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The reaxys structure editors webinar feb19
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The reaxys structure editors webinar feb19


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  • Welcome to this webinar about the supported Reaxys Structure Editors. My name is Chris and I am a training manager here at Elsevier.
  • This webinar is being recorded and I will make it available in the archive section of the webinar page on the Reaxys info site. A link to the slides is also available on that page.
  • Today, I will talk about the different SE’s that you can use and let you know how they differ and how best to use them.
  • There are 3 structure editors that come with Reaxys and require no installation: MarvinSketch, Elemental, and GGA Ketcher,shown on the left.Reaxys can also be used with the 5 structure editors shown on the right. Connection software is required and can be downloaded from the Reaxys infosite. Let’s look at the ones on the left first.
  • MarvinSketchdoes not have to be installed, but it does require Java (version 1.5 or higher). If it is not installed, or if you have a very old version of Java, you will receive an error message when you try to open MarvinSketch.You can check which version you have by going to
  • Dotmatics Elementaland GGA Ketcher do not require Java, so you should be able access these with no problems.
  • The 5 structure editors shown on the right require a separate license and connection software is also required. The CrossFire Structure Editor and ISIS/Draw are no longer available for download, but if you happen to have an old version installed on your computer it should work with Reaxys. Accelrys can be obtained from the Accelrys website. The current version is 4.1.
  • The CrossFire SE, ISIS/Draw, and AccelrysDraw all require connection software. Once these applications are installed, you must go to the Reaxys download site and download and install the connection software. This requires Admin privileges.
  • You can also use ICEdit from InfoChem and ChemDraw from CambridgeSoft.
  • In order to use those 2 structure editors, you must first have the applications installed, then download and install the Reaxys connection software, and then go to either of these websites to obtain additional software to install.
  • When you enter Reaxys through IP recognition, you can switch between the 3 structure editors from this button. When you enter with UN/PW, click the “My Settings” button and then select” Modify Application Settings”.
  • The Reaxys Help file has information on each structure editor.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Your Presenter: Christine FlemmingWelcome to our Reaxys webinar!The Supported Reaxys Structure Editors
    • 2.
    • 3. Agenda •The supported Reaxys Structure Editors • Feature comparisons • How to use them to your advantage
    • 4. Structure EditorsMarvinSketch Elemental GGA Ketcher
    • 5. ChemAxon MarvinSketchMarvinSketch
    • 6. Dotmatics Elemental and GGA Ketcher Elemental No Java required GGA Ketcher
    • 7. Other Structure Editors
    • 8. (Requires Admin rights to install)
    • 9. Other Structure Editors
    • 10. (Requires Admin rights to install)
    • 11. IP access Log in
    • 12. Demo MarvinSketch: Create your own template for the toolbarChemDraw: Configure ChemDraw to access the Reaxys GenericgroupsAccelrysDraw: Create an R-group query
    • 13. • For more information and questions contact• Go to for all training related materials Our next Reaxys webinar: Feb. 21 Please fill out the survey that appears on your screen after Thank You! leaving the webinar.