Named Internship Profile Summary - Victoria Tersigni (French)


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Named Internship Profile Summary - Victoria Tersigni (French)

  1. 1. Victoria Tersigni ’14 graduated from Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, PA as an inductee to the cum laude society and was a National Merit commended student. After captaining her field hockey team, Victoria continued her playing career at Dartmouth, where she is a member of the varsity squad. Victoria is an engineering major with a modification in environmental sciences. She is on the executive board of Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering, which blends her interests in the sustainable energy, public policy, and human impact. Victoria was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a Winter 2013 Internship, with generous support from the John French Memorial Internship Fund. Executive Summary from Victoria’s final report: Environment New Hampshire is a non-profit citizen-based environmental advocacy group. It functions as part of a national federation under the federal group, Environment America. While I worked as an intern at Environment New Hampshire during the Winter of 2012-2013, I performed a variety of tasks that covered a broad scope of the organization’s duties. Our priorities changed as set by our state organization as well as Environment America, and ranged from wind and solar power as renewable energies, to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Therefore, on a regular basis I used phonebanking lists to contact our members and inform them of our work and ask them to call Senators Shaheen and Ayotte to inform them of public support for these issues. To further build grassroots support for selected environmental issues, I asked members of the public to sign petitions that were set to local Congressmen or New Hampshire’s US Senators. Public education of these issues [JOHN FRENCH MEMORIAL FUND PUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE] “After my internship experience at Environment New Hampshire, I have an increased appreciation for how much work a non-profit with just a few staff members can accomplish.”
  2. 2. was also bolstered though numerous letters to the editor, which I wrote and submitted to specific New Hampshire newspapers. One of my individual initiatives included planning a press conference on wind power in New Hampshire. This effort required me to find and book a location, ask a New Hampshire legislator to make a few remarks on renewable energy, and invite our local members to the event. I also edited the materials and handouts used for the press conference. From this internship experience, I have a much better understanding for how a small non-profit operates on a daily basis. While I do not intend to work in the non-profit sector as a long-term career goal, I see how the passion that motivates many members of environmental non-profits is a vital component of making real change in the world. It is this vision that I most hope to bring into my academics and future work plans. During my internship, I found the most rewarding parts of my work were those when I was able to have my own individual projects, and see them through to completion. For example, I planned our press conference on wind power, and was proud to have put together an entire, successful event. I was also given responsibility for our work on the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). As part of a coalition supporting the renewal of the fund, I collected all of the signatures that Environment New Hampshire added to the coalition letter. By surpassing the goal number of signatures that was set for me, I felt that I had made a real and significant contribution towards the LWCF, while representing Environment New Hampshire’s commitment to conservation in the state. Victoria Tersigni ’14 with New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan during her Winter 2013 internship.