, whether it I just want to shower share, l a t i o n s h i p wi t h Now that you It really hasn’t oth- be friends, family, or her with love and sup- your daughter? have found loveer t han it gives me both, I will never end port her decision to i n U t a h d o yo u Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 9 plan on remaining Continued next page
  • 8. but part of life is death and them grow, and I would never parties and make sure I wasunfortunately we all experi- let them be hurt by anything I, without a doubt, miss never in a bad way. He always careers?ence it in our lives. or anyone. When Bret has his Bret daily. He was more than said ‘good job with this whole Is that to say I would be surgery in January I will be an employer as many of you thing’ which made the transi-okay? Absolutely not. Bret there to help Raine and Jor- have seen up close. He was, tion a whole lot like a brother to me as is ja and the rest of the family and still is, my brother. We Hell, let’s face it, I drank aBobby, Rikki, and CC. I think however I can because I know shared so much together both half gallon of Jack in 24 would suck utterly to have he would do it for me, and as I good and bad but our friend- I needed something to wakeany one of them not be here. said earlier, he did. ship never was in question. me up and I needed to learnAs I write this Rikki is going The guy saved my life when what moderation is, fortu-through the same emotions I was going through a very nately I listened and I’m stillI have had to deal with after rough sit uat ion and nev- here to tell the story. After watching Bret’slosing an amazing woman I er once did he use the job as I left for personal reasons new show, many wouldhave had the pleasure of call- leverage. We sat and talked with the loss of my dad and like to know if Raineing ‘Mamma’ for years. It was for a few hours and he told me money not being as good as and Jorja are really asa pleasure to know her and if I had to get help he would I thought it just seemed like funny as they are onbe called family for so many I can only say this: they take care of it, but luckily that I should try something else the show?years and I hope I made as are who they are. I have seen was never the case. I was in and maybe have a relation-much of an impression to her them grow firsthand and I the process of losing someone ship with my she did me. Peggy you are love them on the show as I very close to me and resort- On a personal note, thankloved and missed and will love them in life. They are the ed to drinking my fears away you all for all the memoriesnever ever be forgotten. real deal and it is amazing to and it became a regular way and stories we share. You As for the girls, I would see them entertain the world for me to deal with the pain. have all meant the world toonly try to be there for them as they have entertained me A f ter sit t ing and t alk- me and still many have been there for over the years.They are the ing with Bret for hours we Just remember, I may notme and reassure them. No stars of this show. decided I was better on the be there, but you are all in mymatter what, I will always road and that the change was heart. I love and miss eachbe here for them and I would not just for me but he would and every one of you whohope by now they know they assist me in any way neces- made my dreams that much D o yo u l i ke b e i n g aare as important to me as I sary. The funny thing is it more special as they were bounty hunter bet-am to them. I have watched wasn’t hard. He would always coming true. ter than Bret ’s right make sure I was okay at the hand man? What made you decide to changeLeiLani SpeakS also taught me patience, lots too much detail, because it something I can be proud of. and lots of patience. gets kind of racy. We have John’s version of how you two met, so what was your first What was it like meet- impression of him and Have you met John’s What made you decide ing Bret knowing that It was amazing, Bret is how has he changed alter ego Big John and to go into the military, he saved John’s life? My first impression of John not only his friend and for- you since then? what are your thoughts and what branch arewas that he was just a little Yes, I have met his alter Well I come from a very mer employer but he is his about him? you going into?full of himself; I had to bring ego Big John a couple of times. large Military and Law En- brother. He is family. When Ihim down a couple of pegs. So When Bret was in Boise and forcement family. It is in my heard the story of how Bretas I shook his hand that ‘I am Wendover I saw Big John go to blood. I feel like it is my duty, saved his life, all I could thinksomeone important’ attitude work. Even though he is not not only as an American citi- was ‘Thank you Bret, thankdisappeared. I kind of strong with Bret any longer when- zen, but as being a part of you so much.’ I feel like Bretarmed him and he liked it. Af- ever we see him in a concert family tradition. I chose the and I both are John’s angels,ter that he was a big sweet- environment, Bret and John Marines because in my opin- if it wasn’t for us he probablyheart. He has broken down just pick up like nothing has ion they are the best. When I wouldn’t be here. When I ammy walls and I am no longer a changed. Big John as Bret’s become a Marine, I will have around Bret it feels normalcold, hard person. The tough- right hand man is amazing. gone through the tough- and comfortable, as if he wereness is still there to an extent, He doesn’t put up with any est and hardest training in an old friend.but I feel love for the first BS and gets the job done. As the military. That will be atime since my divorce. He has a partner I really can’t go into major accomplishment and10| Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3
