BIOL 121 Virtual Lab Exam Key


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Virtual Lab Exam - Muscles & Joints

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BIOL 121 Virtual Lab Exam Key

  1. 1. Virtual Lab Exam – Answer Key – BIOL 121 – A&P I synovial fluid/cavity2. articular cartilage3. D - intervertebral disc4. masseter (green) – elevates & protracts mandible when chewing5. trapezius (yellow) – elevates, depresses, retracts, & rotates scapula; rotates arm6. sartorius (blue) - Flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh at hip; flexes knee7. hinge (synovial)8. gluteus medius - Medially rotates thigh; abducts hip9. biceps femoris - Flexes leg at knee and extends thigh at hip; belongs to the hamstring group10. diaphragm11. internal intercostals12. external intercostals13. adduction14. extension15. hyperextension16. atlanto-axial joint17. rotation/pivot18. flexor carpi ulnaris (blue) - Flexes and adducts wrist19. coracobrachialis (yellow) - Flexes and adducts humerus20. occipitalis - Draws back scalp, wrinkles forehead21. orbicularis oculi - Closes eyelids; used in blinking, winking, and squinting22. buccinator - Draws angles of mouth laterally; compresses cheek; used to create sucking action23. transverses abdominis (blue) - Constricts abdomen and supports abdominal viscera24. internal obliques (yellow) - Compresses abdomen; laterally flexes and rotates vertebral column25. b. vastus lateralis26. pectoralis minor27. elevates 3rd-5th ribs during forced inspiration28. serratus anterior - Abducts and protracts scapula29. triceps brachii (yellow) - Extends forearm30. anconeus (red)31. extends forearm & stabilizes elbow joint32. zygomaticus major - Draws angles of mouth upward and outward; major muscle used in smiling and laughing33. depressor anguli oris (triangularis) - Draws angles of mouth downward and laterally when opening mouth; used in frowning34. b. diarthroses35. a. teres minor (green), b. lateral rotation of arm36. supraspinatus (blue) - Abducts arm; stabilizes head of humerus in glenoid cavity; one of the "rotator cuff" muscles
  2. 2. 37. extensor digitorum longus - Extends lateral four toes; dorsiflexion of ankle and eversion of foot38. fibularis brevis - Plantar flexion and eversion of foot39. platysma - Draws down lower lip and angles of mouth; tenses skin of the neck; helps depress mandible40. latissimus dorsi - Extends, adducts, and medially rotates arm; draws shoulder downward and backward41. stylohyoid - Retracts and elevates the hyoid bone42. sternocleidomastoid - Contraction of one side: laterally flexes neck, rotates head to opposite side; Contraction of both sides together: flexes neck43. palmaris longus (blue) - Flexes wrist44. pronator teres (yellow) - Pronates forearm and assists in flexing elbow45. brachioradialis (red) - Flexes elbow46. spinalis - Extends vertebral column47. a. iliocostalis, b. extension & lateral flexion of vertebral column48. gemellus superior (green) - Laterally rotates thigh at hip49. semimembranosus (yellow) - Flexes leg at knee and extends thigh at hip; belongs to the hamstring group50. gastrocnemius (blue) - Plantar flexion of ankle51. biceps brachii (yellow) - Flexes and supinates forearm52. a. extensor digitorum, b. extends fingers & wrist53. psoas major (green) - Flexes thigh at hip; flexes vertebral column54. vastus lateralis (blue) - Extends leg at knee; part of the quadriceps group55. gracilis (red) - Adducts thigh at hip and flexes leg at knee; assists in medial rotation56. adductor longus (blue) - Adducts and flexes thigh at hip; assists in medial rotation57. tibialis anterior (red) - Dorsiflexion of foot at ankle; inversion of foot58. tensor fasciae latae (no sticker) - Abducts, medially rotates, and flexes thigh; stabilizes hip59. a. splenius capitis, b. extends head; lateral flexion & rotation of head & neckEC-1. levator ani - Forms floor of pelvic cavity; assists in defecationEC-2. diaphragm - Flattens on contraction, increasing volume of thorax during inspirationEC-3. pubic symphysisEC-4. genioglossus