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Bresslergroup - Connecting Indoor And Outdoor
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Bresslergroup - Connecting Indoor And Outdoor



Bresslergroup (www.bresslergroup.com) presentation of how to apply user needs research to the development of new product concepts -in this case, the development of indoor/outdoor concepts for ...

Bresslergroup (www.bresslergroup.com) presentation of how to apply user needs research to the development of new product concepts -in this case, the development of indoor/outdoor concepts for gardening, cooking and entertaining.



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Bresslergroup - Connecting Indoor And Outdoor Bresslergroup - Connecting Indoor And Outdoor Presentation Transcript

  • Breaking Through the Screen Door: Near Future Indoor/Outdoor Product Development 16 March 2010 Rob Tannen, PhD, Director of Research Mathieu Turpault, Director of Design www.bresslergroup.com www.bresslergreen.com  Bresslergroup 2010 1
  • Bresslergroup Overview • 40 years of research-driven product development experience • User research, Industrial & Interface Design, Engineering and Product Development • Consumer, commercial, sustainable design & medical markets • International, multi-cultural staff • Over 100 international design awards g  Bresslergroup 2010 2
  • Consumer Brand Experts  Bresslergroup 2010 3
  • Focus for Product Innovation • Gardening • Growing produce • Yard care • C ki Cooking & E ti Eating • Entertaining  Bresslergroup 2010 4
  • “The Screen Door” – Gap between indoor and outdoor worlds – Limited focus on transition between these two domains b t th t d i – Few products support different types of outdoor activities  Bresslergroup 2010 5
  • Product Development Process 1. Market and Product Research 2. Observational Consumer Research 3. Data Triangulation & Synthesis 4. Idea Brainstorming 5. Concept Generation 6. Concept Refinement 7. Consumer Concept Feedback 8. Design Development 9. Engineering 10. Prototyping P t t i  Bresslergroup 2010 6
  • 1. Market Research – Growth in Home Gardening • Green – Cost and freshness of food • Safety – Supply chain and ingredients • Demographics –Senior gardeners, Younger households • Technology – Smart devices going outdoors and helping gardeners Sources: Garden Media Group, National Gardening Association  Bresslergroup 2010 7
  • 1. Market Research – Changes in Outdoor Dining • Economics – Dining out less, cooking at home more • Technology – Full kitchen functionality outdoors; still a need to move food and materials back and forth from inside the home. Sources: Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA), HGTVPro.com  Bresslergroup 2010 8
  • 1. Market Research – Home Entertainment Moving Outdoors • “Staycation” – Home entertainment and nesting • Technology – Wireless networks and information devices; outdoor home entertainment systems Sources: American Institute of Architects, CNN  Bresslergroup 2010 9
  • 2. Observational Research – Gardening • Older gardeners want to minimize risk of injury and discomfort while gardening (ergonomic design, maintenance, weight) • Younger generation more comfortable with electric/battery than gas • Everyone wants more convenience, but not automation.  Bresslergroup 2010 10
  • 2. Observational Research – Cooking Outdoors • Grilling is often a very interactive and social activity • Cumbersome and inconvenient to move food, dishes, etc. between indoors and outdoors  Bresslergroup 2010 11
  • 3. Data Triangulation • Increased participation in • Wireless networks, RFID tagging, gardening at both ends of Ubiquitous computing age curve • Battery-powered tools, solar power yp , p • Bringing the kitchen outside systems • Combined enjoyment of outdoor cooking & • Re-usable containers that are less entertaining wasteful • Better access to information to spend gardening time more efficiently and effectively effectively. • “Greener” gardening tools provide power and labor-savings without the noise, smell and mess of gas. • More ergonomic and convenient method of g shuttling food, utensils and supplies between garden, kitchen sink, fridge, kitchen and outdoors  Bresslergroup 2010 12
  • Product Opportunities: Breaking Through the Screen Door! • Connecting associated indoor and outdoor activities • Bring smarter, electronic technology outdoors • Providing sustainable, energy- efficient solutions ffi i t l ti • Improving overall ergonomics, appropriate labor-savings  Bresslergroup 2010 13