  • 9. Shannon Michaels: Seeing Double from there we have our own MySpace page: his was a fun inter- Debra Chilton & Shannon Lawrence shannonbret and Facebook T view. Shannon is a great guy and he looks like Bret Michaels! Go pages under Shannon Jackie Taylor and Shannon Michaels. Everyone keeps messaging see for yourself by checking me through these sites tell- out his MySpace page or Face- ing me how much I look just book and you’ll be able to see like Bret Michaels, so that’s for yourself. Here’s his story how we decided to take it on of how all this came about: even more. I’ve been sing- ing myself for about 12 years and now I am learning Bret’s songs. Hi Shannon, tell us a Well, I’m 37; I’ll be 38 next little about yourself. month. I have a very beauti-Photo provided by: Shannon Michaels ful wife, two step-daughters You did some karaoke and three grandchildren. I recently as Bret, how grew up as a country boy. Yeah, we have a bar in was that? Used to listen to old country town here called Ms. Grizzes or 80’s rock, that’s probably and it had an 80’s theme night my favorite. I’m a certified that went over really well! rescue diver. Love getting People loved it! One lady out on my motorcycle, camp- came in and actually thought ing and horseback riding. I was him. I thought ‘Bret is not going to show up at this little hole in the wall, you From Capron, Illinois. I know.’ We’re trying to get out Where are you from? moved to Janesville, Wiscon- locally and see what people sin in 1989 and I love it, ex- care for it, but she is a beau- on the tour boats were yell- think and then go that route. cept for the winters (laughs). tician, so she combed it out ing out “Hey Bret we love you! Of course if you look like the and got it looking as good as Rock of Love!!!” Just scream- guy, you’re going to want to possible and started putting ing, it was crazy! It was just meet him! So, that’s my main the make-up on me, the eye- the same all night long. goal. It would be a dream How did the Bret Mi- liner that Bret wears… and While Bret was on the come true to at least get to in- chaels look alike thing Actually over in Milwau- then they were like “Oh my troduce myself. stage, people were looking at come about for you? kee, there was a Cheap Trick, gosh, check this out!” So my me and then at him on stage Poison, Def Leppard concert. wife did, saying “Oh my God, like they just couldn’t get it, it My wife and I were messing he looks like Bret Michaels!” was really weird. So, we went What are your plans around because I had a hat So, we went over to Milwau- from there, we thought may- for continuing as Shan- sort of like Bret Michaels and kee to see the concert and be- My main goal would be be it was just a fluke because non Michaels? we had bandanas from when fore I could even get out of the to actually get a band going of the concert. We bought a we’d go out on the motorcy- car, people started screaming sooner or later, as a tribute nicer wig, and right now I’m cle. My wife said ‘Let’s put this “Bret, Bret’s in that car!” band. We’ve seen a couple of growing my hair out, or trying bandana and hat on and see them, Poison’d and Poison We were just doing it to to. We went to see Evick lat- what it looks like.’ She said it Overdose and we’ve been dress up, goofing around. er on and it was even worse, looked pretty good, so from talking with them. So, my Then, from that point on, ev- I was signing autographs and there we went over to her goal is to get a tribute band erybody came up wanting taking pictures with people. best friend’s house to pick her going. It’s going to take a lot pictures. After the concert It was really nice. We’d walk up for the concert in Milwau- of practice and I’m just get- we went to a bar in Milwau- around and I don’t know how kee. Her friend was like, “Hey, ting into this now. kee by the concert and every- many times I heard “Is that I have this wig, let’s put that body was looking and ask- Bret Michaels?” The whole on and see what it looks like!” ing “Is that Bret Michaels?” I experience was really good. The wig itself reminded me had the same reaction when I Of course, I signed the au- of something from “Dumb stood by the river and people tographs Shannon Bret. So, and Dumber.” I didn’t really Continued next page Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 11
  • 10. How long has it been that you’ve been Shan- It’s probably been since non Michaels?June that this has been kick-ing off, trying to get every-thing going, let the hair grow.I spent 14 years in the armyand my hair I think is scaredto grow (laughs). I’ll have toput weights on the back orsomething. In high school Ihad hair down to the middleof my back! How does it feel for you when you go to a co n ce r t a n d p e o p l e mistake you for Bret Usually, I’ll throw them Michaels?the hand sign or something.It’s really strange to havethat much attention for me.I mean I’m used to talking topeople, but it’s really weird, I’d like to be able to do like just him and his guitar. Heit takes a little getting used. what Poison Overdose and I’m out there to have fun was also surrounded by sev-It’s a little strange; I love it, to Any last words? Poison’d are doing. My ulti- and love meeting all the peo- eral other tribute artists,have someone mistake me for mate goal is to be able to ac- ple. If it wasn’t for what I call including Elton John, LadyBret Michaels is a high honor, tually go on road. I may be fans, I wouldn’t go anywhere Gaga, Michael Jackson, AnnieI mean we’re talking about able to meet him and maybe and wouldn’t be able to do Lennox and so many others.Bret Michaels here, so it’s re- be his body double or some- anything with this. They are According to Shannon, itally neat. thing (laughs). the ones that are going to was a great convention and he make or break me. was able to meet some really A lot has happened with awesome people with great talent. You can see pictures Is this a dramatic Right now we’re getting as Shannon since the original What’s up next for you? from the event, as well as an ch a ng e for you , be - many 80’s parties going as we interview. He has now been interview on Shannon’s Face- coming Bret Michaels? can so I can actually get no- able to meet and sit with Bret book pages. Go ahead, check Is it just the hair that’s ticed by locals in this region. one on one and really get to them out and leave some love. the dramatic change or Jess from Rock of Love, we know him on a personal lev- Yes, it’s primarily the hair. What is in the future for is it the whole thing? contacted her and maybe can el. Shannon even gave a giftOf course, wearing eye lin- Shannon Michaels? Shannon get some appearances locally to Bret, which was one of hiser isn’t something I do on a is now working on boosting with her because she doesn’t awards that