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Security testing-and-risk-services-brochure


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Security & Risk ServicesWhat’s on your mind? Is Your IT Infrastructure 100% Secure? Are you carrying out regular security audits for your applications? Are your database servers protected against internal and external hacker attacks?
  • 2. INTRODUCTIONWith the increased reliance on data driven websites and the fact that 87% of the web is vulnerable to external threats, theneed for secure and reliable service delivery through the web has never been higher. An organizations IT Infrastructureand web applications offer data access to customers, employees and other key stakeholders of a business. A minorsecurity loophole within this infrastructure can cost up to thousands of dollars in the form of higher post deployment costs,legal fees, weak brand image and loss of loyal customers. Kualitatem can help you to create secure and stable networks,processes, applications and more through leveraging real world techniques for identifying security exposures. Our currentservice offering includes the following:AUDIT & ASSESSMENT SERVICESSecurity AuditInformation security audit is a methodical, measurable assessment Our security testing methodology is based aroundof how the organizations information security is employed the well-respected Open Web Application Securitythroughout the organization or a specific site. Information security Project(OWASP) testing methodologies andaudit is performed through understanding the information consists of the following environment by conducting interviews, vulnerabilityscans, examination of system settings, network andcommunication analyses.Vulnerability assessmentsAny device with access to the Internet is a potential open door towould-be hackers. Company name provides vulnerabilityassessments during which it closely maps the networkarchitecture, examines all open ports, hosts and services withaccess to the Web, and ensures that these network devices aresecure. During this defensive process, once open ports andattached services are identified, we determine whether eachservice has been updated with the most recent patches andidentifies other vulnerabilities located within the exposed services. Risk AssessmentPenetration Testing / Ethical Hacking The goal of this service is to ensure that clients are managing their information assets in a mannerFollowing all vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, not only consistent with their established andKualitatem uses the information it gathers to prepare a thorough approved corporate security policies andvulnerability analysis and offers recommendations for guidelines, but also with industry’s best practicesstrengthening network and internet security. Depending on the and applicable laws and regulations. Kualitatemclient’s needs, intranet testing can be performed by Kualitatem use specialized phased approach to riskunder varying degrees of disclosure of network information (white assessment methodology and customize it inbox and black box testing). order to ensure that every aspect of business, IT and operations is covered.Web Application Security TestingKualitatem offers a professional Web Application Security Testingservice that can be used to identify vulnerabilities that exist on yourweb applications. This application testing can be performedremotely for external facing web applications or from your premisesif this is the Email:
  • 3. Application Compliance & Controls Review ISO 27001 (ISMS) Gap Analysis & ImplementationOur Application governance framework covers the requirements forvarious information governance standards, regulation andlegislative requirements. In addition, it is customizable to reflect an "Information Security Management System" ororganization’s internal IT policies and provide a clear picture to the ISMS. In short, it is that part of overallstakeholders regarding application security controls and their management system, based on a business riskefficacy. approach meant to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve information security. The management system includes organizational structure, policies, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, proceduresARCHITECTURE & DESIGN SERVICE and resources. With the help of certified implementers and consultants, Kualitatem can help the organizations to design and build theSecurity Architecture Reviews and Design ISMS which can effectively be used to manage and improve an organizations information security.Kualitatem’s security architecture review and design serviceensures that a robust, cutting edge and effective security is builtinto your network from a vendor neutral point of view and defensein depth approach. A vendor solution that works for one company IT SECURITY SOLUTIONSmay not be the best one for you and hence after thoroughassessment of your infrastructure, we recommend solutions and DELIVERY SERVICESdesigns that will work best for your business needs by working withthe technical and business managers. You will get an end-to-endsecurity solution, and ensure that you will always be provided with McAfee Implementation Servicesthe proper level of protection, at an appropriate cost, even asthreats continue to evolve at the same speed as that of thetechnology. McAfee is well equipped to respond to the growing security needs of customers. Relying on a proven methodology, our services help you fully leverage McAfee technology solutions and maximize your investment, providing comprehensive design,Information Security Processes and Policies implementation, and optimization services to help customers apply and maximize the value ofWe help our clients in producing information security policies of McAfee products within your organization.varying nature and ensuring that over all information security policyis in line with your organizational goals as well focuses on specificcomponents. The security policies and processes will support the Our services span the entire McAfee portfolio ofbusiness of the organization and will ensure a consistency solutions, from security risk assessments tobetween all safeguards is maintained. It will reflect organizational comprehensive, customized deployments. Werequirements and will take into account any organizational also offer training and advisory services thatconstraints; this approach will be effective in relation to the provide heightened visibility into your overallbusiness needs of the organization. security posture. Our team consists of skilled experts in all McAfee products. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Program Kualitatem consultants have proven expertise in Data loss Prevention solution consultancy, enterprise wide deployment and assistance. We provide assistance in creating an effective enterprise wide DLP program. We pride ourselves in providing a vendor neutral point of view in understanding and selecting a suitable DLP solution addressing your business, operational and IT requirements as well as your financial Email:
  • 4. TRAINING & ENABLEMENT SERVICES The Kualitatem FactorSecurity Awareness & Training  Experienced and Certified Security Professionals  Standardized, Safe and Controlled Test LabWe help our clients in producing information security policies of Environmentvarying nature and ensuring that over all information security policyis in line with your organizational goals as well focuses on specific  Strong Technology and Process Basedcomponents. The security policies and processes will support the Testing Methodologiesbusiness of the organization and will ensure a consistency  Strict Adherence to Industry Standardsbetween all safeguards is maintained. It will reflect organizational  Comprehensive and Robust Solutionsrequirements and will take into account any organizationalconstraints; this approach will be effective in relation to thebusiness needs of the organization. About Kualitatem Kualitatem (Pvt) Ltd. is independent software andEthical Hacking & Penetration Testing IT auditing company providing end to end services across software and IT infrastructure auditing lifecycle to a global clientele. We have servedThis training program is aimed at teaching and delivering the real some distinguished clients in the Government,world knowledge on the subject of “Ethical Hacking & Penetration Health, Finance, Leasing and Enterprise businessTesting” using same tools, techniques and methods that are usedby hackers to target a business IT infrastructure, thus giving IT sectors.Security Professionals a leverage and helps businesses improve We work with our clients as their quality growthupon their security postures by finding and removing vulnerabilities partners and provide them with IT Security andbefore the bad guys find and exploit them. Process auditing services against standards like ISO 27001:2005, BS 25999:2007, ISO 9216, TMMFocus of the training is to prepare participants for relevant and CMM. Our software auditing and qualitycertification like “Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)” and SANS GIAC assurance portfolio revolves around variety of requirements including functionality, platformCertified Penetration Tester (GPEN). compatibility, performance, usability, security and penetration, code reviews and automation testing.IS0 27001: ISMS Lead ImplementerA 2 day Lead Implementer interactive training workshop on ISO27001 (ISMS) is provided to facilitate the client organization and itskey stake holders for better understanding the requirements of thestandard and provide participants the necessary skills to design,implement and get certification of ISMS.Certified Information Systems SecurityProfessional (CISSP)The goal of the Kualitatem’s CISSP 5 day training seminar is toprepare professionals for the challenging CISSP certificationexam, covering the objectives of the exam as defined in the (ISC)2Common Body of Knowledge. CISSPs are expected to have abroad range of skills across security policy development andmanagement, as well as technical understanding of a wide rangeof security controls across all disciplines within informationsecurity. Our CISSP training will provide you with a quick andproven method for mastering this huge range of Email: