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Mobile CRM presentation to Mobile Marketing Live 2013 event
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Mobile CRM presentation to Mobile Marketing Live 2013 event


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Today’s mobile customers are more promiscuous than ever. 84% on smartphone owners use the mobile whilst shopping, and are more likely to believe the ratings and reviews of others than the brand promise.
This session looks at how mobile has become the battleground for retaining and converting your customers with personalised, time and location sensitive triggers to drive footfall, engagement and basket spend.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 20. ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  @burner_mobile   Ø  Check  and  charge  up  your  Starbucks   Card     Ø  Pay  with  your  iPhone  or  iPod  Touch   at  U.S.  Starbucks  stores   Ø  Locate  a  mobile  payment  Starbucks   near  you   Ø  Track  your  Starbucks  Rewards   program     Starbucks Card Mobile 
 fastest, easiest way to pay

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