he earned whileday-to-day basis, but the wig his karaoke business and is live that far from us. Jess is in the Army. This reallything is probably about the now doing local gigs as Shan- looking to do fundraisers and touched Bret’s heart and allweirdest thing to get used non Michaels, the ultimate I’ll volunteer my time to help of the Shannon Michaels fans,to; I wear ripped jeans all the tribute artist and is plan- with that, because we do that as well.time. The bandana I wear on ning on getting a tribute band now. Shannon is now concen-the motorcycle and every- started up with the help ofthing. I’m not used to wear- trating on his karaoke gigs and his Tribute artist shows. his lovely, talented wife, Jack-ing mascara and all that stuff, ie and his new manager, bothers my eyes a little bit, He recently attended the Sun- How can people look I’m on Facebook u n- burst Convention in Flori- There is so much more tobut like my wife says “You’ll you up on the web? der Shannon Jack ie Tay- da as, whom else, Shannon come for him in 2011 and weget used to it!” can’t wait to see everything lor and Shannon Michaels Michaels, the ultimate Bret and MySpace Michaels tribute artist. Shan- that he does as his success shannonbret. non even performed onstage, continues. W h e r e d o yo u wa n t this to take you?12| Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3
  • 11. Emmy Winner: Shane Stanley was born. Shane Stanley has led a It was a total blast. As I Tina Hall actors in Dark Side? rather interesting life. He mentioned in our earlier dis- won his first Emmy Award at cussion, every actor in that H ow d id yo u r b ei n g the age of sixteen, he opened film played a part that was asked to co -author for some of the best bands in specifically written or cre- h i s b i o g ra p hy co m e rock in the 90s, and currently, ated for them. Dark Side is Bret is a very private per- about? he works as a writer, director, based on a true story, so I son. He’s probably the most producer, and started his own thought about whom I knew genuine guy you’ll ever meet production company, Visual favorite songwriters, Tommy and what part in that story but allowing a stranger onto Arts Entertainment. Shane Fields, has a few songs in there they could play. Not only was the tour bus for long periods has proven he can do many as does Heaven is Where, I humbled that they agreed to of time or even into his home things and do them well. Story Side:B, SilverSlack and do it but was amazed at what around Kristi and the kids Presently, he has several Josh Damingo are on there as they all brought to the table. isn’t something he, or any- projects going at once; includ- well. I think collectively they It’s especially nice when I one for that matter, is real- ing half a dozen commercial all blend well together in the hear from my post-produc- ly comfortable doing. I think campaigns he did with Antho- building of our soundtrack tion team, the guys and gals Bret wanted someone to help ny Michael Hall, two films and and don’t stray too far from who watch through the mov- tell his life story that he not a project for the incredible original score ie over and over again for sev- only knew, but someone who One of these films, A Little Off that Jeremy Rubolino com- eral months, how much they knew a lot of the facts of his the Top, is an action/comedy posed for the film. To me, mu- enjoy the entire cast. That’s past. Not having to start from set to go into production by sic is just as important to sto- when you know if they nailed square one and tell a writ- summer, 2011. rytelling as the visual images it or not and thankfully, they er, “When I was six, I was di- I was honored to have the themselves. As filmmakers, nailed it. agnosed with Type 1 Juve-Photos Supplied opportunity to sit down with we can only go so far on al- nile Diabetes…” was a major Shane while he was in the lowing the actors, their dia- feather in my cap. He is so final phases of post-produc- logue and the scenery to sell busy all the time and I think When did you first tion on his latest film, My Trip a point or a mood but, at the he didn’t want to interrupt meet Bret Michaels and to the Dark Side, which is set same time, you don’t want the flow of his day-to-day life how did such a good to release this spring as a dual to have “bananas on banan- while penning his biography. I went to my gym late one friendship develop? DVD along with the film, The as” as I call it, meaning over- When you spend almost 20 night in November of 1994. Harsh Life of Veronica Lam- load on the tone. When I place years with someone, there’s The only other people in bert, and give him a chance to background music, I look for more you know about his or there were Bret and Pame- discuss it all. subtleties in the song’s mel- her life than you don’t know. la (Anderson), whom he was ody, lyrics and tempo that But I did learn a hell of a lot dating at the time. Before we support the feeling I am try- more about him in the pro- had met, some mutual friends ing to get across in a specific cess. There’s some great stuff of ours had mentioned that Dark Side’s soundtrack scene. I equate it to being a in there and his journey is he and I would probably get features music from painter and using highlights unbelievable. along real well. I saw that eve- Bret Michaels, Bruce to add final touches on a can- ning as my chance to final- Kulick of KISS and vas. Sometimes yellow and ly introduce myself and did. many other artists . white add a sparkle and mys- Long story short, we eventu- How did you go about I ’ve heard you are tery, while black and red on ally got to talk that evening deciding what music to working on a new proj- We were very lucky to the same painting can send and exchanged numbers. use? ect with Bret. Are you place a song in the film from a darker or sexier message. At the time we met, I was at liberty to tell us any- Bret and from Bruce. Obvi- To me, music used in a film is shooting Street Pirates, so thing about that at this ously, Bret and I have a long just as important as the imag- We’re a lways k ick ing we didn’t connect for several time? history so that was an easy es captured and when they all around the idea of work- weeks. When I was finished, I choice, as I love his music. come together, hopefully, you ing on something new. We’re reached out to Bret, who had I was fortunate enough to can drive home your point all planning to meet soon to talk seen Gridiron Gang: The Doc- work with Bruce on a horror the while not saying too loud- about his plans for 2011 and umentary on TV the night be- film a few years back and was ly, “I’m driving home a point.” see how I fit in to the equa- fore, so my timing was good anxious to listen to the tracks (laughs). We met to discuss tion. Hopefully we’ll work off of his new record, which is his interest in making movies together again , it’s always a very good. One of my all-time and soon after our friendship blast working with Bret. W h a t w a s i t l i ke t o work with all those tal- Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 13 ented and dedicated
