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What we are. …

What we are.
Be Different. Be Innovative. Believe.

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  • 1. Missing The One Piece of Your Puzzle?
  • 2. INVOKING A STRATEGIC BRANDING ESSENCE We Can Re-Think & Renovate Brand Essence Our client’s top management, employees, customers, and if applicable the shareholders must engage the future value-driven brand essence of their product, corporate identity, and strategic positioning to compete in the new global brand-driven economy. Ensuring our client’s with synergistic business opportunities and internal confidence barometers combined with new market channel diversification that is designed to embrace the emotional brand essence with complete confidence to gain real growth, business efficiencies, and lifetime customer loyalty.
  • 3. THE CORE VALUES OF BRANDING ESSENCE Our Expertise is a Practice Focused on the Seven Core Values of Branding Essence  Brand Imagery and Corporate Identity Platform Development  Brand Management and Product Brand Positioning - NOVOTRIX²  Forensic & Holistic Product, and Corporate Brand Identity Positioning  Renovate New Product Brand Essence Connections Through Winning Strategy and Design Platforms  Define and Deliver Value-driven Brand Essence by Integrating BMG’s “4D- 16 P’s” Customized NOVOLOCITY² Ideation Model  Define and Renovate the Client’s Brand/Corporate Identity, Position, Segmentation, Personality and Competitive Experience through NOVOARTIS² Interactive Creative Growth Strategies  Empower the Consumer Acquisition and Retention Challenge by Employing the Tactical NOVOGRIDZ²tm Consumer Insight Model
  • 4. THE CORE DELIVERABLES OF BRANDING ESSENCE We Can Deliver Actionable Solutions Through Our Practical Experience and Proprietary 4-D NOVOTRIX² Forensic Approach Model.  Analysis, Content Development and Contribution to Thought Leadership  Support Delivery Against Each Element of Brand Strategy Methodology  Destination Planning  Situation Assessment  Hypotheses Development  Research Design & Planning, Brand Architecture & Positioning Development  Marketing and Brand Plan Development  Developing Strategic Framework and Methodologies “NOVO”: means to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter and invent.
  • 5. BRANDING↔RE-THINK IT. RENOVATE IT. We Can Help Companies Accelerate Growth Profitably  We can accelerate your growth by never losing sight of your customer’s emotional needs, desires and hopes.  We can customize and transform your marketing to help you maximize your return-on-brand investment.  We can lead, assist, or even integrate with your business team to help manage your marketing and sales activities. Measure our success by your success.  We can help you re-think your business legacy and renovate your brand architecture.  We can empower your business by leveraging your core brand essence, managing your company’s reputation and image.  We can help you leave your past behind and to stay ahead of the pack with us as we are not afraid to break the mold.
  • 6. RETURN-ON-BRAND INVESTMENT tm Measuring the Return-on-Brand Investment  A brand equates to more than a promise to communicate a compelling and powerful emotional message that the consumer will recognize, hear and ultimately respect.  The company’s identity can become a powerful asset and a marketing tool when properly managed and executed.  The strategic design must act as an appealing and emotional visual engagement for today’s consumer-centric global environment.  It is imperative that your brand capture both the consumer’s eye, and perhaps more importantly, their heart.  Brand renovation isn’t everything-it’s the only thing.
  • 7. HOLISTIC BRANDING Holistic Branding Pieces Can Be Designed To Fit Even the Most Difficult Puzzles Today’s traditional brand and packaging creation process is being replaced by theories of holistic branding through our four-dimensional 4P matrix. Within the concepts of modern branding, the brand symbol, or logo, should convey the core values and the essence of the Brand. The brand’s spirit is a type of visual shorthand transformed through BMG’s proprietary NOVOTRIX² and ROBI tm Model.
