Doing GOOD While Doing WELL in Business


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#97 - In this episode, Travis speaks with successful entrepreneur Michael Simmons. Michael is one of the top young entrepreneurs and has been commended and recognized for his achievements. Through the years Michael has helped budding entrepreneurs and even students realize their dream of starting a business and uncover their potential through his speaking events and tours around schools and conferences around the country. Michael also shares reaches out to entrepreneurs through his column on Forbes.

Michael and Travis shares valuable insights on how entrepreneurs can be successful in their business. Entrepreneurs can learn from Michael’s past experiences and how he was able to overcome failures and hardships to get to where he is today. They also shared the importance of overcoming your fears by re-framing it in order to avoid its paralyzing effect that prevents us from taking action. These and so much more are what’s in store in this episode of the Entrepreneur’s Radio Show.

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Doing GOOD While Doing WELL in Business

  1. 1. Doing GOOD While Doing WELL Finding Success In What You Do Process of transformation and having a quality of life with Travis Lane Jenkins and Michael Simmons
  2. 2. Finding Success In What You Do  Overcoming your fears  Reframing one’s mind  Setting goals for success  How transformation happens  Having a quality of life  Making the biggest impact  Building a network
  3. 3. Overcoming Your Fears  Pain is the best teacher in the world  You don’t need to hide your challenges  The only time to let it go is when you’re on your knees
  4. 4. Overcoming Your Fears  Doing what you are afraid of and reframing it  Reframing one’s mind is very powerful “Fear is what keeps people from achieving true greatness…”
  5. 5. The Process of Transformation  Entrepreneur is like a plane that is trying to take off the ground  When it takes flight it starts to carry its own weight  It is like an infant growing until its ready to take flight
  6. 6. Transformation Happens  Challenges are part of the journey  We still have setbacks  Transformation happens when entrepreneurs open about their challenges.
  7. 7. There Are 2 Ways To Give Back  Through speaking and writing  And sharing your story of success The power of story telling when people hear a success story of someone that relates to you that you can relate to and see yourself in. And you can also see the challenges of their life as well.
  8. 8. Setting Goals For Success  Hardest thing but biggest reward  Success is a journey of challenges and goals  Success is a constant process (the work is never done)
  9. 9. Setting Specific Goals  Success is a never-ending thing that you’re chasing  Setting specific goals  When to hit that goal  Facing your biggest challenge  Overcoming your biggest fear
  10. 10. ‘Success’ a Hollow Victory When you’re success is based purely on financial it is a hollow victory. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people when you say “Money isn’t everything.” You got to hit that target before it makes sense to you because it’s a hollow victory. It got to have things behind it.
  11. 11. Monetizing Your Business  Wealth is not created overnight  Connect people to the resources  Create membership  Opening their eyes to opportunity  Being able to do what you promised
  12. 12. Build a Network  Build a community  Surround yourself with like-minded people  People who faced and overcome same challenges  Connect people to other resources
  13. 13. Entrepreneurship is the best self improvement program you can sign up for…
  14. 14. Valuable Tips for Entrepreneurs  The biggest step overall for most people once you awaken the entrepreneurial spirit within is overcoming their internal fears.  By taking little-bitty steps and being surrounded by a community of people that are doing same thing and are facing same challenges.
  15. 15. “I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean
  16. 16. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires & High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business a production of Rock Star Entrepreneur Network