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MLDP Program Syllabus Document Transcript

  • 1. 1 Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) Program Syllabus Spring 2014 MLDP Staff: Thanh V. Nguyen, Sadhana Hall, Joshua Schiefelbein ’14, Mahnum Shahzad ’15 E-mail: Office Hours: Joshua Schiefelbein ’14 (Hinman Forum or Rocky 207), Mondays & Thursdays: Noon – 2pm, or scheduled by appointment. Thanh V. Nguyen (Rocky 207), Fridays 3pm – 4:30pm, or scheduled by appointment Program Description The Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) is a one-term program designed to develop citizen leaders among sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Dartmouth College. Led by expert guest speakers each week, sessions engage students through hands-on learning of core management and leadership skills. Participants work individually and in small groups to develop practical skills that they can apply immediately to their leadership roles in campus organizations, internships, projects, and in their careers. MLDP will provide participants with ample opportunities to further engage with the Rockefeller Center, during and after completing the program. Learning Objectives 1. To identify and enhance individual management and leadership qualities. 2. To apply new skills to achieve societal good through campus organizations, internships, academics, the workplace and beyond. Teaching Methods This program is grounded in “learning by doing.” MLDP was rigorously designed based upon extensive research in the areas of leadership development in higher education settings and skills desired by employers among entry-level applicants. Each session will utilize the “Kolb Cycle of Learning,” where participants will conceptualize, experiment, act, and reflect on these skills in order to facilitate learning. This teaching method will require you to consider how you are utilizing your management and leadership skills and actively try new techniques in each session. Afterwards, you will be provided with various structured opportunities to process the experience and encouraged to plan out how you will test and apply these skills in different situations. The structure of the program every week will involve speakers sharing their expertise by presenting on particular topics related to management and leadership. Speakers will employ a variety of activities, exercises, and simulations to allow you to experiment and practice those skills. Commonly, sessions will incorporate group discussion following the activity to identify key takeaways and reflect on the concepts.
  • 2. This document and more is saved in the MLDP Google Drive folder: [link provided to program participants only] 2 Expectations Students are expected to:  Rely upon each other to teach and learn about various concepts. Our speakers are experts in their respective field, but each student brings a unique perspective and expertise of his/her own. Our speakers will guide our sessions, but YOUR participation will be crucial to provide examples that are relevant to your lives and to create and maintain a spirited learning environment.  Fully participate in group activities.  Earn points on a steady basis throughout the term by participating. Points should be accrued as opportunities are provided each week. Conscious effort should be made to plan ahead and avoid a “rush” for points at the end of the term, which will only detract from your experience in MLDP.  Be accountable. This program has a strong group dynamic and your participation (or lack thereof) will directly impact your peers’ ability to fully engage in the program. Moreover, we are expecting you to expect everyone else to show up – this program is at its best when participants can count on each other.  Offer feedback about the sessions and the program overall in a constructive manner, offering ideas and potential solutions when raising issues.  Prepare for sessions by reading assigned articles and other materials as assigned. See “Required Readings” section below for more information.  Be respectful and inclusive of one another. Google Drive Folder [link provided to program participants only] Program information, announcements, session materials including the slides and handouts that each speaker uses and more will be found on the MLDP Google Drive folder. This folder will be an important source of information and updates about MLDP throughout the term. Program Schedule [link provided to program participants only] Full session descriptions and bios are available online in the Google Drive folder. Required Readings [link provided to program participants only] There are readings in the program and participants will be expected to review them to help us be prepared for the upcoming session. Reviewing these materials will also allow us to focus more on our activities during the actual sessions and keep things interactive. These readings should take you no more than 15 minutes to go over, maximum. Dinner Dinner (yes, dinner!) is provided in MLDP and will be served at 6pm in Hinman Forum (lobby area of Rocky). We will have 6-7 different table setups for dinner so that you can network with each other and have discussions in small groups. Food will be ordered from local restaurants and vendors and we will do our best to ensure that there is enough for everyone. However, please note that we are also balancing food costs in our budget, and we are striving to minimize food waste. Also, as you may have noticed, we asked if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies when you registered for this program and we’ll be sure to place our catering order with meal options in place (for example, it’s a safe bet that there will always be a vegetarian option, but we will also make every effort that each individual has a meal option if they have other dietary restrictions). If anything has changed since you registered for the program or if we need to be aware of anything further, please do not hesitate to let us know.