  • 8. BRANDING ESSENCE OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPLORE  The Mobile Brand is here to Stay. The e-world today continues to be mobile through the use of hand held devices, the Internet and wireless communications. Today’s brand essence opportunity is reaching beyond the traditional scope of marketing and branding strategies. The consumer audience is changing with its own limitations and challenges. Today’s digital Web community is only the beginning of brand imagery and design excitement.  Thinking Differently for the Long-term. The spend-now investment thinking in the corporate brand and its eventual brand equity meltdown will continue to reflect and plague some of today’s top-selling brands. The brand launch explosion and its no-predictable fallout will not be tolerated in today’s new global and wireless brand economy. Building successful brand strategy with ROBItm requires the endurance and stamina of a world class marathoner, not the sprinter’s speed. Brand consistency will always win in the race for building brand dominance.
  • 9. BRANDING ESSENCE OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPLORE  Your Product is Not Alone in the Race. Tactical Brand Renovation by Reinvention is How to Win the Race. Technology is changing the way new services, businesses and strategic alliances evolve and not only by invention. The Internet is creating a constant stream of ongoing renovation requiring today’s companies to stay the course of the brand essence evolution. The “re-think” brand identity practice is the result of the technology revolution and the need for a constant brand evolution identity. What worked yesterday, or even today, will have to be adapted within a chameleon brand legacy to communicate unique messaging systems to today’s consumer needs and lifestyle changes.  Marketing is Comatose! Long Live the Brand. Today’s Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relation departments and firms need Strategic Brand Imagery and Design experts. The speed to market is very important but can be deadly if the brand does not stay fresh by delivering a well planned and strong brand essence messaging proposition and promise to keep the customer involved through the brand evolution process.
  • 10. BRANDING ESSENCE OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPLORE  Spending Huge Buckets of Marketing Money Will Not Save a Weak Brand. Again, a strong brand proposition by differentiation will contribute the essential speed required to market a long-term multi-directional value through the ROBItm. The new global and wireless economy must be linked between the brand essence messaging promise and the consumer needs and lifestyle changes.  The Branding Expert Delivers and Keeps the Brand Proposition Promise. Through today’s traditional and more important rapid interactive Internet medium environment, today’s Strategic Brand Imagery and Design expert should deliver renovation, brand promise, strategic essence message and brand endurance through one of our proprietary models; NOVOTRIX²tm Strategic Brand Architecture tm and NOVOGRIDZ² tm Modeling Systems.
  • 11. STRATEGIC RESPONSE CHARACTERISTICS An increasingly diverse technological context results in a wider range of media possibilities with which to exceed the client's expectations and to meet the needs of their consumer audiences.  Vision / Message +  Internal Audit / Research +  Re-think / Renovate +  Expertise / Perception +  Strategy / Execution +  Planning / Deliverables +  Management / Adapt +  Creativity / Re-invent +  Interactive / Integration NOVOTRIX²tm / NOVOGRIDZ²tm / NOVOARTIS²tm / NOVOLOCITY²tm / 16P’s + NOVOPODZtm = BRANDING TRANSFERENCE
  • 12. THE ROAD TO BRANDING HARMONY Every business organization has its own special history and culture, so brand harmonization will also be particular to each organization. Each client must find its own comfortable balance between a monolithic global presence and local individuality. Some branding solutions need time to evolve at a pace consistent with the market response, including; (1) Assess the situation with our proven Return-on-Brand- Investmenttm model (2) Develop through forensics a brand essence strategy platform (3) Create a new branding system architecture (4) Champion the brand system internally (5) Implement the new branding system externally
