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Burner mobile e gr summit v1.1

Burner mobile e gr summit v1.1






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    Burner mobile e gr summit v1.1 Burner mobile e gr summit v1.1 Presentation Transcript

    • The Mobile Consumer Rob Thurner, Burner Mobile ! @burner_mobile   21.10.13 ! ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Rob Thurner – mobile consultant, author, trainer! Ø  Founder,  Burner  Mobile        -­‐  Consultancy,  strategy,  white  papers   Ø  Mobile  strategy    -­‐  American  Express,  Barclays,  Barclaycard,  BeEair,  Heineken,    Ladbrokes,  O2,  Paddy  Power,  Richemont         Ø  Author    -­‐  10  key  decisions  for  mCommerce  success    -­‐  Mobile:  Winning  with  Mobile     Ø  Digital  Tutor  and  Trainer    -­‐  Clients  direct,  IDM,  IAB,  Econsultancy,  Emarketeers     @burner_mobile     ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Agenda Ø  Mobile  consumer  trends  and  demands   Ø  AcquisiSon  opSons   Ø  Building  long  term  loyalty   Ø  Tracking  and  predicSng  behaviour     @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Today’s Mobile consumer snapshot! Ø  On  average,  we  check  our  mobiles         Ø  69%  of  tablet  users  have  shopped   150  1mes  /  day                                                                       via  their  device  in  the  last  30  days         (Source:  Google)   (Source:  IAB  UK)   Ø  84%  of  smartphone  owners  use   mobile  devices  in-­‐store  …  17%  of   them  have  changed  their  minds  as   as    result  (Source:  Google)   Ø  61%  of  customers  who  visit  a  mobile   unfriendly  site  are  likely  to  go  to  a   compe1tor’s  site                                                               (Source:  IAB  UK)   Ø  56%  of  smartphone  owners  prefer   Ø  Mobile  will  account  for  50%  of   using  their  smartphone,  rather  than   payments  worldwide  by  2016                 a  computer,  to  access  the  internet.     (Source:  PayPal)   (Source:  Prosper  Mobile  Insights)   @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Consumers - more demanding than ever! Web browsing Navigation Gaming Personal organizer Call Email Camera + pictures Shopping Text Search Mobile TV Tablets @burner_mobile   Music Content Download Social networks Vouchers + tickets mPayments ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Mobile users won’t tolerate rubbish! Are  Audi  A4s   really  that   horrible  to   drive?   I  feel  ripped  off  –   even  though  the   game  was  free!   @burner_mobile   ...drives like there is a drunk behind the wheel Just  like  a  real  A4   –  it’s  boring  and   tedious   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Multiple mobile touchpoints! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Multi-screen consumers ! @burner_mobile   Source:  Google   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Mobile gaming apps : driver of downloads! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Device distribution! @burner_mobile   Source: Millennial Media Q2,2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Why use a tablet?
 ! 49% Easiest for me to pick-up 37% Fastest at giving me what I need 37% Screen/interface is easier to use Preferred functionality 32% What I need in format I prefer 31% Always prefer to use this device 27% Has apps/programmes I prefer 18% Habit 7% Offers greatest privacy 6% No other devices were available at the time 5% Cheaper for accessing the Internet @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Digital channels used by gamblers ! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Channels used for mobile gaming! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Mobile OS used to gamble! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Google Glass! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Samsung Smart watch! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Are you on their wave length?! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Reasons for gambling on a mobile device! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Identifying consumer clusters : Heineken! Tribal drinkers Career guys Routine strugglers Buzz seekers Regular blokes Detached moderates Party girls Male traditionalists Careful females @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Multi-app strategy?! PROS MORE PROS •  Mobile only customers do app store search •  Existing customer behaviours, upgrades and notifications •  Gaming market commoditised and licensed - multiple branded licensed products mean audiences search for favourite brands •  Upgrade process drives engagement, improves UX, maintains awareness and volume •  Acquire users around the products they love and use CRM to drive value and cross-sell to other products •  Richer process: Better graphical capability and deeper gaming experience capabilities @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • HTML5 strategy?! PROS CONS •  Audience reach •  No App Store marketing machine - increases CPA •  Less expensive •  Hard to get to people to remember where to come for the product •  Build once, distribute across all devices •  Homescreen discovery is tricky - if not bookmarked you can lose the customer, meaning further CPA or marketing cost to reengage and 'install' •  Speed to market and update speeds •  Data network problems on device - especially if the device is running out of memory •  Staffing and resources @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Track site visits for ! to get insights  Ø  Which pages will improve leads? Ø  Where are quick wins? Ø  What are most effective channels to drive traffic? @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Driving acquisition – SMS + Weve Ø  15m  opted  in  customers    -­‐  O2,  EE,  Voda  -­‐  pre  defined  segments  by   interest,  gender  and  age  (over  18)   Ø  Messaging  cap  of  one  gambling  related  message  per  month   Ø  Selling  the  majority  of  gambling  inventory  available  to  3  key  partners   Ø  User  base  will  be  rotated  between  partners,  this  way  users  see   different  adverts  from  different  brands   @burner_mobile   Source:  Weve   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Weve – opted in, excellent CPA results! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Results with Weve Ø  Client  feedback  on  performance  shows  that  messaging  works  in   achieving  sustainable  CPA  targets   Ø  Typical  CTR’s  range  from  0.1%  –  2.5%   Ø  CPA’s  for  sports  book  clients  range  between  £26  -­‐  £120  at   sustainable  levels   @burner_mobile   Source:  Weve   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Driving acquisition - search! … 50% of mobile sessions start with search! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Paid Search ! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Google Mobile Search extensions! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Build content sites to compliment SEO! @burner_mobile   www.news.ladbrokes.com  |  Grand  Parade   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Rich media mobile ads! Ø  Delivers  high  user  engagement   Ø  Drives  brand  awareness  and            loyalty   Ø  Enhances  mulS-­‐channel              campaign  efforts   Ø  Encourages  sharing  of              branded  content     Ø  Increases  sales,  conversions            and  customer  acquisiSon   @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Most focus on customer acquisition! Mobile advertising Site +app development Social Mobile Mobile PPC @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Bigger opportunity for long term loyalty! Mobile advertising Basic appdevelopment Social Mobile Mobile PPC Data Integration Messaging Coupons CRM & Loyalty Programmes @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Brand switching … why?! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Competitors : brand attributes! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013; Sample: all regulars ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Develop segment-based Mobile CRM! Engagement Ø  New games released Ø  Branded gaming content Ø  Location specific alerts Conversion Ø  Personalized promotions Ø  Shopping cart expiration alert Ø  Event alerts Loyalty Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  @burner_mobile   Request reviews Share comments on reviews and products Post purchase updates Personal coupon updates ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Email! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Retargeted ads! @burner_mobile   Source: Criteo ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Video & PR! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Coupons! Offer Message POS Live Redemption Data Client Database MSISDN Issuance Redemption Qty Offer Type Conversion Reminder message Customer Action Location CRM Data Redemption rate 10% @burner_mobile   Source:  Eagle  Eye  SoluSons   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • In-app push notifications Her profile Your content •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Preferences Location Behavior Location history Timely Relevant Useful Delightful Keep your connected customers closer Revenue & cost savings @burner_mobile   Brand loyalty Lifetime total value Source:  Urban  Airship   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Push builds relationships! 4x App engagement 2x App retention download Results reported from customers: 10x greater response rate than email 16x more traffic than busiest day ever 30% increase in social sharing 8x faster bookings compared to other channels @burner_mobile   Source:  Urban  Airship   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Campaign automation! VIPs: Meet U2 backstage at the MGM Grand If VIP: Apply to the VIP Club for a chance to win backstage passes! If not VIP: @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Tracking usage - funnel analysis! Source: Localytics Demo @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Tracking usage - funnel analysis! @burner_mobile   Source: Localytics Demo ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Tracking usage - abandoned cart! @burner_mobile   Source: Localytics Demo ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Tracking usage - reactivation trigger @burner_mobile   Source: Localytics Demo ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Mobile - the Holy Grail SEO Terms Used Email/Mobile response rate Call centre inquiries Web e2e data Warehouse Single Customer View Standard Business Intelligence Tool Site logs Orders @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Customer centric philosophy! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • The reality - more complex!! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Track + Activate Consumer Touch Points! @burner_mobile   Source: RadiumOne ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • True Real-time Audience Targeting! Data Management Platform INTELLIGENCE Harness audiences across every digital touch point. CRM data & 3rd Party data can also be build Brand uses proprietary tools to included in your DMP 20 milliseconds Commercial Segments INSIGHT Audience Segmentation & Amplification Commercial audience segments updated by social connections Demand Side Platform ACTIVATION Segments matched with all the available inventory, and activated with media in the right place, at the right time CROSS DEVICE / PROGRAMMATIC / REACH 700m+ USERS / FBX PARTNER @burner_mobile   Source: RadiumOne ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • 3 step process – Intelligence, Insight, Activation! Activation Brand Activation, Content Distribution Advertising ACTIVATE AUDIENCE HARNESS AUDIENCE DIGITAL AUDIENCE Insights @burner_mobile   Leverage audience from all consumer touch points Intelligence UNDERSTAND, SEGMENT & AMPLIFY AUDIENCE Source: RadiumOne ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • Mobile resource – Amazon ebook! Search:  Winning  with  Mobile   @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
    • rob@burnermobile.com   www.burnermobile.com   +44  7793  804419   @burner_mobile     @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013