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Irvingisd booktalks
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Irvingisd booktalks


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The ins and outs of booktalks in Irving ISD libraries. 2012-1013 schoolyear

The ins and outs of booktalks in Irving ISD libraries. 2012-1013 schoolyear

Published in: Education

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  • 1. BooktalksIrving ISD librarians are at the forefront when itcomes to booktalking to students. Always onthe edge of new technologies, we look fornew and different ways to get the word outabout books we love. We encourage others tobooktalk in many ways as well: on theannouncements, making book trailers orpodcasts, and at events like Java Makes MeJump. Librarians alone have had over 8,500booktalking or storytelling sessions this year!
  • 2. Booktalks at Java- Sept. 2012
  • 3. Students and Parents at JMMJat Barnes and Noble Sept. 2012
  • 4. JMMJ- Hope Krum
  • 5. JMMJ- Cindi Rockett
  • 6. JMMJ- Lisa Cartwright
  • 7. Lisa at Java
  • 8. Lamar MS genre booktalks
  • 9. MacArthur High School. Mary Boyd, LibrarianBook Trailers- November 9, 2012, March 6, 2013, March 7, 2013
  • 10. Student BooktalkBy: Sarah Gomez (Academy student, Lamar alum)“THE BURNING ARROW THUDDED INTO THE WALL.Fire. The old, dry wood of the meetinghouse ignited in an instant. Dark, oily smoke filled the air,scratching my lungs and making me choke. Around me, my new friends cried out in shockbefore grabbing weapons, preparing to fight for their lives.This is because of me.Coughing from the soot-thick air, I grabbed Lucas’s hand and ran with him toward the door. Butthey were ready for us.Silhouetted against the flames, a dark, forbidding line of figures stood just beyond the edge of themeetinghouse. None of them brandished weapons; they didn’t have to in order to make theirthreat clear. They had come for me. They had come to punish Lucas for breaking the rules.They had come to kill.This is all happening because me. If Lucas dies, it will be my fault.Outside, the vampires waited.”Bianca is entering Evernight academy for the first time when her parents decide to take a teachingjob there. Bianca knows she doesn’t fit in with her fellow piers they are too perfect;intelligent, trim, graceful and almost predatory. On her first day Bianca makes a half-heartedattempt to abandon Evernight Academy, when she runs into Lucas, another student atEvernight who also doesn’t seem to fit into. Lucas first seems to ignore Bianca and finally givesinto the love he feels for her. But at Evernight nothing is as it appears. Everyone has theirsecrets and for Bianca and Lucas, will it tear them apart?So check out Evernight and don’t miss Stargazer to enjoy more of the star-crossed lovers, Biancaand Lucas.
  • 11. Booktalks done differentlyLamar MS online booktalks- written by Cindi Rockett
  • 12. Booktalks done differentlyBooktrailers• Wendy Sanders is the teacher that Skye Bryantworked with. Her fifth grade students madethe trailer for my second grade students.•• Olivia books
  • 13. Booktalks done differentlyPodcast booktalk by Cindi Rockett• Forbidden by Judy Waite
  • 14. Booktalks done differentlyLamar MS- QR codes and trailers
  • 15. Booktalks done differentlyTHE SCORPIO RACESby Maggie Stiefvater
  • 16. Booktalks done differentlyMONSTRUMOLOGISTby Rick Yancey
  • 17. Booktalking done differentlyStudent recommendations at Lady BirdJohnson MS
  • 18. Booktalking Schedules- KeyesElementary
  • 19. Booktalking Schedules- Lamar MS
  • 20. How To’sLamar MS booktalk slide presentation
  • 21. Lamar MS booktalk bookmarksHow To’s
  • 22. Narratives- Lori Bierschwale, HoustonMS• Conducted the traditional way – previewing abook by word of mouth• Scanning QR codes with smart phones• Scanning QR codes with iPads• Showing book trailers in a PPT.• Going to content classes (math, science,electives) to read and preview books contentrelated
  • 23. Narratives-Diana Stephens, Barbara Cardwell Prep• So far, I have done 132 Booktalking sessions with ELA, reading, andCTE classes. Sometimes the teacher requests a theme, such as“Coming of Age” for English 1 Springboard, Colonial times (EnglishIV Springboard), Cultural Diversity (English II Springboard), andmostly recently, Graphic Novels (English IV Springboard), as well asmythology related, or verse novels for reading classes. I do mybooktalks with book trailers, or just orally with a question and a fewsentences, or sometimes a read aloud.• This year, since ELA classes don’t have enough time to come to thelibrary, I make savvy book choices in addition to novels of therequested themes, and load up a cart I call my “Logo Cart” and pushit into the rooms for 4 one minute booktalks, checkout, renewals,and collect books for return. I’m in and out in 15 minutes. Thepicture shows me doing the Logo cart in Ms. Lindle’s classroom withEnglish II students.
  • 24. Cardwell- Diana Stephens in Lindle’s room
