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The art of moving people
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The art of moving people


Business has grown hopelessly out of touch with the people it should be serving. 'The art of moving people' is an attempt to address this situation in order to inspire companies to reinvent themselves …

Business has grown hopelessly out of touch with the people it should be serving. 'The art of moving people' is an attempt to address this situation in order to inspire companies to reinvent themselves as Experience Innovating Brands.

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  • 1. The art of moving peopleRaising the bar of Customer Experience(Inspired by Disney)Rob van VlokhovenTwitter; @robvanvlokhoven
  • 2. 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% discounts.Half off everything! Buy one, getone free. Free financing for ayear. Guaranteed lowest prices…
  • 3. Product variety has notnecessarily resulted inbetter consumerexperiences
  • 4. Also business has grownhopelessly out of touchwith the people it shouldbe serving
  • 5. That’s why we areexperiencing acommodity-trap
  • 6. While we are constantlylooking for inspiration andnew experiences to help usto position ourselves
  • 7. And to realize our dreams!
  • 8. So… In order to staycompetitive organisationshave to reinvent themselvesas EXPERIENCE innovatingBRANDS, oriented tomeaningful value co-creationin an evoking mode
  • 9. A theoretical framework; Don’t worry nice pictures will follow!!
  • 10. Co-creation ofValue
  • 11. New frame of reference for value-creationPrahalad and Ramaswamy (Future of Competition)
  • 12. Experience co-creationRaswamy (Creating value through Customer Experiences)
  • 13. Progression of economic valuePine and Gilmore (The experience economy)
  • 14. In this paradigm the firmand consumer co-createvalue at different points ofinteraction
  • 15. Value configuration spaceVargo (Toward a transcending conceptualization of relationship)
  • 16. Encounter processStorbacka and Suvi (Customer relationships and the heterogeneity of firm performance)
  • 17. Co-creative interactionsRamaswamy (Creating value through Customer Experiences)
  • 18. Key findingsNew competitive advantage is all about value co-creationInteraction is at the heart of value co-creationEvery event/ experience is a trigger for interactionRemarkable interactions build relationshipsExperiences become the means to guide personal and businesstransformationsQuality depends on the infrastructure for interaction
  • 19. A change in valuecreating logic
  • 20. Value in ContextVargo and Lusch (Service Dominant Logic)
  • 21. Migrating to co-creation experiencesPrahalad and Ramaswamy (Co-creating unique value with customers)
  • 22. Design thinkingBoland and Collopy (Design matters for management)
  • 23. Co-created experiencesare all about contextualrelationships, individualinvolvement and personalmeaning
  • 24. The brand asstimulus for co-creation
  • 25. Brand = BadgeSmith (Managing the customer experience)
  • 26. Badge = The way a brand is built inside theminds of people
  • 27. Brand = ExperienceRamaswamy and Prahalad (Future of competition)
  • 28. Experience = A set of all events in a narrativeHans Bouwknegt
  • 29. Like a story brands evolvethrough experiences
  • 30. Brand = IdentityHatch and Schultz (Elements of a corporate brand)
  • 31. Identity = Knowing who you areMorel and Van Gils (Identitymarketing)
  • 32. Brand = PromiseRoscam Abbing (Brand driven innovation)
  • 33. Brand promise = The valueyou commit to co-createwith your customers
  • 34. Brand = Relationship&Samhoud (Organizational Relationships in a Value profit chain)
  • 35. Relationship = Role of the moment (Contextual)Black swan
  • 36. Relationships are about…PEOPLEPEOPLEPEOPLE
  • 37. So… What relationshipwould the world miss ifyour company didn’t exist?
  • 38. Discover your Core IdeologyCollins and Porras (Building your company’s vision)
  • 39. By the way…YouCANNOT fulfil a purpose
  • 40. Requirements of a brand promiseBased on Cummings and Wilson & Pine and GilmoreOrientationAnimationAuthenticSimple
  • 41. This way a brand promisebecomes a meaningfuland evoking design theme
  • 42. A brand sets in motion a process of change
  • 43. Now before continuing…Do you fully understandthe type of business youare in?
  • 44. Do you really??
  • 45. Promise delivery
  • 46. Brand behaviour is manifested in its touchpointsMark Churchman – Senior global creative director Philips
  • 47. Consumers preferences andmotivations are far less influencedby the functional attributes ofproducts and services than thesubconscious sensory and emotionalelements derived by the totalexperience Gerald Zaltman
  • 48. Being an experienceinnovating brandtherefore requires anholistic approach
  • 49. Attention to the Customer JourneyMarc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider (Service Design Thinking)
  • 50. Context MappingInnovation is served – Dutch ministry of economic affairs
  • 51. Experience MappingStarbucks Experience Map by Eric Berkman
  • 52. And Experience DesignLego via Bruce Temkin
  • 53. The point is to deliver adeliberate customerexperience consistently
  • 54. Naïeve to Natural Model(Beyond Philosophy)
  • 55. Remember to keep yourexperience innovations insync with your brandpromise
  • 56. Delighting your customerswith your experienceinnovations will boost yourbusiness
  • 57. The service profit chainHeskett, Jones, Loveman, Sasser and Schlesinger(Putting the service-profit chain to work)
  • 58. The service profit chain (a different view)Chip Conley – Joie de Vivre
  • 59. Yet most of all…successful experienceinnovation is a leadershipissue
  • 60. “It is kind offun to do theimpossible” Walt Disney
  • 61. Steve Jobs
  • 62. “You don’t learn to walk by following rules” – Richard Branson
  • 63. “Delivering Happiness” – Tony Hsieh
  • 64. Therefore it is a leader’schallenge to pushmanagers from their zoneof comfort to a zone ofopportunity
  • 65. And to stimulate internaland external connectivity-concepts
  • 66. Connection = The stimulus you provide + theresponse provided by the listenerIain Carruthers (How to move minds and influence people)
  • 67. This requires attention to the art of storytellingKirby Ferguson – Everything is a Remix
  • 68. And gamificationJesse Schell – TED Beyond Facebook
  • 69. Key findingsIf quality depends on the infrastructure for interaction, thencompanies need to focus on experience platforms where they canco-create value through transformative dialogueTo start interacting a trigger is needed, so in order to buildrelationships companies need to know what value they want to co-create with their stakeholdersNow with co-creation being found at multiple points of interactionit is our challenge to come up with new connectivity-conceptswhich are in line with our brands
  • 70. A Business Case;WALT DISNEY WORLD !
  • 71. A start of a Magical journey
  • 72. The Disney Brand
  • 73. Disney on BrandingMatt Ryan - Senior Vice President Brand Management DisneyHaving a brand means having a clear proposition in themarket, so that people know where you stand for. Thatidentity can make you stand out in markets that areincreasingly cluttered as companies around the globecompete for the same customer base. You need to havepeople who know who you are and that is having a brand.Part and parcel to that is having customer relationships.Having people who come to your brand and who you goback to because you know them and they know you.Sustaining building those customer relationshipsovertime can give you a huge competitive advantage.
  • 74. Vision statementWalt Disney World will always be dedicated tomaking dreams come true. In this magical world,fantasy is real and reality is fantastic. A wonderfulsense of community awaits where all are greetedas welcome guests who become cherished friends.For all who work and play here, Walt Disney Worldwill be a source of joy and inspiration.
  • 75. Essence statementWalt Disney World is a magical passage into aworld of fantasy and adventure. Here we can wishupon a star, experience the impossible and bringour dreams to life. Together, treasured friendsdiscover a wonderland that dazzles, delights, andrenews through all the seasons of a lifetime.
  • 76. Mission statementOur mission is to honour our heritage andcontinually reinvent Walt Disney World.“Disneyland will never be complete. It will continueto grow as long as there is imagination left in thisworld” Walt Disney
  • 77. Brand ValuesHonesty We deal with each other in a sincere and straightforward mannerIntegrity We act in a manner consistent with words and beliefsRespect We treat others with care and considerationCourage We pursue our beliefs and perseveranceOpenness We share information freelyDiversity We respect, appreciate and value everyone (R.A.V.E.)Balance We strive for stability and vitality in our lives“When values are clear decisions are easy” Roy Disney
  • 78. Disney’s brand promise;Creating happiness !
  • 79. Brandpromise = Creating Happiness
  • 80. Remember; You CANNOT fulfill a purposeYou cannot create happiness, butyou can create the circumstancesin which happiness can occur Chip Conley (Joie de Vivre)
  • 81. At Walt Disney Worldhappiness is found inpersonal transformations !
  • 82. Transformations havealways been at the core ofDisney’s purpose !
  • 83. Cinderella http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFKN_dz8YBE
  • 84. Pinocchio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tefyCG5Yftk
  • 85. The Little Mermaid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BZp2dxpwF8
  • 86. Princess and the frog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10Phb-uDdx8
  • 87. Beauty and the Beast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms05La1pDIU
  • 88. How does Disney knowthat an experienceinnovation is in line withtheir Brand?
