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Pepnad final

  2. 2. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal P.E.P.N.A.D Consulting LLC Proposal1.Description of the company:P.E.P.N.A.D Consulting LLCis headquartered in Pune and has representative offices in 10 majorcities across India. The firm currently employs 200 full time employees and 20 seasonalemployees (on a contractual basis). The Consulting offices are located in Northern and Westernregions of India. The company is known for specializing towards the Food and Beverage sectorof FMCG companies. We are located close to their head offices and regional offices in cities likePune, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. The company was founded in June 2010in the city of Pune bythe six core team members.Future plans include setting up consulting offices in Southern andEastern regions of the country.Our company P.E.P.N.A.D Consulting LLC received a request for proposal (RFP) from arenowned biscuit manufacturing company to improve the sales and the growth in revenueresulting in better profit margins. A detailed analysis is to be conducted in order to analyzecurrent trends in sales covering the northern and western regions of India through the variousdistributors. The data will be fed into the “Pentaho” software to help us compare variousparameters to help the company in better decision making process.2.Our Company’s Experience in doing similar work:Our company has undertaken similar projects in the past and has completed them successfully.We specialize in FMCG Products especially in Food and Beverages sector. We have anexperienced team of consultants well-versed with the latest technologies and who have beeninvolved in similar projects in the past.3.USPs (Unique selling points):Our USP is the cost effectiveness which is realized by using software‟s like „Pentaho‟. Thissoftware provides us with latest tools and techniques to generate and analyze the reports of aparticular project. There are three types of processes involved: Page 1
  3. 3. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal a) Interactive User Report: In this, the data source is imported into the software and reports are generated accordingly. b) Analyzer Report: In this, the data entered is analyzed and results are displayed in terms of bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, etc. c) Dashboards: Based on graphs generated, we are able to compare results on various parameters. In the case of the biscuit company, we are able to graphically find out the revenue generated at different price points of a particular SKU type.4.Our Understanding of Requirements:As explained above, we will be following the same procedure for generating and analyzingreports. The requirement is to collect the data from the client which needs to be analyzed. Afterthat, the data is analyzed and the reports/charts are generated accordingly. Based on the resultsgenerated, the company should be given advice to either work upon or slow down on certainparameters that have been analyzed.5.Technical solution/ architectureThe client‟s business faces certain challenges: Increase in the revenue for each type of biscuit Improvement of the profit margins for each biscuit and its SKU type Determining the most profitable distributor Find the most profitable regions/markets for the product Analyse the trend in sales across regions for each product typeWe propose to employ Pentaho for solving issues of the client. Pentaho User Console is theprimary web-based end user interface to view, create, and schedule reports, Interactive reports,Analyzer reports and dashboards as well as applying access permissions to them. Our experienceand technical expertise can help us in improving the productivity of the client by use ofinteractive charts and graphs. Page 2
  4. 4. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business ProposalPentaho Interactive ReportPentaho Interactive Reporting provides a highly interactive and easy to use web-based designinterface for the casual business user to create simple and ad hoc operational reports, withoutdepending on IT or report developers.Pentaho AnalyzerPentaho Analyzer provides intuitive, interactive analytical reporting letting non-technicalbusiness users quickly understand business information against Pentaho Analysis data sources.Pentaho Dashboard DesignerA dashboard is as simple as selecting your layout, theme, and the content you want to display.Include any type of Pentaho reports, external web pages, or dashboard internal elements (chartsand data grid) that access Pentaho Metadata data sources.Data Collection toolsData will be collected by the use of bills of payments, receipts obtained by the client- companywhile supplying products to the distributors. We intend to maintain a database of all thetransactions taking place on the most basic level between the client company and theirdistributors.Data collection frequencyData will be collected quarterly as the distributors place orders every quarter for a particularSKU and biscuit type. The data analysis is done on a quarterly basis. The data collectionmechanism shall include manually obtaining the data from the clients and uploading it to thedatasource in Pentaho.Once data sources are uploaded, we shall analyse the data in the Pentaho analyzer reports tab,and interpret data in the dashboard. Page 3
