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Pdf Brand Vision 5 Second World

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Brand strategy in a 5 second point of shelf world.

Brand strategy in a 5 second point of shelf world.

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  • 1. In a five-second world… © 2008 Rob Weiss. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. What We Do For more than 25 years we have delivered award winning product brand innovation and design solutions to grow revenue, market share, brand equity, profit and return of shareholder value. → →
  • 3. What We Do • Inspired Brand Graphics with Unique Structural Form • Develop Brand Blueprint Architecture • Develop Positioning • Brand Strategy Development • Structural Branding for Profit • New Product Ideation and Product Development • Build Product Packaging/Design/Application Diffentiation • Competitive Research & Insight • Business and Consumer Intelligence • Analytics/Optimization Kraft Foods: Project Dumbo “getting the big elephant off • Creative Development The ground” • Social Media Strategy/Relationship Management • New Product Incubator • Media Research • Integrated Media Planning • Media Buying
  • 4. We Know Next Generation Products ®
  • 5. Be Different. Be Innovative. Believe. • Consumers are looking for new, emotional connections. • Consumers are looking for the emotional product they can love. • Consumers are used to more choice. • Consumers have higher expectations. • Consumers need emotional pull to help make decisions. • Consumers want more ways to connect with everything in their lives, including product innovation.
  • 6. Driving New Product Ideation/Innovation • Pursue innovation & differentiation • Deliver great inspirational design & structural form • Get into the lead and stay there • Convey peak product performance • Set high product expectations and standards • Relentless focus on best quality standards • Never let the consumer down • Never, ever fail the reliability test • Make it distinctive • Make it ownable
  • 7. Inventing Ideation. Reinventing Innovation. • Received numerous industry new product innovation, product package design and merchandising innovation awards; Consumer, Industrial, Hardware, Electrical & Internet channels • Been involved with specialty chemical products since 1981 • Drive the new product ideation development process to accelerate the product to market lifecycle. (55 new product SKU’s within 30 months) • Developed a new "visual brand positioning" architecture to inspire and direct new thinking POPAI Merchandising & • Establish criteria for "innovation relevance" and Design Award marketability
  • 8. Ideation/Innovation Opportunity Window James Dyson, Founder & Chairman- Dyson
  • 9. NOVOtrix.09 Ideation & Innovation Model • Product portfolio brand essence modeling • New Product ideation and development modeling • New product and structural package design opportunity modeling - visual Re-inventing Time • New customized product to market lifecycle modeling
  • 10. NOVOtrix.09 Ideation & Innovation Platform • Brand Harvesting so products can be removed from the product portfolio without losing disproportionate franchise share or profitability. • Able to be successfully reposition a brand as it will be more cost-effective to launch a new brand to reach a new customer set. • Designed to propel a brand into new markets with an advantage over competitors. • Used as a firewall to protect other brands. • Used to exploit channel opportunities. • Strategically positioned and differentiated through product perception platforms.
  • 11. 16 Sorties Over 6 Continents
  • 12. Idea Driven for 2029 & Beyond - connect meaningfully with today’s consumers “To have a great - cut through the information idea, have a lot of them.” clutter 1,093 patents. - grow integrated creative Thomas A. Edison experiences - convince people to commit for life -make the world a better place Telegraph Kinetoscope Light Bulb
  • 13. Creating Passion Beyond Design Over 25 years of award winning structural package design and strategic brand messaging development by; Use of Color Use of Symbolism Use of Cultural trends Use of Messaging Package Design & Innovation Visual Synthesis Consumer Forensic Integration “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs
  • 14. No Inspiration. No Innovation. Inspiration is contagious. It is accessible to all. And I believe, will accelerate us to a better world. “You cannot do it all on inspiration, but without different ideas you can’t be good at business. The more, diverse experience you allow yourself to think unusual things different experiences you have you question you look at things at different angles. That’s when the ideas begin to flow and where inspiration can be very significant.” The next time is now. Sandra Dawson
  • 15. Think Beyond the Next Generation
  • 16. Contact Information Rob Weiss Levenson BlackMarlin Group 717 N. Harwood Suite 2000 Dallas, TX 75201 T | 214.932.6035 C | 972.239.7196 E | robweiss3@gmail.com