  • 12. kid we ever helped back in film play. I have been that kid, I am passionate about it. We 1982 not only worked on both I have walked in his shoes just secured the script and I understand that you Gridiron Gang and My Trip to and I know exactly what he’s now it’s time to piece togeth- a n d yo u r fa t h e r a r e the Dark Side as a set builder, thinking without having to er a movie. All I know is that I wo rk i n g o n a re - re - he also appears on camera in ‘cue the music’ if you get my am excited about the journey lease of The Desperate Dark Side as an actor. He did a drift. When I read the script, ahead. As I said before, it was Passage Series (which damn good job too. it was like a hand reached out just something I could relate was nominated for 33 from the pages, grabbed me to. It almost has ‘biopic’ writ- Emmy Awards and won by the shirt collar and a voice ten on it and I certainly have 13). What are you plans We’re creeping up on the said, “Here’s something you been down that road before. for that? Is your history in work-25th anniversary of when it can relate to, dude.” ing with kids in lockupall started and my father’s what connected you tobook, “Faith in the Land of your latest project, A Is it true your familyMake Believe” is coming out A Little Off the Top is a sto- Little Off the Top? Why do you think Grid- had opened its homenext year. Much of his book ry that pairs a part-time bar- iron Gang and A Little to several juvenile of-talks about our working with ber/nickel & dime street thug, Off the Top have come fenders while you wereprobated youth and how the who happens to be black, with to m ea n as m uch to growing up? How didseries came about. I think the a 16 year-old white kid who Gridiron Gang is just spe- you as they do? that come about andbiggest mistake we made was comes from an affluent fam- cial. I don’t think a day goes by what did you lea rnnot having Gridiron Gang: ily. Though I didn’t come from where I don’t hear something It’s true - and what I from the experience?T he Doc ument ar y w ide- wealth or anything close to positive from someone I don’t learned from the experiencely available when the SONY it, I could instantly relate even know. You feel as if you was not to play with gunsfilm with Dwayne Johnson to what it was like being 16 were to die tomorrow, you’ve (laughs). The way that camecame out and we don’t want years old and having a con left the world better than you about was since my fatherto make that mistake again. for a best friend. A young guy found it and I think that’s ev- was volunteering so muchZondervan Publishing, who’s named Jason Wright penned eryone’s responsibility, es- time at the juvenile prisonreleasing Pop’s book, has high this script and he nailed it. Its pecially artists. Many people camps, he got to know theexpectations for it and we Rush Hour meets Enemy of don’t know this but my father kids real well. Sadly, when athought it would be nice to re- the State meets Midnight Run. almost died making The Doc- kid is in lockup for a violentpackage the television series In this story, even though the umentary. I won’t get into all crime, more often than noton DVD and have it ready if con is the lead and the kid is of the medical stuff that he his family will move or relo-anyone should want to revisit his sidekick, its what’s not was battling at the time but I cate and not tell the proba-the series or experience them written on the page and cap- did learn dying from exhaus- tion department. If the kid isfor the first time. The series turing the nuances of the boy tion is a real serious thing. under 18 when he’s set to bestars everyone from Michael that are going to make this As far as A Little Off the Top, released and no one claimsLandon, Sharon Gless, LouisGossett, Jr., Edward James Ol-mos and Marlo Thomas. W h a t w a s i t l i ke t o work on a series that dealt wit h probated Working with kids in lock- youth?up was like dealing with anynormal kid. It’s just a matterof finding the kid inside of thecriminal. Most of them didn’thave a good foundation grow-ing up. They got more lovefrom the violent street gangsthan they did their own par-ents and once you looked be-yond their backgrounds andmisfortunes, they were justlike any other kids. I still com-municate with many of themto this day. In fact, the first14| Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3
  • 13. him, they put him in addi- (the writer) and his partner. Of course, it’s always nice to money, it can’t be done. I al-tional placement and sadly, I had to sell them on why I get a handsome paycheck and ways get a kick out of when Ithe downward spiral contin- thought I was the right guy know that everyone on set is get a call or an invite to a pre-ues. If my father had spent ex- for the job. There was a lot being fed well but on the flip mier of something someonetended time with a kid over of interest in the script at the side, I can’t think of any oth- managed to produce, who atthe months or years while he time and I essentially was er business where money is one time thought it would bewas in lockup, we welcomed going in for a job interview. wasted as much as it is in the impossible to get done with-him into our home upon his Thankfully, Jason and I con- motion picture industry. I’ve out a ton of money. You haverelease if he had no place to nected instantly and I know been on films where it costs to remember; we are in a re-go or his environment back my history dealing with kids over $350,000 for one scene cession. Finding people to in-home would guarantee his in lockup is what bonded me to be shot, with all of the ex- vest in films isn’t easy. Whenfailure on the outs. The plan to him and me to the project. we set out to make Desperatewasn’t to give a kid a hand I wasn’t selling him on the ob- Passage with Michael Land-out, but a leg up. They had to vious (the action, the cast, or on back in 1982, my fatherwork, go to school, maintain the heist), however, I was as- had a million dollar budget.a certain GPA, do their part suring him I understood the In 1986 a friend of his gaveand contribute around the heart and soul of his creation. him $25,000 to shut up andhouse. In eight years of hav- go make it. We didn’t cut oneing these kids live with us, we corner; the film was numberdidn’t have one negative inci- one in the ratings, got nomi- Who are you planningdent. We treated them with Xzibit just let me know tras, props and special ef- nated for four Emmy Awards to cast in that one?respect, as one of the family yesterday that he’d love to fects needed to make it hap- and won two against some ofand they knew the rules; you do it. I had the pleasure of pen and when all was said the network’s highest bud-mess up and you’re out on working with him on Grid- and done, the scene didn’t geted shows. Anything is pos-your ass. It was often tough iron Gang and I think he’d be even make it into the movie. sible with or without ‘enough’to get them to leave. One kid great for this. I know he has Heck, I could make an entire money.was supposed to be with us the chops, the charisma and film for less than that! Whenfor three months and ended the passion to knock it out of someone ponies up the mon-up staying with us for over the park and I think a vehi- ey to make a movie, I treat it Where do you think thetwo years before he enlisted cle like this could launch him as if it were my own. For me, future of filmmaking isin the Army and ended up be- into the Ice Cube, Chris Rock, making movies is a passion. I Hopefully, in the right di- heading?coming a chef. leading man level. I haven’t don’t look at something and rection. Due to the economy, thought about a kid yet. There say, “It’s going to cost this studios are making fewer are about a half-dozen meaty much or that much to get it films and many of the ones roles for some great actors done,” I say, “How much do they are making are often Can you tell our read- who I will approach now that we have to make it? Great, sequels and remakes, which ers about A Little Off X is willing to work with me let’s go!” Of course there are minimize their risk in the the Top? How did you again (laughs). always sacrifices. You may marketing of a project. They find the project and not get the catered meals or just released TRON, True Grit, who do you see casting My good friend Jim Regan the 40 foot double-wide trail- Yogi Bear, Chronicles of Nar- in it?brought the script to me. He ers but we get it done and put nia, Baby Fockers and Gulliv- You have been doingasked if I would take a look every nickel we have up on- er’s Travels all in the same lectures on producingbecause he was interested in screen. It starts by finding a month. In fact, as we do this high quality films withproducing it. Everyone loves a cast that captures the vision interview six of those films low budgets. Do yougreat pairing of opposites that I really do. I love sharing and a crew that gives you ev- are in the top ten. You see a enjoy that?conquer the world and have my experiences with others erything they’ve got and are pattern here? Total Recallself-discovery in the process. and freeing so many people in it for the long haul. You see is getting remade; they’reNext thing I knew, I was on who don’t make movies sim- a sense of pride from every- kicking around redoing Thethe last page and didn’t want ply because they don’t believe one involved and it resonates Wizard of Oz and 21 Jumpit to end. I laughed out loud it can be done for whatever in the end product. Street is coming too. I couldthroughout it, (something I they ultimately could secure go on and on. There’s a built-rarely do when reading) and in financing. Of course, some in brand with the projectsfound myself caring and root- movies are expensive – you they’re green-lighting and I What does it feel likeing for the characters. When I couldn’t do Avatar or Iron- can’t help but wonder what to pass you r k nowl -was finished, I called Jim and man on a shoestring budget. I It’s exciting. I encounter great, original scripts and edge on to others?said, “Get us a meeting, I have have done both: the no budget people that want to make their ideas are being make this movie!” The next films and the big budget films. passion piece and feel that, Sadly, many that will neverday we sat down with Jason without a certain amount of see the light of day. Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 15
  • 14. the luxury of time. There’s an old, or anything I ever take night I received an email from old saying, “Projects aren’t for granted. I think the most him and after apologizing for How would you most finished, they’re abandoned.” immediate turnarounds are bolting out of the room, he like to see the industry I think what the studios I think there’s some truth to with the music videos, espe- went on to explain that he change?should do is embrace the fact that, but I can’t imagine let- cially the ones I do with Bret had made arrangements thatthat there is a market for ting something out knowing (Michaels). Often we’re faced week to separate from hisoriginal, high concept, low it was anything less than the with deadlines to help sup- wife of 20 years. Somethingbudget projects. I’d like to best it could be. Sometimes port a TV show like Rock of in the film made him re-thinksee them support more in- you run out of time, money, Love or Life As I Know It, so his decision and he ran homedependent companies and or both and you’re making we turn it in to VH1 on a Fri- to save his marriage. Theyhave a strong distribution last minute changes right up day and (hopefully) it’s on the had been struggling with a lotoutlet that can crank out to the moment you deliver air by the next Saturday. His of problems, most in which hequality, original work with it. The biggest rush is when fans and followers are great! felt there were no