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6343 MTT Practicum Competency 008
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6343 MTT Practicum Competency 008


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Hosted by Rogelio Campa Jeopardy Assistive Technology
  • 2. 100 100 200 200 400 400 300 400 AT Fixes IEP Types of AT AT Categories 300 300 300 200 400 200 100 500 500 500 500 100
  • 3. Row 1, Col 1
    • Recognized in 1973
      • Due to Discrimination against Students
      • with handicaps and disabilities.
      • Students not receiving proper education
    • Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    What is Special Education?
  • 4. 1,2
    • A service directly assists in the;
    • selection, acquisition,
    • or use of an assistive device
    • A device Piece of equipment or product
      • Used to increase, maintain, or improve
      • functional capabilities
    What is assistive technology?
  • 5. 1,3 Childs grades or scores What problems the child shows Disciplinary referrals have been made Does the student shows signs of a disability Have prior attempts have been made for informal modifications What are questions asked at 504 evaluation committee?
  • 6. 1,4 Academic and Learning Aids Computer Access and Instruction Assistive Listening Devices and Environmental Aids What are the categories for AT?
  • 7. 2,1 Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act (Tech Act (PL 100-407) Americans with Disabilities Act ADA(PL 101-336) Individuals with Disabilities Education ACT (IDEA, P.L. 105-17). What are laws that help individuals with disabilities?
  • 8. 2,2 Alternate Keyboards Joysticks Keyboard Additions Switches with Scanning What are Input assistive technology devices?
  • 9. 2,3 Referral Form (internal) Notice of parents rights Parental consent What are 3 documents needed before an evaluation is performed?
  • 10. 2,4 1. Input and Output Devices 2. Modified or alternative keyboard, switches, and other devices 3. Software solutions that enable students to use classroom computer What is Computer Access and Instruction?
  • 11. 3,1
    • Created on January 27th 1998 by One Hundred Fifth
    • Congress of the USA
    • Created to assist individuals with disabilities
    • Congress found that
      • “ disability is a natural part of human experience and in
      • no way diminishes the rights of individuals”
    What is the Assistive Technology Act of 1998?
  • 12. 3,2 Word Prediction Spell Checkers Grammar Checking What are Processing assistive technology devices?
  • 13. 3,3
    • It’s the Law”
    • Before 1997 the education law stated
    • IEP only consider assistive technology
    • After 1997Law was reauthorized to
    • State “if assistive technology
      • is recommended, it must be incorporated
      • into the students IEP”
    What is the connection between the IEP and assistive technology
  • 14. 3,4
    • Electronic and non-electronic aids such as:
      • Calculators
      • Spell Checkers
      • Portable word processors
      • Computer Based software solutions
    What are Academic and Learning Aids?
  • 15. 4,1 Academic and Learning Aids Computer Access and Instruction Assistive Listening Devices and Environmental Aids What are the three categories of AT?
  • 16. 4,2 Monitor Additions Screen enlargement programs Talking and large print word processors What is an output assistive technology device?
  • 17. 4,3 4.1K any tool that enable a child with an identified disability 4.2K locate resources regarding available assistive technologies 4.3K decisions about AT required by law IEPs or a 504 Committee 4.4K Various ways to adapt technology to address the needs of all students 4.5K AT as defined by state and federal programs What should the MTT should know and understand?
  • 18. 4,4 Hearing Aids What is an amplification device?
  • 19. 5,1
    • Created by The United States Department
      • of Health and Human Services of Civil Rights
    • It protected qualified individuals
    • from discrimination based on disability
    • Each district must follow the
    • 504 Committee Decision Making Chart
    What is the Rehabilitation Act of 1973?
  • 20. 5,2 The Master Technology Teacher serves as a resource regarding the integration of assistive technology And accessible design concepts to meet the needs of all students. What is SBEC Standard IV?
  • 21. 5,3 4.1s identify and suggest appropriate resources to support student centered decisions about technology-based solutions 4.2s recognize that technology may be assistive, Instructional or both; depending on students IEP 4.3s Identify personnel responsible for AT decisions 4.4s collaborate with classroom teachers and other staff to link individual needs with appropriate technologies 4.5s consider disabilities, learning difficulties, and needs when evaluating technologies What the MTT is able to do?
  • 22. 5,4
    • Electronic and Non-electronic aids such as:
      • Amplification devices
      • Closed captioning systems
      • Alert system for students with hearing impairments
    What are assistive listening devices and Environmental Aids?