  • 13. CORPORATE & PRODUCT BRAND IDENTITY SERVICES Corporate identity is more than just identifying a business, product or service. Corporate identity is an endorsement of the brand and corporate values and is evident in every aspect of the brand experience. Branding is more than an invaluable communications tool, internally and externally, it is because the brand must cut across language and cultural barriers. Our expertise and client service deliverables include:  Providing the strategic capability to help build brand equity  New product development and ideation  Global brand imagery and product essence design architecture  Brand and corporate identity architecture  Graphic and structural package design  Merchandising, promotional, brand alliances program development
  • 14. CORPORATE & PRODUCT BRAND IDENTITY SERVICES  Help build customer loyalty through our customer relationship marketing modeling practice  Institute that a brand is a promise to communicate a strong compelling and powerful message that the consumer will recognize, hear and ultimately respect  Restore a company's identity to become a powerful asset and marketing tool when properly managed and executed  Help empower the strategic design to act as an appealing and emotional visual engagement to today's intuitive consumer environment  Capture the essential importance that your product's packaging attract the consumer's eye, and perhaps more importantly, their heart  Provide the client with the tools to win battles within the new economy using novo-modern branding concepts
  • 15. THE HERO & THE OUTLAW vs. NOVOTRIX² The Hero & The Outlaw vs. NOVOTRIX² Building Extraordinary Brands Brand Transference Through a Fusion Through the Power of Archetypes of Customized Holistic Archetypes Management of Meaning/ Brand Attributes/ Brand Relevance Desire, Goal, Strategy, Fear, Trap, Gift Brand Relevance/ Brand Territory Emotion “The Innocent” “Reward” “Hero” “The Explorer” “Invincible” “Warrior” “The Sage” “Confident” “Champion” “The Hero” “Bold” “Superstar” “The Outlaw” “Smart” “Gambler” “The Magician” “Heritage” “Explorer” “The Regular Guy/Gal” “Reliability” “Pioneer” “The Lover” “Trust” “Conqueror” “The Jester” “The Caregiver” NOVOTRIX²tm / NOVOLOCITY²tm “The Creator” NOVOGRIDZ²tm / NOVOARTIS²tm “The Ruler” 16P’s + NOVOPODZtm = BRANDING TRANSFERENCE
  • 16. BRANDING INTELLIGENCE & CONSUMER INSIGHT Consumer Insight Through Branding Intelligence The BlackMarlin Group supports client research needs throughout the product development process, from initial concept screening through management’s restaging of established brands. At any point along the way, the NOVOTRIX² system can evaluate initiatives for their volume potential and strength relative to other products in the competitive global brand-driven environment.
  • 17. CONSUMER/MARKET INTELLIGENCE & INSIGHT Business Intelligence Solutions Treat information as the main strategic advantage. Assume that there is always more to know about your business. Professional Ideation Designed and carried out to deliberately generate a large number of relevant ideas and core concepts against specific objectives Concept Development Moving promising core ideas to more fully developed concepts is a critical step. Concept Research With the knowledge and methodologies that are available today, spending time and money developing new products and services from the wrong concepts is inexcusable! Concept Communications It's important to make sure that concepts are indeed communicating what is intended before quantitative testing. Concept Screening Successful marketers and branding specialist agree on the wisdom of pushing a number of core concepts through early-stage screening.
  • 18. CONSUMER/MARKET INTELLIGENCE & INSIGHT Concept Testing Fused concept testing is used with more finished concepts as often as possible as consumers are accustomed to production quality. Concept Optimization Conjoint and discrete choice concept optimization methods are used to discover the optimum combination of factor alternatives, including names, features, benefits, positioning, and prices-alone and against competitive sets. Product Research More often than not, longer-term profitable businesses are driven by continued favorable user experience with the product itself. Sensory Testing Early stage sensory research is the critical base on which all subsequent development is founded for new products, product improvements and extensions. Tracking Research Tracking research has evolved far beyond just providing historical data. Application Research Application tracking services cover many different types of assignments; (1) full category continuous tracking, (2) point-in-time measurement of new product rollout, (3) evaluating alternative in-market advertising treatments, (4) monitoring customer satisfaction to support total quality programs Analysis / models, (5) brand switching models, (6) early trend detection, (7) time series forecasting models, (8) critical users profiling, (9) attribute importance weighting, and (10) segmentation scoring.
