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Edu808- Latest PP Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Massachusetts Foreign Language Curriculum Framework
    Jennifer Scott Rochelle McFarland Andrea MarianelaIoakim Jason Tierney
  • 2. PROS
    No MCAS within the foreign language curriculum
    The curriculum requirements are easily divided into the 5 “C”’s and 8 Standards for easily assessing a student’s success.
    Since there is no MCAS the foreign language department is usually the first to experience downsizing and budget cuts.
    Advantages of Disadvantages of the Foreign Language Curriculum Framework
  • 3. 1. Communication
    2. Cultures
    3. Comparisons
    4. Connections
    5. Communities
    The 5 C’s of the Foreign Language Curriculum
  • 4. Unlike other Standards and Frameworks, success within a foreign language is measured in levels of a student’s Proficiency within their target foreign language.
    There are 4 possible levels of foreign language Proficiency, levels attained by students depend on the following;
    What year, or grade, did the student begin his/her study of the foreign language?
    In which year did the student terminate his/her foreign language study?
    Did the student successfully meet and accomplish the Learning Standards within the Proficiency level?
    How is success measured in the Foreign Language Curriculum?
  • 5. Stage 1- Reached in grade 4 in a PreK-4 sequence
    in grade 8 in a 6-8 sequence
    in grade 10 in an 8-10 sequence
    Stage 2- Reached at the end of grade 8 in a preK-8 sequence
    in grade 10 in a 6-10 sequence
    Stage 3- Reached at the end of grade 10 in a PreK-10 sequence
    Stage 4- This level is attained only at the end of grade 12 if a student has been in foreign language classes from K-12. It is very rare we will have students reach this stage.
    The 4 Levels of ProficiencyEach “C” has its own requirements for Proficiency
  • 6. Communities
    Students participate in communities at home and around the world in other languages.
    PreK- 12 Standard 8
    Students will use languages other than English within and beyond the school setting.