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24 1 the atmosphere

24 1 the atmosphere






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    24 1 the atmosphere 24 1 the atmosphere Presentation Transcript

    • The Atmosphere
      • It is the layer of gases that surround the Earth.
      • It is the protective boundary between Earth and space
      • It provides the conditions necessary for life.
      • It holds in heat from the Sun but protects us from the Sun’s harmful rays
    • Composition of the Atmosphere
      • It is a mixture of many gasses, mainly N, O, and small amounts of many others.
      • Also small particles, like dust, are in the atmosphere.
      • Contains various amounts of water vapor
      • Contains carbon dioxide which is essential to plant life and oxygen which is essential to animal life.
    • Composition of the Atmosphere
    • Air Pressure
      • It is the force exerted by the weight of air on the surface of the Earth.
      • As altitude increases air pressure and density decrease
      • Barometer is the instrument that measures air pressure.
    • Layers of the Atmosphere
      • Troposphere – about 12 km - lowest layer, where most weather takes place. Temperature decreases about 6.5*C for every kilometer you rise.
      • Stratosphere – 12km to 50km – contains ozone layer
        • Ozone (O 3 ) is a region of high ozone concentration, it absorbs much of the sun’s UV rays – which can cause skin cancer
        • Man made chemicals can destroy the ozone
    • Layers of the Atmosphere
      • Mesosphere – about 50km to 80km – has very thin, fast moving air. Protects Earth from meteors.
      • Thermosphere – 80km and beyond – gradual thinning of air merges with space so there is no clear beginning of outer space.
      • Ionosphere – Not a layer but a region of charged particles in the thermosphere. Aurora lights occur here.
    • The Atmosphere Summary The atmosphere is the protective layer around the Earth It is composed mostly of Oxygen and Nitrogen. Air pressure is the force of air on the Earth It is composed of 4 layers