Friends of the Library - Abilene, TX
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Friends of the Library - Abilene, TX

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Social Media presentation for the Friends of the Library Annual Board Retreat - Jan 29, 2011

Social Media presentation for the Friends of the Library Annual Board Retreat - Jan 29, 2011

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  • 1. Friends of the LibraryUsing Facebook
    By Robyn Sharp
    Today’s Webinar
  • 2. Today’s Seminar
    Who I Am
    Social Media for an Organization
    How YOU Can Help!
    Grow Your Online Network
    Annual Book Sale
  • 3. Who is Robyn?
    • Former Insurance Agency Owner turned Online Marketer
    • 4. Specialize in Social Media Design and Marketing for Small Business Owners through my company Sharp Social Media
    • 5. Founded local chapter of the Social Media Breakfast Club
    • 6. Writes on social media for ExclusiveFocus magazine and
    • 7. Lives in Abilene, Texas but works with clients all over the US & Canada
  • Traditional Marketing Media
    Long lead Times
    Shotgun Approach
    Harder to track results
  • 8. New Marketing Media
    Almost instant feedback
    Permission based
    Laser targeted
  • 9. Top 3 Social Media Sites
    Over 500 million registered users worldwide.
    The #2 most visited website (#1 is Google).
    Go where your customers, prospects, and networking partners already go. They may not visit your website daily, but they will log on to Facebook.
    The “business version” of Facebook.
    Allows you to share your resume and contact info plus get recommendations.
    Great place to network with local business owners or networking partners.
    Ranks high in Google searches for your name!
    Allows for short “tweets” that are less than 140 characters.
    Everything is public! Even when directed at one person.
    Not as personal and more unknown connections.
    Great resource for links.
  • 10. Facebook is the #1 Social Media Site
    You can have Facebook…
    • Personal pages
    • 11. Business Pages (also called Fan Pages or just “pages”)
  • How are business pages different?
    Personal Page
    5000 friend limit
    Must use privacy controls to protect personal content
    “Friends” require mutual acceptance
    Business Page
    Aka “Fan Page”, “Like page” or just Page
    No limit of connections
    Content open to all fans
    More customization available for personalized forms and tabs
    Can create Facebook Ads to market your page.
  • 12. So how do you get people interested?
    1. By posting…
    Fun personal things
    What’s new
    Contact info
    Know you Like you  Trust you
  • 13. So how do you do that?
    2. Getting people to click the “Like” button!
  • 14. If they “Like” you, they become your fans!
  • 15. EXAMPLES
  • 16. Abilene Gives
  • 17. Capture Donations
  • 18. Capture Info
  • 19. Offer special services
  • 20. Get really creative & engaging
  • 21. Offer the same specials as in your traditional advertising
  • 22. Possibilities are endless!
    More tabs
  • 23. OK…
    • I understand I need one
    • 24. I understand they are customizable
    • 25. I understand they need to have personality
    So what are the steps?
  • 26. Step 1: Design your banner
    • Best software to design it in is Photoshop. Size is 200X600 px
    • 27. You can change it often if you like
  • Step 2: Create the page from your personal page so you’re an administrator
  • 28. Step 3: Decide on the custom tabs
    Step 4: Decide which will be your landing page
  • 29. Step 4: Customize
  • 30. Step 5: Customize HTML
  • 31. Step 6: Once it’s customized, get fans!
    • Ask everyone in the organization to click the “Like” button!
    • 32. Once you have 25 fans – create a custom URL. Example: (Go to to set)
    • 33. Post custom URL’s on all printed materials.
    • 34. Admins can suggest the page to their personal friends.
  • How Can YOU Help?
    Create your own personal Facebook page.
    Learn how to Tag in your status updates using the @ sign.
  • 35. Grow your personal network
  • 36. Create Events
  • 37. Spread the Word!
    • Have everyone send out invitations!
    • 38. Post on the Wall with event updates.
  • How to promote the Friends of the Library Facebook Page?
    Post meetings/events for those interested in getting involved in the organization.
    Have multiple page Admins responsible for content.
    Post book reviews/book clubs/Library events.
    Get people involved! (Post events and meetups)
  • 39. Friends of the Library
  • 40. Pre-Plan Your Updates
    Use to pre-schedule social media posts to your organization Facebook page!
  • 41. Promote the Book Sale
    Lead up to the event with regular reminders and opportunities for involvement.
    Post lots of PICTURES!
    Give updates on the event…how much is raised, how many in attendance, fun facts.
    Share and tag the @Friends of the Library page throughout the event on personal Facebook pages.
  • 42. Q&A(Visit