  • 25. Narratives- Kristine Lundeen, Travis MS• At Travis I do a lot of book talking or showing of trailers to students.I teach lessons to 6th graders once or twice a month. This semesterwe have been going over genre – therefore I’ve talked with themover Non-fiction books, Realistic Fiction, and Mystery (before theend of the year we will have completed Historical Fiction & ScienceFiction). I do have a picture of me somewhere dressed up asSherlock Holmes when I talked about Mystery.• I have also done Book Talking genre lessons with 8th graders overScience Fiction and Historical Fiction.• With the Irving Big Read – I tied it in with Banned Book Week were IBooktalked the Big Read (Fahrenheit 451) and various BannedBooks to all 6th-8th grade ELAR classes.• I have also Book Talked: Realistic Fiction, Dystopian, Coming of Ageto GT ELAR classes.
  • 26. Travis MS
  • 27. Narratives- Anu Khosla, KeyesElementary• Other than Book talking in the library daily, wehave a schedule for all the admin andInstructional support who go on the morningannouncements each Tuesday. I have sharedthe google doc with you, with Tuesdayschedule for Book Talks.
  • 28. Narratives- Cindi Rockett, Lamar MS• After orientations, my goal was to bring classes to thelibrary for booktalks weekly. Except for a few weeksaround holidays and book fair I have been able to dothat. Most classes have been to 3 booktalks sessions atthis point in the year. That makes 661 sessions for theyear- wow, no wonder I’m tired!• I like to make power points to go with every booktalk.That way, they can be reused in the library orclassroom or printed out so the kids can look at what Italked about.• I’ve done several thematic booktalks- genres,biographies, end of the world fiction, Halloween, non-fiction and researching.
  • 29. Lamar genre booktalks
  • 30. Narratives- George Swan, DavisElementary• Every day our principal comes by the library before themorning announcements. He selects a book (orsometimes I select one for him). He gives a brief booktalk every morning. He tells the students where to findit in the library using the spine label. It is amazing howmany kids want to check out the book herecommends. He has been an avid supporter of thelibrary! In fact he, he has been named theAdministrator of the year for TLA and will berecognized and honored at the Bluebonnet Luncheon!
  • 31. Narratives- Carrie Patrick, John HaleyElementary• I have book talked Gordan Korman books tomy fifth graders. We have also talked aboutvarious titles throughout the year to differentgrade levels.Author Gordon Korman
  • 32. Narratives- Cynthia Whisennand,Gilbert Elementary• I do book talks tied in with Novelist for grades3-5 I choose a page from Novelist like Classics,see which copies Gilbert has, and then use thescreen art up on the digital projector. I tie it inwith showing the students how to writereviews on LS2PAC for books they like.
  • 33. Narratives- Karron Dobbs, LivelyElementary• All staff members have a ___________ isreading sign where they can record what theypersonally are reading or what they arereading to their students. I’ve also gotten myELAR teachers to do displays with studentsshowing, writing, talking, etc. about what theyare reading. Several do class reviews of bookson Goodreads and post using QR codes.
  • 34. Lively
  • 35. Narratives-Daniel Chacin, GoodElementary• I did more than one hundred booktalks thisyear for the Bluebonnet program.
  • 36. Narratives- Gayle Benage, Austin MS• I do book talking with classes or book trailersat least twice a month.
  • 37. Narratives- April Scott, Lady BirdJohnson MS• I do book talks about every six weeks for variousclasses. Here are a few things that I have done:• 1 – Holocaust books for 8th grade ELA• 2 – If you liked the Hunger Games…..• 3 – With 8th grade, I book talked some of myfavorite books and then had them create padletswith book recommendations for each other (seefollowing slide)• 4 – Scary books for 6th grade
  • 38. Lady Bird Johnson MS
  • 39. Narratives- Joanna Easton, DeZavalaMS• At de Zavala Middle School, the ELAR teachersand librarian work together to createopportunities for personalized book talks forstudents through “Reading Conferences.” Thelibrarian and teacher co-teach during the 90minute block, allowing for each student towork on Springboard and also engage in apersonal conference with librarian regardinghis/her reading interests and just-right-books.
  • 40. Narratives-Suzanne Cahill,Brandenburg Elementary• I tust did book talks with 4th gr. GT class- they were getting ready todo the Mystery genre for their “literature circles” from CSCOPE - inthe past-- I have just booktalked about 15 different book titles (thenshowing book trailers to motivate). Doris Campbell and I decided todo something different this time:• For the Mystery genre- I put them in groups of 3 or 4 and gavethem “Mysteries of Harris Burdick” along with the “Chronicles ofHarris burdick”---- they decided on an author and his/hershortstory- after I booktalked Chris VanAllsburg’s story of choosinghis favorite authors to write about his illustrations. When theychose an author and read his/her short story, Using the IPADS ---they then looked the author up on Novelist, or,read about the author and then chose their own mystery book bythis author by reading the summaries, or hearing the author talkabout his/her book. It really went over well-!!—Then, I orderedthe multiple copies for each groups’ literature circle.