How to Use Blogs, Twitter & LinkedIn for Legal Professionals
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How to Use Blogs, Twitter & LinkedIn for Legal Professionals

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Finally, the straight dope on social media! ...

Finally, the straight dope on social media!

Blogging can help legal professionals position themselves build a web presence, protect their reputations, and build business. Social media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn can also help you grow your practice, but how much really, and how much time should you spend on them?

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  • 1. How to use Blogs, Twitter, and LinkedIn for Legal October 8, 2010 Larry Port Rocket Matter, LLC Learn the Straight Dope!
  • 2. Hype “ I think Twitter is, arguably, the most powerful branding mechanism since television.” - Guy Kawasaki
  • 3. Reality Source: InformationIsBeautiful.Net
  • 4. Reality Source: InformationIsBeautiful.Net
  • 5. Not Hype
  • 6. Not Hype: National Media Springboard
  • 7. Not Hype: Create & Build Relationships
  • 8. non-organic paid ads Not Hype: Search Engine Optimization
  • 9. Not Hype: Richer Live Events Not Hype: Lead Generation Not Hype: Reputation Protection
  • 10. What are they? Blog : Self-published periodical articles online. Kind of like a personal e-zine. Twitter : Basic online profile plus ability to follow people, have them follow you, and send140 character messages. LinkedIn : Rich online professional profile plus ability connect with others, participate in groups, have discussions, more. Facebook : Rich online casual profile plus...OK, we all know what it is. If you don’t go see the movie.
  • 11. What are they good for? Blog : Discoverable and valuable content. SEO. Primary social media marketing tool. Twitter : Relationship building. Brown-nosing. Blog support, live event support, trend spotting, breaking news. LinkedIn : Introductions. Keeping tabs on people. Relationship building, blog support, thoughtful professional dialog. Facebook : Repository for social media activity. Relationship building. Events. More personal, casual (think birthdays).
  • 12. Nagging Questions Blog : Who really cares what I think about things and when am I going to have time to write anyhow? Twitter : So much garbage, so annoying, the ultimate distraction medium. Why do I want to listen to these gasbags? LinkedIn : It’s like Facebook, but boring. Who cares? I never check in. Facebook : Will the picture of me streaking across campus holding a bong surface?
  • 13. Time Allotment 3-5 Hours per week
  • 14. Source: The State of Inbound Lead Generation,
  • 15. The State of Inbound Lead Generation Source: The State of Inbound Lead Generation,
  • 16. The State of Inbound Lead Generation Source: The State of Inbound Lead Generation,
  • 17. Source: The State of Inbound Lead Generation,
  • 18. Great Blogging Tools WordPress Feedburner ShareThis RSS Reader
  • 19. Anatomy of a Blog Post
  • 20. Compelling, keyword-rich title Art for visual interest Call to Action Enable sharing 100-400 Words
  • 21. Anatomy of a Tweet
  • 22. @= Reference to another Twitter user #= Hashtag, enables search and filtering Shrunken URL 140 Characters or Less
  • 23. Three E’s for Tweets ducate ngage ntertain E Source: Jay Berkowitz of 10 Golden Rules
  • 24. Great for Live Events
  • 25. LinkedIn More than just a living Rolodex.
  • 26. Groups Online discussions with good behavior.
  • 27. The Online World is like Toothpaste Once it’s out, it’s not going back in.
  • 28.
  • 29. Thank You! Let’s Talk! [email_address]