  5. 5. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal6. Effort Estimate:Activity Effort required Time required (in days)Requirements gathering 135 person-hours 5Design 189 person-hours 7Implementation 162 person-hours 6Testing and delivery 108 person-hours 47. Estimated timeframe:Tasks Start time End timeRequirements gathering 4-2-2012 8-1-2012Design 9-2-2012 15-2-2012Implementation 16-2-2012 21-2-2012Testing and delivery 22-02-2012 25-02-2012Work Breakdown structure:Task Subtask Work package Time required (in days)Requirementsgathering Studying the existing client Setting up contact points with the .5 systems client Getting required documents from 1.5 the contacts and studying the existing systems Talking to various Discussions and meetings with .5 Page 4
  6. 6. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal department personnel of the the concerned personnel client Team discussions regarding Discussions regarding business .5 requirements requirements Discussions regarding inter- .5 linkages between the modules Contacting key contact Setting up new contact touch 0.25 personnel if further points for detailed clarifications required information/clarifications Discussions with the concerned 0.25 personnel Preparing final set of Collating the set of requirements .5 requirements from the team leads Submission of final set of .5 documents for client approvalDesign Preparing the initial design- Setting up of 2 teams for this 1 high level design and low purpose level design Collating the data from the two 2 teams for the final design document Re-modifying the design Discussions and meetings with 2 after client discussions the client Rework on the modified design 1 document Preparing the final design Submission of the final design 1 document documentImplementation Phase-wise module level Division of the tasks at the 1 implementation module level and assignment of Page 5
  7. 7. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal tasks to team members Completion of all the individual 2 tasks Re-modification of software after 1 testing results if required Integration of the modules Step-by-step integration of the 1 if necessary project modules Resolving problems in 1 integration if anyTesting Preparation of test cases and Discussions with the design and .25 testing documents after implementation team and the discussions with the design clients and implementation team Preparation of test cases 1.25 Final sign off for the test cases .25 Testing and recording of Assignment of tasks to members .5 results of the testing team Performance of tasks and .5 submission of results Final sign off from the Re-testing of modified software .25 testing team and the client Final sign-off .25Delivery Installation of the software Discussions with the client .25 at the client site personnel Installation of the software .5 Page 6
  8. 8. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal8. Details of resources required:Dept Role and no of people Skills required requiredHuman Resource Group HR (1) Performance management, separation management, resource allocationHardware Technical Lead (1) Hardware maintenance skillsSoftware Technical Lead(1), System BI tools-Pentaho Engineers (1)Databases Technical Lead(1), System Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, Engineers (2) data modellingTesting Technical Lead(1), System HP-QC (HP Quality Control) Engineers (1) tool Page 7
  9. 9. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal9.Project Costing:Assumptions: Overall labour force will bedivide into hoursProject Design Labour Labour Material hours Cost(Rs)/hr cost (Rs)/hrDevelop Functional Specifications 45 Rs15 Rs10Develop System Architecture 45 Rs20 Rs10Develop Preliminary Design Specification 45 Rs35 Rs15Project DevelopmentDevelop Components 63 Rs12 Rs10Procure Software 63 Rs30 Rs10Procure Hardware 63 Rs25 Rs10Project DeliveryInstall System 40 Rs15 Rs15Train Customers 40 Rs15 Rs10Perform Acceptance Test 41 Rs15 Rs5Perform Post Project Review 41 Rs15 Rs5Project ManagementCustomer Progress Meetings/Reports 36 Rs10 Rs10Internal Status Meetings/Reports 36 Rs15 Rs10Third-Party Vendor Interface 36 Rs10 Rs10Other cost ( Travel) Rs.30,000SubTotal 594 232 130Total 2,45,028 Page 8
  10. 10. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal10.List of deliverables:Consolidated document which includes dashboards, graphs and charts for analysis on biscuitssales and profits. top3 oreo.pdf productwise.pdf region_groupby.pdf skugraphregionwise.pdf top 3 vita.pdf orangetop3.pdf Bourbon top3 cities .pdf glucose top3citie.pdf11. Acceptance criteria for project:The first version of the solution will be submitted within 15days of meeting. Therecommendations on the submitted document will be considered and the final updated versionwill be submitted in next 10 days of time. The solution will be in the form of hard copy as wellas two copies of CDs including both the versions.12. Client interactions required or planned during the project:Every week online meeting or personal meeting will be held for evaluating the status of theproject. The follow up will be done and retesting of each module of the solution will be done.13. Knowledge transfer details:All engineers and managers will be trained extensively on the technical and functional aspects.14. QA&QC:The requirements specified in the document are checked using metrics to satisfy the standardlevel of measures. The sample data is tested on a regular basis. The quality and control for thedata which crosses the prescribed standard will be constantly monitored. Page 9
  11. 11. P.E.P.N.A.D CONSULTING LTD. Business Proposal Page 10