  • 3. This document and more is saved in the MLDP Google Drive folder: [link provided to program participants only] 3 Sign-ups for Speaker Introductions and Session Recaps (Blog Posts) [link provided to program participants only] At the start of the term we will make a sign-up sheet available where participants can sign-up to introduce speakers and/or write a session recap for the Rocky blog. There are limited opportunities available and any given participant can only do one speaker intro and one session recap maximum to allow opportunities for more people. For more information, please visit the “Earning Points in MLDP” document at: [link provided to program participants only] Session Flow Each Tuesday evening session will follow a general pattern: 6:00pm - 6:15pm Dinner in Hinman Forum (lobby area, ground floor, Rocky). Participants will have dinner discussions in small groups. 6:15pm - 6:20pm Dinner clean-up and move into Rocky 001. 6:20pm - 6:30pm Announcements and brief discussion led by MLDP Staff. 6:30pm - 8:00pm Speaker Introduction by a participant and session led by speaker. Sessions will include lecture and interactive group activities. 8:00pm Brief announcements about preparing for next week, upcoming events at Rocky, and opportunities to earn points for MLDP. Opportunity to meet the speaker and ask questions one-on-one, if desired. Session Surveys Following each session, you will get an opportunity to provide your feedback about the session directly to MLDP Staff and our speakers through a SurveyMonkey evaluation. Each survey should take about 5 minutes to complete, and will be due the following Monday at 9 AM. MLDP Staff will be able to view your feedback complete with your name and contact information. In contrast, however, your feedback will be made anonymous when it is shared with our speakers. Despite this, be mindful that this feedback process itself is a practice in workplace preparation – your comments are expected to be constructive, thoughtful, and professional, whether it is positive or negative, much like the feedback you might provide in a workplace setting. Bonus Content While each session is substantive and will help to develop your management and leadership skills, the sessions are by no means exhaustive – the field of management and leadership is vast and there is simply too much information to cover. Furthermore, we know that you will be interested in seeking out more information on your own about management and leadership. To assist you with this, we have created “MLDP Bonus Content.” MLDP Bonus Content is posted on Rocky’s Pinterest page. Bonus content contains materials recommended by MLDP Staff and our speakers and will contain videos, slides, articles, and books. Check it out!
  • 4. This document and more is saved in the MLDP Google Drive folder: [link provided to program participants only] 4 Attendance Your attendance is crucial to this program because we have a great deal of activities and exercises where we interact with one another and it is best when there is a diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and interests. Because participation is so vital to this program, there is an attendance policy. As mentioned in the “Completing the Program” section (see below), participants must attend at least 7 sessions to complete MLDP. That being stated, if you must be absent for one of our sessions, please blitz MLDP as soon as possible. We appreciate this courtesy and it allows us to anticipate the size of the entire group and prepare our speakers. It also allows us alter the catering order to minimize food waste. Although it is strongly discouraged, if you must leave early, please blitz MLDP as soon as you know (we prefer this rather than you telling us 5 minutes in-person before we start the session). Please also extend the courtesy to our speakers and let them know that you have to head out early so that they aren’t wondering why you left their session. Completing the Program As previously mentioned, this program has been rigorously designed as a series of sessions to develop students’ management and leadership skills, based upon extensive research in the field. While any single session may be able to stand alone, the order of sessions and the duration of the program over a single term are intentional. Your participation during this program is critical to gain management and leadership skills. We also know that you are all engaged in other important activities and programs around campus, in addition to the course load that is typical of Dartmouth students. After years of experience in enhancing this program, we have implemented a point system to allow some flexibility and different ways to complete the program, while maintaining a standard level of participation that benefits everyone who is involved in MLDP. To this end, we have outlined three conditions that must be met to successfully complete the program. To complete MLDP, participants must: 1. Earn at least 20 points before the end of the term; 2. Attend a minimum of 7 MLDP sessions throughout the term; 3. Submit a two-part evaluation about the program (consisting of a memo and a survey) as assigned in Week 7 of the program by the due date (May 18); To complete MLDP with distinction (see next section about benefits of completing with distinction): 4. Complete a Personal Case Study and submit your case study to MLDP (Please see the MLDP Personal Case Study Project Description – this document will be made available on Week 2 and online here: [link provided to program participants only]). This case study will be reviewed for quality and depth – submitting a case study that lacks quality and depth will not be sufficient to complete with distinction. Please see attached for a complete list of opportunities to earn points in MLDP. All points will be tracked in the MLDP Gradebook on Google Drive: [link provided to program participants only] Note on timing: We will do our very best to update the gradebook quickly, however, please be aware that updating points is a completely manual process (i.e. because SurveyMonkey and Google Docs aren’t connected, it won’t automatically give you a point in the gradebook after you fill out a survey – points are entered manually after we get a chance to check the SurveyMonkey results). Please note that there may be as much as a 1-week delay in updating the gradebook. Individuals who are not able to meet completion requirements within a single term will be provided a “progress report” and invited to participate in MLDP in upcoming terms. Participants must have at least 10 points to be eligible to “rollover” points into a following term.
