Engineering scope & issues - roever roby


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Engineering scope & issues - roever roby

  1. 1. A unknown path of Roeverites ngineeringScope? Roever roby Robert Maria Vincent – Director, Placement – Roever Technical Campus
  2. 2. What is the issue? Shift system being introduced in polytechnic and engineering colleges. Tremendoussqueeze in the job markets robert arise dreams
  3. 3. Only Solution!!! Fresh engineering graduates should be alert in grabbing the opportunities coming their way or take up higher studies. robert arise dreams
  4. 4. Every engineering branch has its significance.  Any raw material to be converted into a product, it has to undergo many processes involving chemicals.  Almost everything we use is chemically processed. India’s top industrialists like Mukesh Ambani and others are chemical engineers.  You can join any manufacturing industry and go towards research and development. A student of chemical engineer can also specialize in various fields like biotechnology, environmental engineering and others.  If you want to move into service industry like IT, which has many branches, then functional knowledge is necessary robert arise dreams
  5. 5. Design Every branch offers good employment opportunity. Engineering is a design-oriented subject. Design involves problem solving. If you become a good problem solver, every branch of engineering offers you job opportunity. You are advised to go through the subjects taught in each branch and decide which branch is most interesting to you. robert arise dreams
  6. 6. As the field of engineering incorporates new technologies, the appropriate scope of undergraduate education in engineering continues to grow. It appears unlikely that course breadth can be widened to accommodate this growth, at every institution, by increasing the length of the undergraduate engineering curriculum. Therefore, with increases in breadth must come sacrifices in depth of coverage for many subjects. robert arise dreams
  7. 7. Certification course on Industry Readiness skill VLSI CAD AUTO CAD PLC CLOUD COMPUTING ANIMATION WEB DESIGNING S.E.O. SOFTWARE TESTING robert arise dreams
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