solutions.named talent attached, es- it’s finally out of your offices I get a huge rush out of their All I know is that here we arepecially with the future of or studio and in the world’s kind emails and responses to seven years later and they’reBlockbuster Video in limbo. If hands. our work. It never gets old. still married. I realized atBlockbuster goes down, how They’ve been very, very good that point that when I makewill the indie films get seen? to us. a project, if I only touch oneThey’ll have to rely on Netf- person, than I’ve done my job What does it feel likelix, Redbox or another form as a filmmaker. when projects are firstof Video On Demand. Those It’s like having a baby that released to the public? I wa s to l d yo u h aveoutlets don’t cover the pro- has never been outside. You’re a g r e a t s to r y a b o u tduction costs of many films convinced he’s beautiful but working with someone What does it feel likethat end up getting released what will the neighbors RE- on A Sig ht For Sore when your work hason those mediums. Some of ALLY think when he leaves I don’t have the words to Eyes years ago. Would such an impact?the biggest net-profited films describe it. Sure, I’d love ev- you mind sharing thatcome from inexpensive mov- erything I do to have the im-ies. Just because a film makes pact of Gridiron Gang or some$100,000,000 bucks, doesn’t of the other projects thatmean anything. Tron cost touch the masses, but that$300,000,000 and that’s not email from him made me re-including the P&A (prints & alize that it’s not always aboutadvertising), which was as- the quantity of eyeballs thattronomical. But those tent see your work that matters,pole releases from the studios but the one person whose lifecontrol most of the screens you touched. I see him fromout there. Gulliver’s Travels time-to-time and I can’t helphad 3,089 screens in its first but smile when I get holidayweek – which didn’t benefit cards from him and his wife.anyone, including the studio It’s awesome.that released it. Your father has a book the house? (laughs). Often by coming out in February about the time the public is seeing his story of battling Holly- your work, you’re on to some- Wow. I remember that wood and dealing with the What do you en- with us? thing else. I always get a kick like it was yesterday. I will worst kids in the judicial sys- joy most about see - out of being home to track a leave out exactly what he tem. He also talks about sur- ing a project come to It’s always a thrill when project when it’s released, did on the film in respect to viving cancer. You lost your completion?a project is finished, no mat- view the blogs, the reviews his privacy, but that did hap- mother to cancer when youter how big or small it is. I or whatever people are chat- pen. I was showing a rough were the rush of accepting the ting on. Sometimes you’re up cut of the film to some postchallenge, knowing it could to your neck in whatever’s production guys and sud-be well received or complete- next, so you don’t get to re- denly, the most important What do you think isly flop once it’s in the public’s ally enjoy the moment. It is a guy in the room just got up the one t hing to re -hands. You put your heart and thrill knowing people around and left. We pushed through m e m b e r wh e n d ea l -soul into it and often it’s the the globe are watching some- the session without him; I ing with cancer or anyrewards of just getting it out thing that, at one time, was couldn’t help but wonder if The most important thing chronic illness?to the public that keeps you only on your edit machines. he just didn’t like the film, or I got out of both scenariosgoing. You don’t always have It’s something that never gets had better things to do. That is to remember that life is16| Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3
  • 15. precious. Don’t take the ones 110% of Lee Stanley. your computer, looking at a opportunity to either breakyou love for granted, and to blank screen and then having into the business or move up.always try and put your loved the nerve to type the words I have a friend who’s workedones first. I was very close “fade in” (usually the first as an extra or production as- You are directing a mu-to my mother. It’s strange words written on a script) sistant for years. She was just sic video for funnyor-to think that I’ve lived lon- and creating a visual image untapped and ready to move Can you tellger without her than I had that entertains people. I can’t up and I knew if she was giv- us a little about whatwith her. I wish I had done We start shooting at the really explain it, but that’s a en a chance to show her stuff to expect in that one?some things differently, es- end of January. I am very ex- rush I am really addicted to. as a production coordinator,pecially when she was sick. cited about it. Sean Kanan and I love the whole process from she wouldn’t disappoint, andIt was three months of hell, Michele Vega are the brains concept to delivery. Mak- she didn’t. Needless to say,and I too often chose to hang behind it. It’s called Soap Star. ing the script better, finding she doesn’t PA or do back-out with my friends instead Sean, being a soap star, came a cast, a crew and executing ground work anymore, andof just staying at home and to me after we worked on it. It’s never the same thing I get a great deal of pleasurespending time with her. We Dark Side with a pilot script twice, and it never gets old. from that.all deal with grief and the fear for a show he wanted to do.of death differently. I know I Next thing I know, he and Mi-was escaping the constant chele came up with a great Yo u s e e m to l i ke to W h a t w a s i t l i ke t oreminder that she was going promotional tool for it; a par- give lesser known ac- work with Anthony Mi-to die, but in hindsight wish I ody hip-hop video starring a tors and key crewmem- chael Hall (Weird Sci-had spent more time at home whole bunch of daytime stars bers a chance to show ence, Sixteen Candles,during her final weeks. what they can do. Why The Breakfast Club) on Usually the budgets are It was a trip. I mean we all is that? ad campaigns? so low that’s all I can afford. grew up watching him. When Kidding! I have been very we were out scouting, I was How do you think is the fortunate to work with some thinking, “How many