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Evaluation question three
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Evaluation question three


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Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. Evaluation Question Three What kind of media institution might distribute your opening sequence and why?
  • 2. Why do I need a distributing company? Distributing companies are responsible for marketing your film after it has been produced, and deciding where it will go; in order to insure that the film makes good profit and attracts/is watched by it’s target audience. Whether this is in the form of campaigns so that viewers go to the cinema, or onto Blu-ray and DVD. The internet itself has become a revolutionary way to both distribute films by creating a worldwide buzz, as well as being a form for which to sell the film directly. Opportunities for distributing companies have widened and the choice for Producers upon who they approach is vital in creating a successful movie.
  • 3. Cloud Eight Films Cloud Eight films was set up in 2009 by Christian Colson, the previous managing director of Celador productions. They are a low budget, British Production and Distribution company that focus on gritty feature films. I feel that they would be a good choice to continue work for my film, as they are also my production company. They would know my film well and have a better feel for what I am trying to achieve than a distribution company chosen newly for example. As well as this, they have previously had a wide distribution portfolio of films which are complimentary of the style of ‘Silk’; An example would be ‘127 hours’ - although not of the same genre, they both have a very current realism feel towards them and are empathetic of a British audience aged 20 – 40 (My target audience). My film is a thriller, something which I would not say Cloud Eight films are necessarily familiar with; however they are a company who I think would enjoy the challenge and thrive in the task at hand for distributing the film to a wide audience. My film does not have the aims of reaching every cinema in the country, it is a more specified film with what I feel has a sophisticated touch that contains a further in depth feel than the many large budget copy cat films created in today’s era. Contrary, Cloud Eight have had experience with larger distributing companies such as Film4 productions, and so would be able to take some of the knowledge from this experience to best provide a well rounded service to my Film.