Maximizing Leave Terms - SFW12


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Slide deck from “Maximimizing Your Leave Terms” session at Dartmouth College Sophomore Family Weekend 2012.
Hosted by: Rockefeller Center (, Tucker Foundation (, Dickey Center (, and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research (
Thanks to our student speakers: Edgar Sandoval ’14, Samuel Street ’13, and Hannah Rowe ’14.

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Maximizing Leave Terms - SFW12

  1. 1. +Maximizing Your Leave TermsSophomore Family Weekend 2012
  2. 2. Leave Terms at Dartmouth College Mission: preparation for a lifetime of learning and responsible leadership Opportunities for International, Interdisciplinary and Independent learning Campus funding sources for unpaid opportunities and projects D plan allows for flexibility: plan carefully and use your leave terms wisely! Fall Winter Spring Summer Required on Required on Required on First year You choose campus campus campus Required on campus Sophomore You choose You choose You choose (sophomore summer) Junior You choose You choose You choose You choose Required on Required on Required on Senior Graduation! campus campus campus
  3. 3. Does it matter what I do during my leave terms? Gain knowledge and experience beyond the classroom Link your academics to potential careers Learn about career paths Develop transferable professional skills Make connections Have opportunities when other colleges are in session Gain knowledge of the world‟s peoples and problems Engage in practical work in different communities
  4. 4. Maximizing Your Leave Terms Internships & ResearchValue Options Planning Resources
  5. 5.  Academics+ Internships & Research  Link classroom learning to real world experience  Delve deeper into a particular field  Careers Value Options Planning Resources  Learn about a career path  Gain contacts for future jobsValue  Expanding horizons“My time in Ethiopia helped broaden  Travel outside of your home regionmy perspective of the world & also  Interact with different groups ofreminded me of what I value in life & in peoplemy relationships with others.”- Emily Dollar „14  Personal growth  Take healthy risks  Challenge yourself  Influence the world in which we live
  6. 6. EXAMPLES OF INTERNSHIPS+ Internships & Research  International  World Health Organization (Geneva)  United Nations Environment Programme (Kenya)  Public Policy Value Options Planning Resources  U.S. State Department (Domestic & Abroad)  American Civil Liberties Union  Community ServiceOptions  Upper Valley Haven  Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights“The hardest part of my leave-termexperience was finding the right  Career explorationopportunity. The possibilities of  Alaska SeaLife Initiativeprograms and places seemed endless.”- Emily Unger „11  Sharp Communications (advertising company) EXAMPLES OF FACULTY-MENTORED RESEARCH  On campus  Hormonal modulation of social behaviors  Abenaki language revitalization  Off campus  Child trafficking in Mozambique  Traditional healing in Tanzania  Groundwater arsenic contamination in Cambodia
  7. 7. +  Getting started  Seek out information about opportunities Internships & Research  Monitor websites  Subscribe to relevant email lists, ListServs, and newsletters  Use campus support and resources Value Options Planning Resources  Seek multiple sources of advice & information  Campus offices & websitesPlanning  Faculty & staff“I wrote in my application that I wanted  Studentsto learn how our government works„outside the textbook‟ and for 11extraordinary weeks, I did just that.”  Adhere to deadlines– Tyler Kuhn „14  Submit materials on time  Ask for recommendation letters in advance  Preparing for a successful leave term opportunity  Meetings with supervisors and mentors  Connection with Dartmouth students who have returned from leave term opportunities
  8. 8. Leave Term Preparation+ Internships & Research  Pre-departure seminars  Orientations Value Options Planning  Skills-based trainings Resources  Clarify personal goals and objectives for leave termResources“There is more personal advisingavailable than you realize. Taking thetime to go in and meet with someone, Health, Safety, & Emergency Responseeven if you have no direction at all yet,is super helpful for getting ideas or Supportsclarity..”- Melissa Gordon „13  International ISOS  Health & safety training sessions  Deans on call  Dartmouth‟s Department of Safety & Security
  9. 9. On-campus ResourcesCareer ServicesThe office supports undergraduates in preparing for and making informed decisions about undergraduate and post-graduate academic andemployment plans.Dickey Center for International UnderstandingThe Dickey Center strives to create global citizens at Dartmouth through student groups, off-campus opportunities, and co-curricular learningprograms.Dartmouth College- American University in Kosovo PartnershipThis partnership includes faculty and student internships, among other opportunities. The summer internships take place in Pristina, Kosovo at theUniversitys Program in Peace-building and Post-Conflict, and include work at various ministries and NGOs in the area.Dartmouth College-American University of Kuwait ProjectThis project provides opportunities for exchange of expertise, allows AUK students to study at Dartmouth, and welcomes Dartmouth students toKuwait for term-long internships.Institute for Security, Technology, and SocietyThis institute is dedicated to pursuing research and education to advance information security and privacy throughout society.Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public PolicyThe center is a catalyst for public policy research, teaching and deliberation and prepares students for lives of leadership and service in a diverseand globally interdependent world.Neukom InstituteThis institute was created to become a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration at Dartmouth using computational science to aid the myriadresearch projects on campus.Undergraduate Advising and ResearchThis office facilitates opportunities for students to engage in research with a faculty mentor, fostering first-hand experience in an academic field ofresearch and development of skills.William Jewett Tucker Foundation for Service, Social Justice, and SpiritualityTucker educates Dartmouth students to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community through service,character development and spiritual exploration.