  • 19. CONSUMER/MARKET INTELLIGENCE & INSIGHT Client Data Bases Original tracking data and various summary reports can be custom developed as fixed data bases for the convenient use of client personnel. including: (1) on-line access, (2) third party assisted systems, (3) linkage to other client maintained data bases, and (4) data format transfer programs. Advertising Research Building a brand oriented knowledge base on how the respondent to the communications themselves is emerging as the key goal of advertising research. Developmental / Exploratory Research Ideation services generate consumer based core concepts for advertising strategies, themes and positioning. Early stage learning is available for creative development of test advertising using qualitative techniques, including; (1) focus groups, (2) mini groups and (3) one-on-ones Print Testing Custom designed quantitative studies provide relevant and meaningful measures of the effectiveness of print advertisements. Sensitive analysis is supported by unique statistical design approaches including; (1) clutter test, (2) folio tests, (3) sequential pairs and (4) magazine inserts/tip-ins. Commercial Testing These services include the design and execution of custom testing for TV commercials in any form, including; (1) animatics, (2) photomatics and (3) semi- or fully finished. Strategic Research & Consulting Strategy has been called the art and science of devising and employing plans toward a goal.
  • 20. THE MOBILE AGENCY INTERACTIVE TRENDS The Future is Now. The Mobile Agency.  Over the last 12 months there has been an increasing demand for much more sophisticated mobile marketing and brand solutions.  Offer strategy, creative and campaign management platforms for mobile campaigns that use both text and multimedia elements.  Significant growth is projected in the next five years.  According to ABI Research, mobile ad spending will rise from $3 billion this year to $19 billion in 2011.  The U.S. is behind globally, but if you look at the emergence of WiFi, there are quite a few emerging opportunities in this space.  Hollywood and the Internet (Google) have joined to promote the upcoming summer film The Bourne Ultimatum and at the same time tout several of Google's products to moviegoers. They know their users like entertainment content.
  • 21. THE MOBILE AGENCY INTERACTIVE TRENDS  Will the launch of Apple's iPhone spur the growth of mobile applications beyond phone calls and texting?  A recent study revealed that just 5 percent of mobile device owners use their handhelds to view video clips.  Opportunity to target the mainstream mass to crate innovative execution to take the lead to gain creditability and user mindshare through interactive brand strategy platforms.  23 percent said they didn't mind seeing ads in games.  21 percent felt the use of brands makes some games more realistic.  The blog, message board and other media tools, consumers have ushered in the age of citizen journalism.
  • 22. THE MOBILE AGENCY INTERACTIVE TRENDS  The social media press release is becoming an accepted from of interactive brand marketing.  Apple's publicity run-up to the launch of the iPhone is another strategic interactive brand template to gain $100’s of millions of free media.  Need to create a good one-word name since “social media press release" is too long-winded as the industry standard.  The 60-second in-cinema advertising spot is designed for a very captive audience and a zip code mapping footprint.  Mobile products based on the series will be offered through a single brand subscription dubbed the Yellow Plan, the first mobile subscription plan built around one brand . (The Simpson’s)  The Mobile Advertising Studio - ADMOB. When users click on the ads, they are delivered to mobile web pages to locate theaters where the respective movie is playing as well as show times.
  • 23. THE MOBILE AGENCY INTERACTIVE BRAND MISSION Make the Consumer Feel in Control 1. Consumer Preference is a Sovereign Right. Consumers are protective of their phones and rightly so. They must be able to engage and disengage at will, by any means. Advertisers who do not honor consumer preferences will get banished. 2. Great Brand Marketing is a Service. Mobile brand marketing can provide valuable services to customers, e.g., an SMS alerting price increases or discounts, or an MMS (multimedia message) to help complete tasks, like cooking a meal from products purchased at the marketer’s store. These services can inspire customer loyalty. 3. Personalization is Critical. Customers may respond to a mobile marketing campaign one time, out of novelty. To achieve consistent results, however, requires personalizing the message - leading to increased customer transactions. 4. Relationships Drive Transactions. In contrast to marketing via other media, mobile campaigns may not generate immediate transaction spikes. Rather, developing engaging relationships with customers leads to a greater number of transactions over time.
