Burner mobile e gr summit v1.1


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Burner mobile e gr summit v1.1

  1. 1. The Mobile Consumer Rob Thurner, Burner Mobile ! @burner_mobile   21.10.13 ! ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  2. 2. Rob Thurner – mobile consultant, author, trainer! Ø  Founder,  Burner  Mobile        -­‐  Consultancy,  strategy,  white  papers   Ø  Mobile  strategy    -­‐  American  Express,  Barclays,  Barclaycard,  BeEair,  Heineken,    Ladbrokes,  O2,  Paddy  Power,  Richemont         Ø  Author    -­‐  10  key  decisions  for  mCommerce  success    -­‐  Mobile:  Winning  with  Mobile     Ø  Digital  Tutor  and  Trainer    -­‐  Clients  direct,  IDM,  IAB,  Econsultancy,  Emarketeers     @burner_mobile     ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  3. 3. Agenda Ø  Mobile  consumer  trends  and  demands   Ø  AcquisiSon  opSons   Ø  Building  long  term  loyalty   Ø  Tracking  and  predicSng  behaviour     @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  4. 4. Today’s Mobile consumer snapshot! Ø  On  average,  we  check  our  mobiles         Ø  69%  of  tablet  users  have  shopped   150  1mes  /  day                                                                       via  their  device  in  the  last  30  days         (Source:  Google)   (Source:  IAB  UK)   Ø  84%  of  smartphone  owners  use   mobile  devices  in-­‐store  …  17%  of   them  have  changed  their  minds  as   as    result  (Source:  Google)   Ø  61%  of  customers  who  visit  a  mobile   unfriendly  site  are  likely  to  go  to  a   compe1tor’s  site                                                               (Source:  IAB  UK)   Ø  56%  of  smartphone  owners  prefer   Ø  Mobile  will  account  for  50%  of   using  their  smartphone,  rather  than   payments  worldwide  by  2016                 a  computer,  to  access  the  internet.     (Source:  PayPal)   (Source:  Prosper  Mobile  Insights)   @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  5. 5. Consumers - more demanding than ever! Web browsing Navigation Gaming Personal organizer Call Email Camera + pictures Shopping Text Search Mobile TV Tablets @burner_mobile   Music Content Download Social networks Vouchers + tickets mPayments ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  6. 6. Mobile users won’t tolerate rubbish! Are  Audi  A4s   really  that   horrible  to   drive?   I  feel  ripped  off  –   even  though  the   game  was  free!   @burner_mobile   ...drives like there is a drunk behind the wheel Just  like  a  real  A4   –  it’s  boring  and   tedious   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  7. 7. Multiple mobile touchpoints! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  8. 8. Multi-screen consumers ! @burner_mobile   Source:  Google   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  9. 9. Mobile gaming apps : driver of downloads! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  10. 10. Device distribution! @burner_mobile   Source: Millennial Media Q2,2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  11. 11. Why use a tablet?
 ! 49% Easiest for me to pick-up 37% Fastest at giving me what I need 37% Screen/interface is easier to use Preferred functionality 32% What I need in format I prefer 31% Always prefer to use this device 27% Has apps/programmes I prefer 18% Habit 7% Offers greatest privacy 6% No other devices were available at the time 5% Cheaper for accessing the Internet @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  12. 12. Digital channels used by gamblers ! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  13. 13. Channels used for mobile gaming! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  14. 14. Mobile OS used to gamble! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  15. 15. Google Glass! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  16. 16. Samsung Smart watch! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  17. 17. Are you on their wave length?! @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  18. 18. Reasons for gambling on a mobile device! @burner_mobile   Source: Kantar Media 2013 ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  19. 19. Identifying consumer clusters : Heineken! Tribal drinkers Career guys Routine strugglers Buzz seekers Regular blokes Detached moderates Party girls Male traditionalists Careful females @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  20. 20. Multi-app strategy?! PROS MORE PROS •  Mobile only customers do app store search •  Existing customer behaviours, upgrades and notifications •  Gaming market commoditised and licensed - multiple branded licensed products mean audiences search for favourite brands •  Upgrade process drives engagement, improves UX, maintains awareness and volume •  Acquire users around the products they love and use CRM to drive value and cross-sell to other products •  Richer process: Better graphical capability and deeper gaming experience capabilities @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  21. 21. HTML5 strategy?! PROS CONS •  Audience reach •  No App Store marketing machine - increases CPA •  Less expensive •  Hard to get to people to remember where to come for the product •  Build once, distribute across all devices •  Homescreen discovery is tricky - if not bookmarked you can lose the customer, meaning further CPA or marketing cost to reengage and 'install' •  Speed to market and update speeds •  Data network problems on device - especially if the device is running out of memory •  Staffing and resources @burner_mobile   ©  Burner  Mobile  2013  
  22. 22. Track site visits for ! to get insights