  • 4. Idea Brainstorming • Cross industries • Cross disciplinary • Cross cultural • Idea generation • Role Playing • Story telling  Bresslergroup 2010 14
  • Scenarios for Product Innovation • Energy & Resource Conservation • Convenience & Ergonomics • Access to Knowledge  Bresslergroup 2010 15
  • 5. Composite Persona “Manny” • Early 30’s, recently started home gardening, but has a lot to learn • Attentive to sustainability and recycling, but doesn’t want to give up convenience • Likes high-tech tools, but not the learning curve • Enjoys cooking and socializing but socializing, doesn’t want to have to run around  Bresslergroup 2010 16
  • 5. Energy & Resource conservation Solar Roofing Solar roofing singles provide valuable electricity to recharge all g g garden and outdoor power equipments running on batteries Power Equipment Near future will see a dramatic increase of battery powered outdoor equipments requiring new ways of managing energy for the outdoor Water Collection Enables effective collection and supports the watering needs of a growing garden  Bresslergroup 2010 17
  • 5. Energy & Resource conservation Power Station Universal standards for battery charging such as induction charging will simplify the user steps and improve outdoor product usability as a whole  Bresslergroup 2010 18
  • 5. Energy & Resource conservation Water Collection Supplemental water collection systems will reduce water consumption. Water collection systems will be increasingly designed-in in the future and provide real solutions to watering  Bresslergroup 2010 19 needs.
  • 5. Convenience  Bresslergroup 2010 20
  • 5. Convenience  Bresslergroup 2010 21
  • 5. Convenience  Bresslergroup 2010 22
  • 5. Convenience Modular staging tray A modular tray system system, including a nesting cast iron grill enables the user to stage their cookout in advance, The stack ability of the system makes it easier carry all that is necessary in a limited number of trip  Bresslergroup 2010 23
  • 5. Convenience Modular tray system Simplifies storage, helps keep clutter to a minimum and enables the h t t th host to setup th stage f a t the t for night long of grilling reducing the number of back and forth trip through the screen door.  Bresslergroup 2010 24
  • 5. Convenience  Bresslergroup 2010 25
  • 5. Convenience  Bresslergroup 2010 26
  • 5. Convenience Venting Radial active venting reduces smoke and open up the area for social interaction Social grilling Entertainment Cooking outdoor and entertaining Wireless wifi are often linked according to connectivity enables research and gathering around outdoor wireless the grill is a social event. The speakers to play the design of this grill fosters selected music outside communication, social interaction and entertainment  Bresslergroup 2010 27
  • 5. Convenience  Bresslergroup 2010 28
  • 5. Knowledge • Problem – Learning curve, nursery plant replacement, high cost • Trends – Increasingly techy new gardeners entering the market • Technology – Smart devices going outdoors and helping gardeners  Bresslergroup 2010 29
  • 5. Knowledge Affordable RFID Tags g The technology of active RFID tags and its cost are coming down dramatically and will soon enable inexpensive RFID tags to track all sorts of data from light exposure to soil moisture or nutrient content Consumer Outdoor Tablet It is already here but we expect to see simpler and more dedicated touch screen enabled devices geared toward fact checking and troubleshooting. This type of device can have significant positive impact for outdoor use and gardening in particular  Bresslergroup 2010 30
  • 5. Knowledge Active RFID Tags Active RFID Tags will replace paper tags and will provide valuable information for gardeners to monitor and improve the growth of their valuable investment  Bresslergroup 2010 31
  • 5. Concept Refinement - Knowledge  Bresslergroup 2010 32
  • 5. Concept Refinement - Knowledge  Bresslergroup 2010 33
  • 5. Concept Refinement - Knowledge Plants can get smarter too through the integration of low cost RFID tags. We envision that nurseries will sell plants with companion tags that replace traditional plant placards Sunlight, moisture Sunlight moisture, care instructions are embedded and can be queried by readers embedded in mobile devices.  Bresslergroup 2010 34
  • Q&A – Product design quarterly trend reports – www.bresslergroup.com – www.breslergreen.com – Rob Tannen, PhD, Director of Research rtannen@bresslergroup.com – Mathieu Turpault, Director of Design mturpault@bresslergroup.com  Bresslergroup 2010 35