  • 24. THE MOBILE AGENCY BRANDING VALUES Today, the growth of interactive marketing—especially the Mobile Platform — highlights how much success depends on developing relationships between brands and customer values. 1) Provide their customers with valuable services; 2) Personalized for each customer; 3) Delivered in a way that respects customer wishes. Key Client Message: “How urgently should I launch a mobile initiative?” The answer: If your customer succeeds in engaging your customer before you, then your job becomes much harder, if not impossible.
  • 25. THE MOBILE AGENCY INTERACTIVE PROMISE  We must encourage our clients to understand which customer types create real value.  Discount-driven customers are not profitable in the long run.  Customers with brand loyalty generate 70% of the margin. Note - valuable customers only welcome mobile messages that are relationship-driven.  Other communications to their mobiles get ignored.  Advertising is about the sizzle, not the steak. As companies plan a mobile brand marketing strategy, they would be wise to integrate with the traditional advertising sizzle.  While TV and radio excel in delivering an enticing brand promise, the mobile platform is uniquely positioned to transform the brand promise into a concrete reality.  The New Mobile Agency must become a leading voice and mobile brand messaging company dedicated to meet the challenges and objectives of the retailing industry opportunity.
  • 26. INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Apparel Home/Hardware Automotive Home/Office Chemicals Home/Office Accessories Communications Industrial Maintenance Computer Accessories Industrial Equipment Insurance Consulting Consumer Packaged Goods Internet Service Provider Marine Consumer Electronics One-Time Use Cameras OEM Distribution Party and Gift B 2 B, B2 B 2 C Ad Specialties E-Tailing Retailers Electrical Maintenance Security Products Financial Services Specialty Chemicals Food Products/Food Service Software Gaming Home Electrical Products
  • 27. AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS Advertising, Branding, Product, Merchandising & Interactive Achievements  The Clio Award for New Product Packaging & Design- 1982  Award of Excellence for Merchandising NOPA- 1991, 1992, 1993  Award for New Product Packaging& Design- 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995  Award of Distinction DIY Retailing- Marketing of Innovative New Products- 1987, 1988  The CES Design & Engineering Product Innovations Award- 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996  Silver Microphone Award- National Winner 1988  Who’s Who in American Business- 1988, 1989  Silver Tower Award Product Packaging and Innovation- 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005  Silver Aster Award- Branding & Marketing Healthcare Internet- 2005, 2006
  • 28. SELECT CLIENT LIST Consumer Goods: Kraft Foods, Glenview, IL Sara Lee Household Products, Philadelphia, PA Oscar Mayer, Madison, WI General Foods Group, White Plaines, NY Kodak, Rochester, NY Targus Group International, New York, NY Bell Capital, Atlanta, GA Viacom Consumer Products, Hollywood, CA Intermatic,Inc. Spring Grove, IL Falcon Safety Products, Branchburg, NJ Fellowes, Inc., Itasca, IL Berryman Products, Inc., Arlington, TX TEEM Impressions, Elk Grove Village, IL Fellowes, Inc., Itasca, IL Yamaha Marine Group, Los Angeles, CA Curtis-Esselte, Salt Lake City, UT CameraWrapz, Highland Park, IL Turtle Wax, Inc., Bedford Park, IL ACCO Brands, Inc., Lincolnshire, IL Kensington Technology, San Mateo, CA Vienna Beef, Inc., Chicago, IL Digital Innovations, Inc., Evanston, IL Technology & Medical: Prodigy Communications, Austin, TX Flashnet Communications, Ft. Worth, TX Flashnet Marketing, Inc. Ft. Worth, TX NeonTechnology, Milpitas, CA greatdeals.com, Northbrook, IL universal.com, Northbrook, IL AP, Libertyville, IL Laser Aesthetics of Texas, Dallas, TX Retail: Linda Evans Fitness, San Ramon,CA Born Beautiful, Northbrook, IL TeachSmart Superstores, Arlington, TX Alliances: Wallace Church, New York, NY Price Marketing Group, Evanston, IL © 1996-2007 BLACKMARLIN GROUP, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED