Evaluation question two


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Evaluation question two

  1. 1. Evaluation-QuestionTwoHow effective is the combination of your main product andancillary tasks?
  2. 2. In general terms…The combination of my main product; my horror film trailer and my ancillary tasks;my poster and magazine are, I think very effective.I have used the same character in all three of my products showing consistency andexpressing to my target audience that she is my main character and therefor themost important.I have included both of my main locations within my trailer; the house and thewoods to show instantly that my film is of a horror genre. The woods being astereotypical convention of horrors and the use of houses being the main locationis increasing in the “horror” world; The House At The End Of The Street.Furthermore, my marketing campaign for my trailer is followed by using the“woods” location in my magazine front cover and then my “house” location in myposter to show to my audience that both locations are as important as each other.Again, I have used a stereotypical convention to link my trailer and poster togetherby including a knife which is often linked to “horror”. This both shows my audiencethat my film fits into the “horror” category and also expresses that the knife plays alarge part in my narrative. I didn’t want to link my magazine into using thisconvention as generally in magazines, all that is shown is the main character of thefilm. Much like the Harry Potter magazine I used for inspiration; Harrys wand wasn’tincluded in the image even though the wand plays a large part in the film.
  3. 3. The woods- a typical horrorconvention
  4. 4. Relationships between thethree?When looking at all three of my products…• My audience is able to distinguish the main locations easily especially in my filmas I involve both my two main locations and then demonstrate them both in myposter (the house) and in my magazine (the woods) to show a balanceimportance of both locations and instantly showing my audience the genre.• My audience are able to distinguish the main character and due to the fact thatmy main character is of a young adult, this would then attract my targetaudience of 18-25 year olds as they would be able to relate to my character dueto the similar age.• The combination of my main product and ancillary tasks can be seen as effectiveas I am attracting my target audience by using a girl of a similar age (stated in thepoint above) and the clothing she is wearing is modern, which again wouldattract my target audience as she just looks like a “normal” 18 year old girl.• All three products install the aspect of “lying” and the idea that “You’ll never lieagain” after watching the film. This is very important as the moral behind thefilm is directly getting across to my audience before they have even watched thefilm. Installing the idea that “lying” is bad, keeping to this moral society hasalready deemed.
  5. 5. The Knife- a typical horrorconvention
  6. 6. Howis the genre suggestedin all three products?• -location-The combination of my main product and ancillary tasks in terms of location is, I think very effective as Ihave displayed the main locations in all three products showing my audience the set up for film, enabling them tosee that it is a horror due to the stereotypical location convention and then then help them cast their own view onwhether they will enjoy the film.• good vs. bad-The combination of my main product and ancillary tasks in terms of good vs. evil, is particularlyshown in my trailer, with shots of both my protagonist and antagonist, when it comes to the combination of allthree products... due to the fact they all give off horror conventions (e.g. location and darkness) the idea of goodvs. evil is expected. The poster also creates the idea of good vs. evil as the knife connotes the idea of a murderousstruggle. Furthermore, you could say the magazine doesn’t completely create the idea that there is a “bad”character. On the other hand, stereotypically in all films there is a battle between two sorts of people going on, soby seeing the scared look on her face, the darkness used and the woods; all being horror conventions it maybecome obvious to my audience that there is a good vs. evil situation going on.• knife-The combination of my main product and ancillary tasks in terms of a weapon, is quite effective as I haveused a stereotypical convention of a horror; a knife. By using this convention instantly shows my audience that it isa horror. Although, for my magazine I did not use my knife within the shot, purely because after looking at avariety of magazines I found that they consisted of just the main character themselves and therefore in order tocreate a conventional professional magazine front cover I therefore similarly used a image of my main characterwithout the weapon. Even though I have not implemented the main weapon within my film, within the magazine Ithink it is still obvious it a horror film and all three link together as I have used the same girl and the name of thefilm is clearly labelled.• darkness-The combination of my main product and ancillary tasks in terms of the use of darkness illustrates thegenre the film fits into and I think I have implemented enough darkness to demonstrate this typical conventionthat will show my audience that my film fits into the genre of “Horror”.• female protagonist-final girl theory (Carol Clover)-The combination of my main product and ancillary tasks interms of including a female is again very stereotypical for a horror. Genuinely, having the girl as the main characterand protagonist is a stereotypical convention so by showing my female character on all three products this wouldwork effectively in regards to showing my audience that my film is a horror. Especially at first glance, my posterwould illustrate the idea of the “last girl theory” as my female is standing strongly with the knife, creating the ideathat she is going to kill the bad character.• Killings-The combination of my main product and ancillary tasks in terms of illustrating the conventions of horrorsinvolving lots of killings is only really shown within my trailer, as i have been able to express the narrative more soin the trailer. Furthermore, the knife in the poster connotes the idea of murder which effectively works with thetrailer to create this horror genre image. Lastly, i have stuck to magazine conventions and not included the knife orthe idea of killings within my magazine but i think the magazine still works effectively alongside both my trailer andposter as the same girl is used and the woods in the magazine instantly create the image that the film is a horrorwhich leaves my audience with the connotations of murder and killings.
  7. 7. Darkness- a typical horrorconvention
  8. 8. How have you represented thecharacters in all three products?How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?In all three products I have represented my main character, Nancy as an important characterwithin the film as she is featured in all three products. I have created the idea that she has alying past which has resulted in bad situations. My poster and magazine both feature thequote “You’ll never lie again” this creates the idea that Nancy has lied and she has gottenherself into trouble because of it. My trailer then expresses more into Nancys personalityand shows my audience that she has lied in the past and because of this lying past eventhough she has changed, she is still thought to be a liar. I think, especially in my poster andtrailer, Nancy is represented as a brave character. In the poster by the structure of her body;standing tall and mighty with the knife behind her back as if she is going to get her revenge.Furthermore in my trailer with shots of her going into the woods with the knife after seeingthe bad character and the reports of the killings in the area. It creates the idea that she istaking matters into her own hands; being brave. I think my products nicely complimenteach other and not too much of the narrative is given away through them. I think Nancy hasbeen effectively portrayed as the main protagonist within the film in all three products.In regards to Sue and Freddie, neither of these character are represented within my poster ofmagazine, but due to the stereotypical horror conventions within the poster and magazineit creates the effect that there is going to be a bad character-”Freddie”. My trailer showsFreddie in a typical conventional light in terms of being the killer. He is sly, mysterious,covered in black clothing and his face is never shown; creating this tense, scary feelingwithin my audience. Sue, Nancys mother to whom is only featured with the trailer isrepresented as a typical housewife and the dialogue “Not again” creates the effect that sheis annoyed with her daughter and her lying.
  9. 9. How have you targeted the same audience?• I have targeted the same audience of 18-25 year olds in all three products by using moderneveryday clothing that most of my target audience themselves would wear. By doing this myaudience will more likely be attracted to my film as they person featuring within it will be of asimilar age (as they are wearing similar clothing)and will therefore feel more comfortable and mayfeel they will be able to relate to my character.• Similarly, due to the fact that my main character who is featured within all three products is of asimilar age to my target audience they may again be more likely be attracted to my film as theyperson featuring within it will be of a similar age and will therefore feel more comfortable andmay feel they will be able to relate to my character.• Horror conventions-location-I have set my film within the woods and a house...more and more modern films are nowbeing set in houses so therefore using both the classic wood location and the new modernlocation is appealing to both classic horror lovers and the younger generation who is beingbrought up with films such as “The House At The End Of The street” that features mostly within ahouse. My three products effectively work together as the two main locations are being shown inall three.-knife-I have targeted a audience of horror lovers by involving a knife within my trailer and posterthat would illustrate to an audience that the film falls into the horror genre which may sparkinterest in my film as i have followed the stereotypical conventions. Although i havent involvedthe knife within my magazine, the idea of horror is still implemented which reaches out to anaudience of horror lovers.-darkness- I have used the typical horror convention of darkness within all three products to connectwith a horror audience, making it obvious my film is a horror and hopefully attracting them to myfilm.-bad vs. Evil-Due to the fact I have implemented the above horror conventions, my audience mayautomatically think there is some sort of conflict between good and evil, with there being a badcharacter that kills...like many horrors...involving “good vs. Evil” and particularly involving thecharacter within my trailer would attract an audience to whom like horror films and mayencourage them to watch my film.• In my magazine I offered free converses; something I found in my target audience research was ofinterest to my target audience. Involving this within my magazine would attract my targetaudience to my magazine...which would lead them to looking at the front cover...which, due to thetypical horror conventions used may attract my target audience/horror lovers to my film.
  10. 10. How have you created a themewithin all?- I have created a Horror theme within all by implementing stereotypical horrorconventions. Using darkness and location in all three products, moving on myposter and trailer carrying on the idea of “horror” by including a knife and in mytrailer I have further created the theme of horror by involving chase scenes, loudfast music accompanied by fast moving shots and lastly within all three haveincluded the idea of the “final girl theory” whereby the character shown on allthree products will survive much like all horrors.-I have created the idea of a conflict between good vs. Evil theme whereby due tothe using the typical conventions of darkness, woods location and a knife tocreate the idea of a conventional narrative plot whereby there is good vs. Evil.The knife in my poster reiterates this theme as it appears that my main characteris going to take revenge on a bad character...furthermore in my trailer I haveincluded chase scenes and dark shots of my bad chararcter again following thistheme between all three products that there is good vs. Evil.-I have created a lying theme between all three products, firstly by the title of thefilm “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” which links to the known fable “ The boy whocried wolf” in which implements the knowledge of the fable to my film. I havecontinued this theme of “lying” in both my poster and magazine by including thequote “You’ll never lie again” which creates the effect that something bad willhappen to you if you lie; much like what has happened to the girl within the film.Lastly, within my trailer I have effectively linked this film; much like my posterand magazine by involving shots expressing that Nancy was a liar, but know haschanged her ways yet nobody believes her due to her lying past...much like thefable