  • 5. This document and more is saved in the MLDP Google Drive folder: [link provided to program participants only] 5 Further Benefits of Completing MLDP at the Rockefeller Center Successful completion of MLDP is a prerequisite to become a paid student assistant at the Rockefeller Center. MLDP will also strengthen students' applications for Rockefeller Center funding for unpaid internships in the field of public policy and other Rockefeller Center programs, such as the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP) and the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows (RLF) Program. All students who complete MLDP are recognized with a certificate of completion and are included on our website and in our annual report. Participants who complete MLDP “with distinction” will continue to benefit from this distinction during the rest of their undergraduate career at Dartmouth. Students who complete with distinction are eligible for further opportunities which can include, but not be limited to: opportunities to “Dine with a Director,” attending a reception with our Board of Visitors, and be provided with a note on your Rockefeller Leadership Fellows application for recommended consideration. Participants who complete with distinction will also be recognized in a news update on our website and in our annual report. Student Needs Students with disabilities enrolled in this program and who may need disability-related academic adjustments and services are encouraged to see Thanh Nguyen privately as early as possible in the term. Students requiring disability-related academic adjustments and services must consult the Student Accessibility Services office (301 Collis Center, 646-9900, Once SAS has authorized services, students must show the originally signed SAS Services and Consent Form and/or a letter on SAS letterhead to the appropriate Dartmouth staff member. As a first step, if students have questions about whether they qualify to receive academic adjustments and services, they should contact the SAS office. All inquiries and discussions will remain confidential.
  • 6. Earning Points in MLDP  Spring 2014    MLDP Gradebook:  [link provided to program participants]    Activity  Points  Details and Due Date (if applicable)  Attend an MLDP Session  1  per session   Point will only be awarded for attendance of the entire session (6pm‐8pm).      Complete a survey about  MLDP  1  per survey  Surveys are sent out via SurveyMonkey.  The most common type of survey will be a “session  evaluation” sent out immediately following a session.  Other surveys may be sent out during  the program as needed.    Due Date:  Session evaluations are due by the following Monday at 9 AM.  Other surveys are  due by stated deadline.  Introduce a speaker    2      A participant will introduce our speaker each week.  To sign‐up, visit [link provided to  program participants].      Please note that we will be holding a brief meeting for participants who have signed up to  do a speaker introduction after our Week 2 session on Tuesday, April 1st  at 8pm.  During this  meeting, MLDP Staff will help to you prepare your speaker introduction.    Submit a Session Recap  (blog post) for an MLDP  session    2  A participant will write a session recap each week to summarize the MLDP session and  provide their thoughts.  To sign‐up, visit [link provided to program participants].      These session recaps will be published as blog posts on the Rockefeller Center blog  (‐Blog).    It is very important for writers to review the brief instructions.  See “Writing a Blog Post” at  the end of this document.    Due Date:  Session Recaps are due the following Friday at 9 AM.  Submit by e‐mailing an  attachment to   Nominate peers to  participate in MLDP in an  upcoming term   1   per nominee  up to 5  points  The “MLDP Peer Nomination Campaign” will begin in Week 4 and end in Week 5 of the  program.   Your nominees must be students who haven’t completed MLDP previously (see    The form will be made available on April 15 (Week 5).    Due Date:  Friday, April 18 at 12 PM (noon).  Your nominees register  for the program  1   per nominee  up to 5  points  Due Date:  Monday at 9 AM before the wrap‐up session (May 19). 
