Named Internship Profile Summary - Eve Zelinger (McSpadden)


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Named Internship Profile Summary - Eve Zelinger (McSpadden)

  1. 1. Eve Zelinger ’14 graduated from Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA where she was a Peer Advisor for underclassmen and was the captain of the Varsity Basketball team. At Dartmouth, Eve is an Anthropology major with a focus on cultural anthropological work. She is also pursuing a minor in Spanish and studied abroad her sophomore spring in Barcelona, Spain on a transfer program through Knox College in Illinois. At Dartmouth, Eve is a member of the Women’s Basketball team, sings with the Hillel Choir, tutors Spanish through the Academic Skills Center and is involved with Kappa Delta Epsilon Sorority. During her sophomore summer Eve was involved with SEAD as a member of the activities crew. After graduation, Eve hopes to attend law school and plans to pursue a career in criminal justice. Eve was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a Spring 2013 internship, with generous support from the McSpadden Public Affairs Internship Fund. Executive Summary from Eve’s final report: The Office of International Affairs (OIA) engages in the negotiation of treaties, conventions, and other agreements with regards to international criminal matters in order to provide advice and assistance to the Attorney General, Department of State and to the most senior officials of the Department of Justice, state, and local prosecutors. OIA attorneys are also involved with United Nation committees, which work to resolve international law enforcement issues such as narcotics trafficking, organized crime, cyber-crime, corruption, terrorism, and money laundering. In this way, the OIA works with cases that not only directly impact our own country, but also influence other parts of the world. I had the opportunity to engage with the reviewing and writing of extradition requests, referral letters to foreign authorities with regards to the requests, and use government databases to search for cases and individuals. Engaging with this material made me more conscious of the crimes committed in “Working at OIA was a valuable opportunity not only for expanding my mind in the public policy realm, but also for understanding more about myself.” [MCSPADDEN PUBLIC AFFAIRS FUND INTERN PROFILE]
  2. 2. various parts of the world and I have become more aware of the tactics used by criminals to perform such crimes. I am now familiar with the procedures used by government agencies that deal with these cases. I plan to use the knowledge that I have acquired from the internship in pursuing career paths. I have learned a lot about myself in this internship. I recognize that while the content of the material is interesting and something I definitely want to incorporate in my professional pursuits, a career with a lot of daily human interaction and less computer use is something I will seek in order to fulfill my interests. Eve at the entrance of her internship at the US Department of Justice, Criminal Division: Office of International Affairs in Spring 2013. 2