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Sciverse ScienceDirect: 30 life science solution Apps in 30 minutes

Sciverse ScienceDirect: 30 life science solution Apps in 30 minutes



During our webinar (including time for questions) on June 13th 2012, our ScienceDirect expert, Mary Vasica: ...

During our webinar (including time for questions) on June 13th 2012, our ScienceDirect expert, Mary Vasica:

- Reviewed 30 applications relevant for users in life science related areas
- Outlined how you may find available applications
- Demonstrated how you may easily add and incorporate relevant applications in your workflow



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  • Before we get started, I would briefly like to put SD into context with the other activities that go on at Elsevier.  Elsevier serves 3 main and interlinked areas, some of which may be of interest to you, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine. [first click] Pharmapendium, gives you searchable access to all FDA and EMA approval documentation and we also provide additional solutions serving the biology and medicine spheres, such as Embase for your biomedical literature searching needs, SciVerseScienceDirect for full-text access and SciVerse Scopus, an all-science abstract and citation database. [second click] This should help put PharmaPendium into context, and with that we are almost ready to move to today’s session, which Pooja will be taking us through.
  • Just before we get started, a couple of need to knows. During the session you may send us your questions by using the chat or Ask a Question function on the webinar control panel. We will have 15 minutes for questions at the end and for those questions we do not answer in the webinar, they will be included in a complete Q&A sent to all attendees by email. If you wish to have a full screen view, please click on the red arrow. Your control panel will be hidden. Click again on the red arrow to see your control panel again. Mary, welcome, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us all about finding and using apps?
  • If we go back to the typical workflow, a user starts in Pubmed, find an Elsevier citation and links to SD to download. They’ve come to the “end of the road” and leave SD to go back to Pubmed. This app opens doors for researchers to find additional content without backtracking. NextBio has an extensive ontology (think EMTREE) that maps users to related articles not only in SD, but Pubmed, ClinicalTrials, News and Data Studies.
  • Find Apps by searching for browsing in the Application Gallery. Manage apps (e.g. Removing) in My Applications.
  • Please indicate which workflow example you would most like to see?Apps that help you improve your search resultsApps that help you make discoveries and gain new insightsApps that help you collaborate with the most relevant researchers
  • We have come to the end of this ScienceDirect and Apps webinar. Thank you for attending. Thank you Mary for your presentation.  Today’s session offered a review 30 applications relevant for users in life science related areas, outlined how you may find available applications and Mary spend some time demonstrating how you may easily add and incorporate relevant applications in your workflow.We offer other webinars and you may review our webinar calendar in a link, which will be sent to you after this webinar. Please feel free to register for as many webinars as you like or send it to your colleagues.  When you leave the session, a survey will pop up. Please fill out what your thoughts are regarding this webinar. All questions sent today will be answered and you will receive in an e-mail shortly, as well as a link to the recording of this session.  Many thanks again, good luck with further exploring useful apps and we hope to meet you again soon.

Sciverse ScienceDirect: 30 life science solution Apps in 30 minutes Sciverse ScienceDirect: 30 life science solution Apps in 30 minutes Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to our webinar!30 Apps in 30 Minutes Your Presenter: Mary Vasica Your Host: Chris Flemming
  • 2
  • Need to know•Webinar control panel: ‘chat’ for questions or ‘ask a question’ minimize option for full screen view•Q&A after presentation 3
  • Customize Your Search and Discovery Processes with SciVerse Applications Enhancing researcher workflowsResearchers can now find and influence applications that customize the way they collaborate with the most relevant researchers, search for insights, and manage or analyze the information that accelerates science. Search & Discovery4
  • SciVerse Hub Applications Highlight on Apps . . . The Emtree Query Analyzer helps you search in SciVerse by analyzing your query and suggesting synonyms for terms that it recognizes. You can select synonyms to add to recognized terms and then re-run your query. Context matters. With the Matching Sentences application, you will see your search terms embedded in their original, complete sentences in the results - to give context, and allow you to quickly determine which articles are relevant to your research.
  • SciVerse Hub Applications Other apps that improve searching within the Hub HL NIH Grants – find research projects funded by NIH HL Clinical Trials – Find a list of active clinical trials Section Search – run a targeted search across one or more sections of an Elsevier article Figure Search – find images within Pubmed Central, a repository of open access articles Science News - read the latest SciTech news related to your search
  • SciVerse Hub Applications Highlight on Apps . . . The Co-Author Network application provides a visual representation of an authors network of top co-authors. It is available to all users of SciVerse Hub including non- subscribers of Scopus. It covers all subject areas in Scopus.
  • SciVerse ScienceDirect Applications Apps for Chemicals Brain Discovery Genes Biological Pathways Proteins Lipids Life Sciences Cancer
  • SciVerse ScienceDirect Applications A user can gain insights with Key Terms within Article by connecting them with additional research content
  • SciVerse ScienceDirect Applciations Use the Protein Viewer to interact with a visualization model of a protein
  • SciVerse ScienceDirect Applications Use the Table Download to export an HTML table into a .csv file.
  • Managing Your Apps
  • PollThe poll should appear on your screen shortly…
  • Questions and Answers
  • For more information and questions please contact bdtraining@elsevier.comand all webinars are found atThis webinar will run again on June 28th 10.00 CET.Go to www.trainingdesk.elsevier.com for all training related materials Please fill out the survey that appears on your screen after leaving the webinar.