  • 89. Disney BrandwebVia Tom Wolbers (Senior Vice President Disney Cruise Lines)
  • 90. Disney Brandweb7 Dimensions21 QuestionsMinimum score of 17Experience; Is our experience innovation unique?1. Is our innovation an immersive experience which relates to all senses?2. Does our experience innovation bring joy to families?3. Is our experience innovation a Disney creation?
  • 91. Key learning element;A deep emphasis onSTORYTELLING
  • 92. Promise Delivery
  • 93. Disney’s business model;Great leadership -> Castexcellence -> Guestsatisfaction -> Businessresults
  • 94. Disney’s business model;People -> People ->People -> Business results
  • 95. Three delivery systemsPeopleSettingProcesses of interaction
  • 96. PeopleGrowing a service cultureTraditions willtransform daily routinesinto daily ritualsCast the right people
  • 97. Train them right
  • 98. Define behaviour in terms of how you want to interact with your guests
  • 99. Learn from them (You said – We Listened)
  • 100. Provide them with the right information (Tell-A-Cast)
  • 101. Reward the right brand behaviour
  • 102. Help them to start interacting
  • 103. Realize that every role is a starring role
  • 104. Put them in your guest’s shoes
  • 105. Three delivery systemsPeopleSettingProcesses of interaction
  • 106. A gateway to…
  • 107. Another world!
  • 108. Design high touch areas – Turtle Talk with Crush
  • 109. Interactive queue at The Haunted Mansion
  • 110. Character meetings
  • 111. Design high show areas
  • 112. Hidden Mickey’s – It’s in the details
  • 113. Bring characters to life - Animatronics
  • 114. Design high tech areas - Utilidor
  • 115. Command and control centre
  • 116. Embrace virtual reality
  • 117. And other Mobile opportunities
  • 118. Such as Gamification with Gowalla
  • 119. Three delivery systemsPeopleSettingProcesses of interaction
  • 120. Disney Magic is foundwithin interaction
  • 121. Cast – Guest interaction
  • 122. Character – Guest interaction
  • 123. Setting – Guest interaction
  • 124. Guest - Guest interaction
  • 125. Family interaction
  • 126. Community interaction – Fans
  • 127. Community interaction – Moms
  • 128. Community interaction – Families
  • 129. Community interaction – Voluntears
  • 130. Magical Moments canhappen anytime,anywhere! (Contextual)
  • 131. Some of them are cleverlydesigned
  • 132. Magical Moment; Guest of the day programs
  • 133. Magical Moment; Honorary roles in shows
  • 134. Magical Moment; Honorary roles in attractions
  • 135. Magical Moment; Honorary badges, buttons and certificates
  • 136. Magical Moment; Hands-on activities unique to the location
  • 137. Magical Moment; Special games and activities for children
  • 138. Yet most of them happenbecause Castmembersknow how to listen andknow how to use theircreativity to exceed yourexpectations! (take 5’s)
  • 139. Rescue of Chilean Miners
  • 140. A celebration of Life
  • 141. Magical Moment; Riding Cinderella’s horse
  • 142. Celebrating a Birthday
  • 143. Celebrating a First visit
  • 144. A big fan of Tinkerbell
  • 145. Instant Guest Assistance
  • 146. And immediate service recovery
  • 147. Newly weds
  • 148. Have a magical day Maggie
  • 149. What time does the 3:00 o’clock parade start is NOT a question about time
  • 150. Every character has a story to share
  • 151. Imagine you were Matt,Allan or Danielle…What would you say toMaggie or the bigTinkerbell fan?
  • 152. Promise DeliveryAn extended view
  • 153. Themes and events helpto continuously reinforcethe Disney Brand
  • 154. Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party
  • 155. Mickey’s very merry Christmas party
  • 156. Cheerleading and Dance Worlds Championship
  • 157. Walt Disney World Marathon
  • 158. As do new rides, shows,updates and new technicalinnovations
  • 159. New ride - Ariel’s adventure
  • 160. New show/ parade - Soundsational
  • 161. An old ride
  • 162. A new movie
  • 163. An updated ride
  • 164. Extended Experiences - Transformational
  • 165. Extended Experiences - Memorable
  • 166. Technical Innovation 1.0 - Fountainshow
  • 167. Technical Innovation 2.0 - Fountainshow
  • 168. Technical Innovation 3.0 - Fountainshow
  • 169. Conclusion;A branded customerexperience started withDisney
  • 170. And ever since all ofDisney’s innovations andaspects of design are thereto support humaninteraction
  • 171. What’s your focus?
  • 172. Till next time!
  • 173. The art of moving peopleRaising the bar of Customer Experience(Inspired by Disney)Rob van VlokhovenTwitter; @robvanvlokhoven