people best way to deal with pret t y well-known actors can say they actually took a the inevitable passing Death is a part of life. and very accomplished crew road trip with Rusty Griz- of loved ones?Again, spend time together. members. In all honesty, one wald?” He’s a great guy andYou never know when it will of my least favorite, favor- it was an honor to work withbe your last. Don’t let any- ite films was The Good Girl him. I hope it’s the first ofthing go unresolved. I know with Jennifer Aniston. What many more experiences.people that had a fight with ruined that film for me wastheir children or spouse and rapping about the goods and the constant press about thethey were killed moments evils of being - soap stars. Friends stars making a mil- What does it feel likelater in a car accident. I am The song is really good and lion bucks an episode, and to make a living doinga huge fan of clearing the air the early phases of creative then I was supposed to buy Honestly, I wake up ev- something you love?and getting things off your are going well. I am real- Aniston working in a drug ery day and thank God that Ichest and resolving stuff ly looking forward to this. I store for minimum wage. It am able to do what I do. Don’twith the ones I love. I couldn’t have done countless music was hard for me. Now, Julia get me wrong, it has its badimagine getting into an argu- videos, and I cannot remem- Roberts, I bought her as Erin days, but the good ones farment with my father, or my ber laughing so hard just spit- Brockovich. But it wasn’t an outweigh them. I never takewife, only to lose them be- balling ideas with somebody. indie film. It was a big, glossy, it for granted and know thatfore we made things right. It’s It’s meant to be funny, so we high budgeted picture. When it could be taken away at anyokay to argue but resolve it have no boundaries. I think it I walked out of The Good Girl, moment so I try to enjoy ev-ASAP. will come out like something I saw The Station Agent about ery moment. between I’m On A Boat with a week later. I remember Andy Samberg and (You Got- thinking “that’s how I want ta) Fight For Your Right (to my audiences to feel when What was the best ad- How do you hope to Party) by the Beastie Boys. watching something indie.” vice your father ever be remembered when Don’t be like him. (laughs) That cast was virtually un- I would say that when all is gave you? your time comes?Follow your dreams, don’t let known. As far as crew goes, said and done it would be niceanyone tell you “you can’t” I think anyone who can make to be remembered as some- Why do you think youand anything you set your a living in this business is one who brought people hap- love making films sohand to, do your very best. Probably because I was blessed. We all started some- piness both personally and much?That’s one thing he always so lousy at making music where and it’s because some- through my work - and hope-does. If he’s taking the time to (laughs). There’s just some- one gave us a chance. When fully I can leave this world ado something, you’re getting thing special about sitting at I can, I like to give people an better place than I found it. Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 17
  • 16. might expect from Kid Rock has found his place back on Summer Long’. I also enjoyed based on previous efforts, no the map with yet another ‘For the First Time (In a Long parental warning, just Kid style, but also taking on some Time)’. The sound was classic Rock and a blend of blues, of the sounds of Uncle Krack- Kid Rock, but I would never country and classic rock. er, CCR and Hank Williams. have guessed it was him sing- Being a Kid Rock fan for For the most part, I found all ing. It definitely one of the years and seeing him trans- of the songs very catchy and stronger tracks on the album. form from a Detroit bad boy easy to listen to, even when I could have lived without to an accomplished musician my first choice of music is ‘Rock On’, as I found it to be has put him on my top list for not anywhere near country. repetitive and very slow and performers for studio albums The first single, ‘Born Free’, ‘Rock Bottom Blues’ was just and live shows. I have always was the appropriate choice, too blues and gospel sound- Born Free thought that Kid Rock was but lacking something that I ing for my taste. I waited with anticipation an exceptional musician, but have always heard with his If you are a true fan of KidShannon Lawrencefor the release of Kid Rock’s wondered why he was show- other singles. One of the best Rock’s you will appreciate8th album, hearing all of the casing himself with more rap tracks is ‘When It Rains’ and this album and understandhype that this was going to and metal, which was mask- is a song that everyone can where he has been and wherehave a new sound, no metal or ing his musical talent. When relate to. It started off a lit- he is going with his musicalrap. Just when I thought the he f irst released ‘Rock N tle slow, but it really kicked and personal transformation.ultimate Kid Rock album was Roll Jesus’, back in 2009, my in about half way through the If you are looking for the oldreleased back in 2007, I find prayers were answered and song. A couple of the other school sound of Kid Rock’s,him coming back even better Kid Rock, in my eyes, was better tracks are ‘Care’ with this is not the album for youthan ever with the release of reborn. Martina McBride and ‘Pur- and I doubt he will be coming‘Born Free’ this November. A f ter hearing his new ple Sky’, even though I found back with anything hardcoreThis album was not what one album ‘Born Free’, Kid Rock it to remind me a lot of ‘All in the future. to where we are now. But, really has. But the entertain- Absolutely! Thank you. I you know, it was kinda just ment business, or the music appreciate it. Well, I am goingKeri Kelli like one of those neat little business, whatever you want to get off here right now andand going to breweries and things where you can have to call it, is very rough and jump. I have to get ready forContinued from Page 5stuff like that and getting the the beers that you want, you very hard. It’s just like want- the big rock show here in Ber-beers into our establishment can play the music you want ing to be in the movies. You lin! I have my buddy from thein Las Vegas. So I guess there to play, you can have all the hear these people, “Oh, I’m an Scorpions here, and we areis rock n roll and great Ameri- sports that you want to watch actress or I’m an actor. I’m a going to rock them like a hur-can beer. Craft beer! on. Obviously, the custom- waiter during the day and I’m ricane over here!! ers are number one, but you looking for a gig.” It’s very up If you would like to keep in know, just everything a per- and down, and it’s very hard. touch or contact Keri, you can son would want in a place, we You have to be very deter- Speaking of your bar, do so at any of the following have. mined and besides that, be- Aces and Ales , what links. ing lucky, to be honest with made you decide to you, and then being obvious- go into something like ly good enough as well. It’s that? I mean, what There are a lot of musi- Me and my friends were just incredibly rough, but you spurred that idea? cians that are trying toalways talking “If we had our know, if you set your mind to get to where you are.own bar, we would do this, it and give it your best shot. And if you could giveand I would want to have this That’s truly all it is. There’s them some advice,beer and have that beer.” It Yeah. I would say study to no guarantee, there’s no any- what would it be?was kind of like an idea, and be a lawyer. (Laughs) Well, thing. All you can do is give itto be honest with you, the I mean, I have to tell you the a shot, and then maybe, youright place came along, the truth. You know, I love what will succeed. Or give up andright idea came along, and I’m doing. Like I said, I am go into something else. Itswe have been in business for very fortunate to be able to rough business but it ain’t badover a year now, about a year be with all the different peo- if you are in it, you know?and a half, but it took about ple I have played with, youa year of planning before we know we talked about Slashactually opened the doors. and cool events with Motley’s Right! Well, you areSo it has been about two and lead, Vince, and obviously, definitely good enougha half years from conception now Alice. It’s been great! It and I’m flattered to do18| Rock Thiz Magazine | Issue 3 this interview with you.
  • 17. Ready to Conquer the World You just need to learn how Lyndah Pizarro is a bub- to separate what happens at Just the stories. My dad is I would love to be on Danc- work from what happens out-Erin Symington reenact for the show? do?bly young lady with striking the one that comes up with ing with the Stars. I haven’teyes. You would never know side of work, which is very all of the stories since he has talked to anyone about it, butby looking at her that she puts difficult sometimes. Sonja been doing this for fifteen I did talk to my dad to see ifherself into dangerous situa- and I are so alike. We can get years, and they are based on he has any contacts, but Itions on a daily basis. This into an argument, more of a actual repos. There are some am mainly relying on my fanvivacious young lady is an up debate, and we keep going, times you kind of have to base. A fan that turned intoand coming reality star, and a it’s hard to shut us up. twist it a little bit. Not always a friend posted a YouTubecast member on Reality TV’s for TV, but for legal purposes, video giving the information“Operation Repo”. Rock Thiz because there are just some for fans to request me on the Do you have other fam-had the opportunity to spend things you can’t show on TV. show. She also gave me the idea to start a petition. It ily members that youa day of fun in the sun with would really help me to get work with that aren’tLyndah in Huntington Beach, My mom is involved some- away from the whole repo A lot of people claimCA. on the show? what, but she is more behind thing, and have people know the show is completely the scenes. She’s mainly not A r e you ent er t a i ne d? that I can do something other fake. What is your take? on the show because she You’re entertained, right? I love my haters! than take your car. How long have you I worked with a permit doesn’t like to be on camera. To see Lyndah and the rest been a repo agent?from school starting at 15,but my dad would never let of the “Operation Repo” crew, check out your local listings. Are there any other TVme go out on a ride along. I Do you see any of yourbelieve I worked two sum- shows you would like to b rot h e rs a n d sistersmers with my dad, and then following you intoat 18 is when you can become I hope not! I don’t want the family business?a repo agent. any of them going into it. But, if any of them were, it would be my younger sister. Because I know How did you get into I was actually going to join the dangers, I personally the repo business?the Marines. I had no desire don’t want my siblings toto become a repo agent, no have anything to do withdesire to be on TV, nothing. it or have anything hap-I went to my recruiter and pen to them. I will alwaystook my pre-tests. I was going be the protective olderto sign that day, and I needed sister.a day to think about it. I wasgoing to go back Friday, buton Thursday my dad calls me What are your per-out of the blue and says “Be sonal “must haves”ready in 10 minutes, you are My cel l phone, l ip for every repo?going to be on the show”, and gloss, a hair clip, pep-it just went from there. per spray, tools to get into the car; you need to have a tow truck and the repo order. That’s pretty How did the show come My dad always wanted to much all of the basic stuff. about?be part of a bigger network.Channel 22 is really local, and Oh, and you need to havemy dad wanted to go nation- gloves, for sure!wide, worldwide. It opensdoors for you, you meet peo- What is the craziestple, you travel, so my dad just repo you have everstarted talking to the right There’s been a few, done?people and it came about. and they have all involved guns. People actually shoot at us – my dad has even been run over. We How is it working with (Laughs) It’s different turn away from repos family members?with everybody. My dad, ofcourse he’s my boss, but he’s all the time if it’s toomy dad first. He doesn’t want to get hurt; he’s very pro-tective, especially with guys. How do you de - Issue 3 | Rock Thiz Magazine | 19 cide which repos to
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