  • 7.   Attend any other event  sponsored by Rocky &  Submit a blog post to  recap the event    3  per event  Other Rocky Events may include Student Workshops, Public Programs, Student Dinners, and  Discussion Groups (VoxMasters, PoliTALK, RBEL).  Points may only be awarded for Rocky  sponsored events.  Note that some events require registration in advance (will be noted on  calendar).  To see a full list of events, please visit the Rocky Events Calendar:‐EventsCalendar     There will be an opportunity for one student to write a blog post for each event.  To request  this opportunity, blitz immediately following the event (it will be  first‐come first‐served).      It is very important for writers to review the brief instructions.  See “Writing a Blog Post”  below.    These blog posts will be published on the Rockefeller Center blog (‐Blog).     Due Date:  Within 48 hours after the event.  Submit by e‐mailing an attachment to  Attend any other event  sponsored by Rocky &  Submit short essay  responses   2  per event  Other Rocky Events may include Student Workshops, Public Programs, Student Dinners, and  Discussion Groups (VoxMasters, PoliTALK, RBEL).  Points may only be awarded for Rocky  sponsored events.  Note that some events require registration in advance (will be noted on  calendar).  To see a full list of events, please visit the Rocky Events Calendar:‐EventsCalendar     If you wish to earn points for attending these events, blitz MLDP immediately following the  event and request the questions for the short essay responses (these questions are  customized for each event).      Due Date:  Monday by 9 AM (the Monday before the next MLDP session).  Submit by e‐ mailing an attachment to  Important Note:  Points may be awarded on Google Drive on a 1‐week delay (in other words, your points for each week will be  recorded by next week’s session).  Please be aware that updating points is a completely manual process done by MLDP Staff.  We thank  you in advance for your patience.   Instructions for Writing a Blog Post  Rocky session recaps and blog posts are written by students for programs they attend that are sponsored by the Rockefeller  Center, and are intended to give the online reader a taste of what the event/session was like.  The intended audience includes  other students, community members, Dartmouth faculty and staff, alums, speakers, donors, Rocky Board members, and more.   Summaries will be posted to the Rockefeller Center blog, and shared on our website home page and social media channels  (Twitter and Facebook, primarily).      Follow these guidelines:  DO  DON’T   Write in the first person and “tell a story” from your point of view  as a student (you will be listed as author of the blog post).   Include a general description of the session AND include your own  personal reflection (What did the session make you think about?   How might you apply the content to your own life?).   Include the full name and title of the speaker, along with the  name of the session.     Write approximately 250‐350 words, and use more than one  paragraph.   Include a quote from a fellow participant or the speaker.   Be elegant and present yourself professionally.    Put in your full effort in writing these blog posts.  Remember that  these posts are published online and searchable by your name.     Proofread and spell check!   Give feedback or criticize the event or the speaker – even  if it is constructive criticism.  Blog posts are public and  distributed widely.  The Rocky blog is not the appropriate  forum to provide feedback about sessions (we collect your  feedback separately through evaluations).     Copy language exactly from the session description.    Use inflammatory language, even if you did not agree with  something discussed.      We reserve the right to edit your submission for spelling, grammar, length, and organization and the right to withhold awarding  points for any submissions that do not meet these minimum requirements. 
  • 8. Overview of MLDP Schedule Spring 2014 Date and Time Location Session Title and Speaker Week 1 Tuesday, March 25 6:00pm –8:00pm Rocky 001 Catalyze: MLDP Kick-off to Network, Connect, and Communicate Darin Eich, Ph.D., Founder, Week 2 Tuesday, April 1 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 Leadership and Followership Gama Perruci, Ph.D., Dean of McDonough Leadership Center, Marietta College (OH), Board of Directors Chair, International Leadership Association (ILA), “Leading Thoughts” Section Facilitator, The New York Times in Leadership Project Week 3 Tuesday, April 8 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 How Do Leaders Motivate Others to Join Them in Action? The Art of Public Narrative Kate Hilton ’99, Director, Organizing for Health, ReThink Health; Principal in Practice, Leading Change Project, Harvard University Week 4 Tuesday, April 15 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 Writing in the Workplace Sara Biggs Chaney, Lecturer, Writing, Institute for Writing & Rhetoric, Dartmouth College Week 5 Tuesday, April 22 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 & Gold Coast Lawn Dartmouth Peak Performance at MLDP: Leading Through Action Steven Spaulding, Assistant Athletic Director for Leadership, Dartmouth College & Leif Johnson, Assistant Coach, Dartmouth Ski Team Week 6 Tuesday, April 29 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 Presentation Design for the User Experience David Uejio, Strategy Program Manager, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Week 7 Tuesday, May 6 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 Developing a Global Mindset Christianne Hardy Wohlforth, Director, Montgomery Endowment, Dartmouth College Week 8 Tuesday, May 13 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Negotiation: You CAN Get There from Here! John Burwell Garvey, Professor and Director, Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program, UNH School of Law Week 9 Tuesday, May 20 6:00pm – 8:00pm Rocky 001 Wrap Up Session MLDP Staff For additional events at the Rockefeller Center, please visit: